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Cambridge University Tuition Fee in 2023 | How To Pay

Ever wanted to study in the U.K? You might be considering taking an undergraduate or graduate program at Cambridge University. Well, you have to pay the tuition fees before you complete your admission process. So, we have decided to bring you a guide to help you find out more about Cambridge University tuition fees and the process of paying.

The University of Cambridge is a collegiate public research institution. Its 800-year history makes it the fourth-oldest surviving university in the world and the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world.

Cambridge serves more than 18,000 students from all cultures and corners of the world. Nearly 4,000 of its students are international from over 120 different countries. In addition, its International Summer Schools offer 150 courses to students from more than 50 countries.

Learning about the tuition fees of this great school is important because it will help you make your estimates before applying to this great school. Prepare your mind to learn about their tuition fees.

Why Study at Cambridge University?

Here’s a little background about Cambridge University that may convince you if you don’t know much about this University.

Cambridge University is the second oldest university in the UK. It began operating as a public research university as far back as 1209. This means that most of the notable historical inventors from the UK either attended this university or the first university in the UK – Oxford.

Also, Cambridge has consistently maintained high academic standards, which blends with its wealth and rich history to make it one of the most prestigious universities in the world. By this, a degree from Cambridge is one of great value, which employers respect.

Furthermore, Cambridge has 31 constituent colleges and over 100 departments which offer quality programs in almost every field of study. Also, grooming great mathematicians like Sir Isaac Newton, Cambridge means to keep producing the best brains the world will ever have.

So, you should consider Cambridge if you fancy yourself making great exploits in the world.

Cambridge University not only grooms academic giants but also great leaders. Each faculty has its own student representatives. Apparently, they provide all-around basic education.

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How Much is Tuition at Cambridge University?

For domestic students, the undergraduate degree program, the total amount estimated from the information we got from all the faculties at Cambridge is between £9,250. The tuition fee, if you want to study at the graduate level, is within the range of £7,857 – £20,000.

Cambridge University Undergraduate Tuition Fees

This is the tuition fee at Cambridge University for the 2023-2024 Academic Year.

Their tuition is charged at the course unit level. That is to say, the number of courses you are offering determines the number of units you have. This, in turn, determines the amount you pay. So, below are the general tuition fees you’d pay for undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Overseas Students
Undergraduates£9,250Between £21,168 and £55,272
Graduates£10,680 (MAst); £8,589 to £14,688 (MPhil); £8,589 (PhD).£21,411 (MAst); £26,208 to £34,296 (MPhil); £24,531 to £30,813 (PhD).

In subsequent headings, we will further explain the tuition fee for international students at Cambridge University.

Currently, home students can take out a government loan for their tuition fees. Also, at the moment, students can defer payment of the loan until after they’ve left university and are earning a certain minimum salary, at which point the loan is paid in instalments.

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How much is Cambridge University’s Graduate Tuition Fee?

This Cambridge University graduate tuition fee is for the 2023-2024 academic year. They are charged per faculty.

Tuition fees are assessed on a term by term basis. Essential fees are mandatory along with tuition. However, for non-essential fees, students will have the choice of opting out of them.

The cost of studying at the University of Cambridge is broken down into two areas:

  • University Composition Fee: a payment made via your College to the University to cover the cost of your education and your College membership.
  • Maintenance: the estimated minimum cost of living during your time at the University.

These, along with any additional costs, make up the minimum financial commitment you will be required to demonstrate before you can be admitted to the University. A number of general and course-specific funding opportunities exist to help you meet this commitment.

Graduate Tuition For Home Students

The tuition fee for graduate-level programs at Cambridge University differs for both home and foreign students. It also differs across various faculties.

However, the fee for master’s degree programs is different from that of a doctorate degree.

This being said, the tuition fee for the master’s degree program at Cambridge University, UK, ranges between £8,500 to £15000 for domestic students.

Then, at the doctorate level, students should pay £8,589.

Graduate Tuition For International Students

For international students studying at Cambridge University, their tuition fee is more expensive than that of domestic students. Well, this is for obvious reasons.

So, at the master’s level for the 2023 academic year, international students pay between £26,208 to £34,296.

Also, at the doctorate level, students pay between £24,531 to £30,813.

What is Cambridge University Law School Tuition?

Recall that, the cost of studying at the University of Cambridge is broken down into the University Composition Fee and maintenance fee.

So, for the law school student at Cambridge University, you will pay a composition fee according to your level as listed thus:

  • Master of Law – £16,650
  • Master of Corporate Law – £32,130
  • Ph.D. in Law – £8,589
  • Postgraduate Diploma in International Law – £11,700

How Much are MBA Tuition Fees at Cambridge Tuition?

The tuition fees for the MBA Class of 2023/24 at Cambridge University is£57,000.

Please note: there is an application fee payable of £150.

There is also a range of scholarships available to Cambridge MBA students, ranging from Cambridge Judge Business School bursaries and University of Cambridge and College scholarships to external funding.

If you want financial assistance with fees through scholarships, please note that many of our scholarships are awarded in rounds one to three only.

What is Cambridge University Medical School Tuition?

The Cambridge University medical school tuition fee is £55,272 for foreign students. But, domestic students are to pay £9,250.

Overseas tuition fees for Medicine for recent entry were previously advertised as including £20,000 per year for clinical placement costs.

How much is Cambridge University Tuition for US students?

Since the U.S is a non-EU country, its students are not charged the same tuition fee as students from other EU countries.

So, the tuition for students from the U.S cost between £24,750-£34,678 per year (~US$32,800-45,900) for most courses.

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How to Pay for the Cambridge University Tuition fee?

Fees (both University and College fees) are paid to a student’s College, rather than the University centrally. If you have any queries about payment options and timeframes, please contact your College Accounts office.


We have said so much about Cambridge university tuition, its graduate tuition fees, Cambridge University graduate fees for international students.

Tuition fees at Cambridge have been specified according to faculties.

We indulge you to read up the post as all the necessary information you will be required to know are all hidden at some point in the post.


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