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Brooklyn College Acceptance Rate in 2023

As a CUNY Brooklyn College prospective student, it is essential that you know the acceptance rate of the school. Well, this is the major factor to consider when applying for admission to Brooklyn College. Also as a transfer student, you need to also know the Brooklyn College acceptance rate for 2023.

However, Brooklyn College is a well-known public school with an acceptance rate of 44%. As one of the City University of New York (CUNY), Brooklyn College has made its admission requirements easy.

For this reason, we will be giving a full guide on how to gain admission to the prestigious CUNY Brooklyn College in 2023. Just by giving you a highlight on the acceptance or admission rate of the school.

Why Study at Brooklyn College?

Indeed, there are a lot of reasons why you should study at CUNY Brooklyn College. Basically, this school has solid programs in liberal arts and sciences that have earned it a chapter of the prestigious Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society.

So, if you want to know the reasons why you should study at Brooklyn College, we have them here

Firstly, CUNY Brooklyn College, with its classic design campus, low tuition fees, and national academic reputation, is sometimes called the “poor Harvard man.”

Secondly, the university has 83 specializations offered in five schools. They include commerce, education, human and social sciences, natural and behavioural sciences, visual media and performing arts. Equally, the programs include African studies, science and communication disorders, Puerto Rican and Latin American studies, urban sustainability, etc.

Brooklyn College also has a specialized university offering various attractive benefits, including full tuition and a laptop.

The school has a rich mix of nationalities, income levels, and languages ​​in its student body of 18,000 people.

But affordability and good academics have a price: the university has become increasingly selective and now only admits about 40% of applicants.

Like many other CUNY universities, Brooklyn College stands out for helping students move up the socioeconomic ladder. Specifically, their economic mobility rate is among the highest in the 2023 ranking.

Finally, according to student demographics, the graduation rate is 68%, 45% higher than expected. Graduates of 68% of students, alumni of Brooklyn College earn a starting salary of $33,400.

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How Can I Become a Brooklyn College Student in 2023?

Basically, Brooklyn College is a large institution with 10,786 undergraduate students. For this reason, admissions are quite competitive since the acceptance rate of CUNY Brooklyn College is 44%.

The low enrollment rates of this public university, combined with its academic strengths and a student/faculty ratio of 16 to 1, often place it among the best educational values ​​in the country.

Hence, if you are looking for the best way to become a Brooklyn College student, this article will help you.

Firstly, by now you know that Brooklyn College accepts less than half of the applicants, which makes them have a competitive admissions group. Hence, applicants must submit an application using the CUNY application.

Brooklyn College wants to see high grades in rigorous courses and good test scores. In 2018, most students had SAT scores of 1000 or higher (ERW+M), an ACT composite of 20 or higher, and a high school average of a “B” or higher.  So, make sure you have a high SAT score, along with high ACT scores.

However, Brooklyn College has a holistic admission process that involves other factors beyond its grades and test scores. You can improve your chances of acceptance by sending an optional application essay, supplementary letters of recommendation, and an extracurricular curriculum.

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What is Admission Requirement for Brooklyn College?

Generally, there are admission requirements for any student, be it freshman, transfer, international students, and so on.

They also have an admissions team ready to discuss the admission requirements, application processes and campus visits with you. So, here is the best way to understand the Brooklyn College admission requirements.

Knowing the admission requirements will give you an edge on the Brooklyn College acceptance rate. Here are the most required admission considerations:

  • Admission test scores
  • Completion of the college-preparatory program
  • Formal demonstration of competencies
  • Secondary school GPA
  • Secondary school record
  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

Credit from AP or Pre-college classes

  • Advanced Placement (AP) credits
  • Dual credit

So, here is a full detail on the Brooklyn Colege admission requirements for incoming, transfer, international students, and so on.

Incoming Freshmen

Whether you have already decided on specialization or need more time to evaluate your options, they have an attentive admissions team to answer questions about admission requirements, financial assistance and scholarships. ‘studies and visits to the campus.

Apply Here

Transfer Students

Transfer students represent almost half of the school student body, so they have become experts to facilitate their transition. This means that the Brooklyn Colege transfer acceptance rate is great.

So, as a transfer student, you can apply below and see the necessary admission requirements.

Apply Here

Graduate Students

Brooklyn College offers 89 master’s programs, certificates, and advanced diplomas in business, including the educationthe humanities and social sciencesnatural and behavioral sciencesand the visual, media, and performing arts.

Basically, the admission requirements are dependent on the program you want to study. Hence, click on the program code to view the graduate admission requirements of Brooklyn College.

To get started, please review your program’s application instructions and admissions requirements.

International Students

Brooklyn is proud to welcome international students from around the world. The contribution of culture, language and diverse perspectives revitalizes our global community of researchers.

With students from all over the world, studying at Brooklyn College improves and broadens your perspective and global network.

Brooklyn College offers programs allowing international students to take classes and explore New York for a few weeks or months. Students can participate as invited international students during a semester, a year or during the summer. The courses are offered in business, arts and culture, and American studies.

Email us for more information on becoming a visiting foreign student at Brooklyn College.

The minimum language requirements for undergraduate programs are 61 (TOEFL-IBT) and 6.0 (IELTS).

For the minimum language requirements for graduate programs, read Admission Requirement for Brooklyn College Graduate Programs.

Apply Here


To get the admission requirements, click here. Undergraduate Second Degree Students Application (pdf)

Visiting Students

Students must also meet the New York State immunization requirements specified by the Brooklyn College Office of Immunization Requirements.

Apparently, the visiting student status is valid only for one semester. So, new applications must be made for each semester of assistance

For More Information

Re-entry Students

Students can visit the Enrollment Services Center to retrieve and pay for the readmission application, or they can print and fill out the Readmission Application (pdf) and submit with payment to the Enrollment Services Center or via mail.

For more information

Nondegree Students

Transfer Students
  • Students must submit official undergraduate transcripts from all the schools they attended. Copies of photocopies of transcripts are not accepted.
  • Students who have obtained less than 24 university credits must present their official high school certificate of a study showing the graduation date in addition to their official university study certificate.
  • Students must present an official high school transcript showing the date they graduated from high school.
  • Students who submit an application within 18 months after graduation from high school at an American high school must submit their results to the official SAT or ACT exams.
International Credentials
  • Students with international documents in a language other than English must submit a translation done by their country’s consulate or a recognized translation agency.
  • International transcripts must be evaluated by accreditation services such as the World Education Services or the Education Credential Evaluators.
Application Fee

A non-refundable application fee of $ 65 is required upon request. Send rates by check or money order payable to Brooklyn College and mail it to Brooklyn College, Office of Undergraduate Admissions, 222 West Quad Center, 2900 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225-5802.

Apply Here

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What is Brooklyn College Transfer Acceptance Rate?

The students in Brooklyn are a diverse community of awesome individuals. Some are grown locally, others come from the most remote corners of the world, all come from different backgrounds, but what unites them is their desire to succeed and their dedication to their future.

So, when it comes to the Brooklyn College transfer rate, it has to do with the Transfer Evaluation office. The transfer acceptance rate at Brooklyn College is high indeed. So, transfer students must be mindful of their transfer credits.

Basically, the Transfer Evaluation Office is responsible for processing all transfer credits for courses taken before attending Brooklyn College for new college students, freshmen, and transfers.

All courses taken for credit at a CUNY undergraduate university with a passing grade of D- or higher will be accepted for credit at Brooklyn College whether or not there is a specific equivalent. For courses that have no equivalent, optional credits will be awarded.

Equally, the credits are also granted for courses taken in non-CUNY institutions accredited by one of the regional accreditation commissions or by the New York State Board of Regents.

From any institution other than CUNY, all credits will be granted for courses with credits that have met the requirement of grade C- or higher. For courses that have no equivalent, optional credits may be granted.

However, you can use the BC Transfer Credit Tool to obtain lists of courses from your non-CUNY college that Brooklyn College has already evaluated and assigned Brooklyn College equivalent courses.

Also, you can visit the CUNY transfer credit website to obtain information on transfer credits between Brooklyn College and other CUNY campuses.

Finally, the Transfer Student Services Center has more information regarding transfer credit policies and procedures.

What is the SAT Score for Admission to Brooklyn College?

The admission data on the school website tells us that the majority of students admitted to Brooklyn College occupy the top 35% of the national SAT.

For the objective reading and writing section, 50% of the students admitted to Brooklyn College scored between 520 and 610, while 25% scored below 520 and 25% scored above 610.

In the section on Mathematics, 50% of admitted students scored between 540 and 630, while 25% scored below 540 and 25% scored above 630.

Applicants with an SAT grade of 1240 or more will have particular opportunities at Brooklyn College. Hence, the acceptance rate of students who score 1240 or above, will be considerably less competitive.

A minimum CAA (high school average) of 81 and a minimum combined SAT score of 1000, SATN score of 1080 or ACT equivalent is required.

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How do I Apply for Brooklyn College Admission?

Applying for admissions and scholarships to Brooklyn College has never been so easy with their online applications. We will be making that easy for you now.

Basically, there are several application forms for undergraduate, graduate, transfer and international students, so be sure to complete the voucher and pay close attention to the submission deadlines.

They also have an admissions team ready to discuss the admission requirements, application processes and campus visits with you. Also, we will be giving you the best way to understand the Brooklyn College admission requirements. Also, knowing the admission requirements will give you an edge on the Brooklyn College admission or acceptance rate.

So, here is a full detail on how to apply for Brooklyn Colege admission for incoming, transfer, international students, and so on.

Incoming Freshmen

Your first year of college is important, so Brooklyn College strives to help you make the most of it through their First Year program and our Honor Academy programs for incoming students.

As your studies progress, you can plan your work abroad with our international education program and apply for other programs of the Academy of Honor for level higher students.

To get started, check the application instructions and admission requirements above.

Apply Here

Transfer Students

Changing schools midway through your university career can be a great option. Students may transfer to Brooklyn College from a community college after graduating from an associate’s degree. Because you need a cheaper option or if you think your old university is unsatisfactory.

To get started, check the application instructions and admission requirements above. Click below to learn how to apply for Brooklyn College.

Apply Here

Graduate Students

To get started, please review your program’s application instructions and admissions requirements.

Apply Here

International Students

We encourage international students to apply as soon as possible. We understand that choosing the right university is an important decision and we are here to help you.

Begin by reviewing these guidelines for the undergraduate application process (pdf), the graduate application process, and the I-20 application process (pdf).

International students wishing to apply to Brooklyn College should follow the application process for either undergraduate or graduate students.

Undergraduate Apply Here

Graduate Apply Online


This application is for students who earned a bachelor’s degree from Brooklyn College and wish to obtain an additional one.

Submit this application only if Brooklyn College was your last institution as a college student.

If you attended another institution as a college student after attending Brooklyn College, submit the CUNY Transfer Application located at

Application Instructions

  • Complete and sign this application. The non-refundable application fee is $70.00 and must be attached to the application in the form of a check or money order payable to Brooklyn College.
  • Return the application by mail or in-person to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Brooklyn College, 2900 Bedford Avenue, West Quad Center, Room 222, Brooklyn, NY 11210.

For More Information

Visiting Students

Students who attend non-CUNY universities and wish to take undergraduate or undergraduate courses at Brooklyn College can register as visiting students.

They must complete one of the following applications and send it to the Registration Service Center in the West Quad Center lobby:

Apply Here

Re-entry Students

After two or more consecutive periods of absence, students wishing to be readmitted to the university must follow the following procedures.

The application process for spring 2023 for students whose cumulative grade point average is less than 2.00 has ended.

Students interested in the fallshould apply as soon as possible.

Apply Here

Nondegree Students

An undergraduate university student enrolls in paid courses for personal gain but does not work to obtain a degree.

Applicants must answer all questions in their application and submit all necessary documents for the application to be considered complete. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Acceptance in the university does not guarantee the availability of courses. It is the student’s sole responsibility to verify the course availability. Non-graduate students are not eligible for financial assistance.

Apply Here

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How to Decline Brooklyn College Admission?

Brooklyn College welcomes undergraduate and graduate students, international and foreign transfer students and adults returning to the university to continue their intellectual studies.

With over 80 undergraduate programs and certificates, and almost 90 master’s degrees, certificates, and advanced diplomas, they are sure you will find an unforgettable and rewarding experience at Brooklyn College.

So, if you decline your admission to this prestigious CUNY Brooklyn College, contact the school through their email address.

Brooklyn College FAQs

How do I apply for Brooklyn college?

Apply online on the CUNY website by clicking Admissions. This CUNY site requires you to register first, then you can fill out the application.How do I appl

What is Brooklyn college admission requirement?

First-year student applicants will need to submit an official high school transcript, SAT score, and the application fee of $65 payable to the University Application Processing Center (UAPC).

Do I need SAT score to get into Brooklyn College ?

Yes. If you recently graduated from high school, you will need to submit your SAT score.

Who is a transfer student in Brooklyn College?

A transfer student is an applicant who has attended any college, university, vocational, or religious institution after graduating from high school or receiving a GED.

How do I apply as a transfer student?

To apply as a transfer student, use the CUNY Transfer Application or visit our Office of Admissions.

What is Brooklyn College acceptance rate?

The Brooklyn College acceptance rate is 44%.

In Conclusion

As a CUNY Brooklyn College prospective student, it is important that you know the acceptance rate of the school. Because this is the major factor to consider when applying for admissions to Brooklyn College. Also, as a transfer student, you need to also know the Brooklyn College acceptance rate 2023.

For this reason, the detail above is a full guide on how to gain admission to the prestigious CUNY Brooklyn College in 2023. Just by giving you a highlight on the Brooklyn College transfer acceptance or admission rate of the school.


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