Cambridge-Africa ALBORADA Research Awards in UK, 2017

The Cambridge-Africa ALBORADA Research Fund is offering Research awards to both Cambridge and sub-Saharan African applicants on the basis of competition for the academic session of 2017-2018. These awards are available to pursue research across all disciplines.

The aim of the awards is to provide support to African students at the University of Cambridge and is helping to reconnect African alumni to the University of Cambridge.

The Cambridge-Africa ALBORADA Research Fund was established in 2012, with generous support from The ALBORADA Trust. The Cambridge-Africa Programme has emerged from a number of individual, long-term, collaborations between Cambridge and African researchers.

Course Level: These awards are available to pursue research.

Study Subject: These awards are awarded in across all disciplines.

Scholarship Award: These awards will cover between £1,000 and £20,000, for:

  • Research costs (such as reagents, fieldwork and equipment)
  • Research-related travel between Cambridge and Africa
  • Conducting research training activities in Africa (e.g. setting up courses/workshops).

Numbers of Scholarships: 116 awards are available.

Scholarship can be taken in the UK

Eligibility: Applicants must meet the following area for these awards:

  • Applications should be submitted jointly by an applicant based in Cambridge and an applicant based in a university or research institution in sub-Saharan Africa. Both applicants must be at the post-doctoral level or above, and by completing an application it is understood that they are both doing so with support from their Senior Researcher/Head of Group/Principal Investigator, if they are not in this position themselves. Both applicants should have a formal link to a research group/department/faculty in their home institution.
  • The Cambridge applicant must be either working at the University of Cambridge, or at a research Institute affiliated with the University. Previous successful Cambridge applicants have included those from Wellcome-Trust Sanger Institute; MRC Human Nutrition Research; National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB).
  • The African applicant must be from a sub-Saharan African1 research Institution or university.
  • The Cambridge applicants will act as the lead applicants, for administrative purposes, as the awards have to be paid to their Cambridge departments/faculties/institutes.
  • Requests for additional support from returning Cambridge or African recipients will only be considered in the following instances:
  • For supporting courses and workshops in Africa that have been previously funded, or are new. Applicants must provide justification that includes evidence that other sources of funding have been sought, and what plans there are for future funding sustainability. Also, a report(s) should have been submitted for the previous funding received
  • Request for funding for research (reagents, equipment or travel) with the old or a new collaborator, but for a new project. Report(s) should have been submitted for the previous funding received.
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Nationality: UK (University of Cambridge Students) and sub-Saharan African applicants can apply for these awards.

College Admission Requirement

Entrance Requirement: Applicants must be at post-doctoral level.

English Language Requirement: Applicants must meet the necessary language proficiency requirements of the host institution.

How to Apply: Applicants can apply through the online processor.

  • Joint completion of the online form is required by both the Cambridge and African applicant. The form can be saved and revisited before final submission and has been designed to allow both applicants (Cambridge- and Africa-based) to log in and update online. Applicants are also required to upload:
  • A document detailing the research project, event or travel plans
  • An itemised budget (template provided)
  • A letter of support from the department/faculty of the Cambridge PI
  • A letter of support from the department/institution of the African PI
  • The details of two suggested external referees are also required.
  • To access the form, the Cambridge-based applicant must Register Here. Only applicants with –at-, at- and – email addresses can register.

Online application

Application Deadline: The application deadline is June 25, 2017.

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