Camden County College: Admission, Programs, Tuition, Ranking, Scholarships

Camden County College is one of the largest and comprehensive community colleges in NJ. Having three campuses at Blackwood, Camden, and Cherry Hill, this college has ensured that it makes available a cost-friendly higher education to all who desire one.

This article is here to take you through the admission process, ranking, scholarships, acceptance rate, tuition, and all pieces of information you need to garner before making it your study location.

This article is all about Camden County College. Kindly see the table of contents below and follow through.

About Camden County College

Upon its licensure by the State of New Jersey in 1965, Camden County College is a renowned comprehensive community in NJ and its environs.

As part of its mission to provide the students with a quality education that will eventually pave way for gainful employment, records show that it has since maintained the status quo.

Home to over 17,000 students in over a hundred degree and certificate programs, this institution’s love for advanced technology programs has earned it a national recognition for leading one.

Regardless of whatever training you intend to gain from this institution, be it a business training, transfer education, or community-based, you will have a wholesome experience at the Camden County College.

With a student-faculty ratio of 23:1, the highest qualification that can be acquired from Camden County College is the associate’s degree.

Where is Camden County College Located?

The Camden County College is located at 200 College Dr Blackwood, NJ 08012.

Camden County College Rankings

Data from the Federal Department of Education shows CCC ranks among the nation’s top 100 community colleges for overall associate’s degree completion and among the nation’s top 10 for associate’s degree completion in education.

Additionally, it ranks among the top 50 for associate’s degree completed in nursing administrations, nursing research and clinical research; health professions and related programs; then, top 100 in associate’s degrees completed by African-American students, Asian-American students and non-minority students.

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Why Study at Camden County College?

Didn’t they say variety is the spice of life? Continuous immersion of one’s self into academics without the thought to take a break and let in some air for your social life might become so arduous at some point.

One reason you should make Camden County College your study location is the fact that they provide their students with opportunities to get involved in extra- curricular activities too.

The more you engage in extra-curricular activities, the more opportunities it presents to you to build a stronger network of friends, enhancing your academic development, and the entirety of your success as a student.

These activities include athletic/intramural offerings, special events, choral groups, and student groups. They all promise you an enriching college experience.

Camden College Accreditation

Camden County College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education besides the four programmatic accreditations it has from various accreditation associations.

This accrediting body is one which is voluntary, non-governmental and places so much value on encouraging models of excellence and progress in higher education.

What are the Admission Requirements?

Camden County College operates an open admission policy having its acceptance rate at 100% and the basic admission requirement is a high school diploma or a GED certificate.

Although there is no special application process for local, international, transfer students who intend to study at the college, we’ll show you a simpler way to apply for admission into CCC.

  • Apply for Admission through the online application portal
  • Complete the FAFSA
  • Sit for the Placement Test
  • Schedule an appointment with an Advisor
  • Register for Classes
  • Make a Payment

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Programs at Camden County College

CCC offers certificate and associate degree programs across a hundred areas of instructional study. The list below will enable you to go through the courses it offers so you prepare your mind fully for it.


  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Applied & Fine Arts Option (APA.AA)
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Music Option (MUS.AA)
  • Audio Production (MUS.AAS)
  • Music Recording (MUS.CA)
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Photography Option (PHO.AA)
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Theatre Option (SPT.AA)
  • Studio Art (STA.AFA)
  • Film and Television Production (FLM.AAS)


  • Automotive Technology (Apprentice) (AUT.AAS)
  • Automotive Technology: General Motors / ASEP Option (GMA.AAS)
  • Automotive General Technician (GAT.CA)
  • Automotive General Motors Technician (GMT.CA)
  • Automotive Technology (CTI)


  • Business Administration (ABA.AS)
  • Sport Management (SPM.AS)
  • Accounting (ACC.AAS)
  • Management (MGT.AAS)
  • Marketing (MKT.AAS)
  • Retail Management (RET.CT)
  • Professional Studies Office Systems Technology Administrative Assistant (ADA.AAS)
  • Paralegal Studies (PAR.AAS)
  • Business (CTI)
  • Investment Institute (CTI)
  • Cosmetology (CTI)
  • Real Estate (CTI)


  • Communications Option (COM.AA)
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Public Relations/Digital Marketing Option (PRA.AA)


  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Computer Graphics Option (CGR.AA)
  • Computer Graphics (CGR.AAS)
  • Computer Graphics: Game Design and Development (GDD.AAS)
  • Web Design and Development (WEB.AAS)
  • Management of Information Systems (MIS.AS)
  • Computer Information Systems (CIS.AAS)
  • Computer Information Systems (CPG.CT)
  • SQL Analyst Certificate (SQL.CA)
  • Linux/UNIX Administration (UNX.CA)
  • Computer Science (CSC.AA)
  • Computer Science (CSC.AS)
  • Computer Systems Technology (CST.AAS)
  • Computer Systems Technology (CST.CT)
  • Cybersecurity (CYB.AAS)
  • Data Science (DSC.AAS)
  • Microsoft Office (CTI)
  • Management of Information Systems (MIS.AS)


  • Elementary/Secondary Education (EDU.AS)
  • Early Childhood Education (EED.AA)
  • Preschool Teacher Education (PTE.AAS)
  • Teacher Education (CTI)


  • Engineering Science (EGR.AS)
  • Electrical-Electronic Engineering (EET.AAS)
  • Electromechanical Engineering (EME.AAS)
  • Engineering Technology: Mechanical Engineering (MET.AAS)
  • CADD: Computer-Aided Drafting & Design (CAD.AAS)
  • Computer-Aided Architectural Drafting and Design (CAR.CA)
  • Computer-Aided Mechanical Drafting and Design (CME.CA)
  • Technical Studies (TES.AAS)
  • Computer-Aided Manufacturing Technician (CAM.CA)
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing Engineering Technology (CIM.AAS)
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing Engineering Technology: Precision Machining Option (PMT.AAS)
  • Precision Machining Technology (PMT.CA)
  • Industrial Controls: Programmable Logic Controller (PLC.CA)
  • Photonics: Laser/Electro-Optic Technology (PHT.AAS)
  • Photonics: Principles of Laser/Electro-Optics (PHT.CA)
  • Returning Technical/Trade Professionals (CTI)
  • Technology—Construction (CTI)
  • Technology—Manufacturing (CTI)


  • Dental Hygiene (DHY.AAS)
  • Health & Exercise Liberal Arts and Sciences: Health and Exercise Science Option (HPE.AS)
  • Personal Trainer (PT.CA)
  • Health Careers Health Sciences: Certified Medical Assistant Option (CMA.AAS)
  • Health Sciences (HSC.AAS)
  • Multi-Skilled Technician (MST.CA)
  • Health Information Technology (HIT.AAS)
  • Medical Coding (MDC.CT)
  • Massage Therapy (MAS.AAS)
  • Dental Assisting
  • Massage Therapy (MAS.CA)
  • Nursing: Our Lady of Lourdes Cooperative Nursing Program (NOL.AS)
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA.AS)
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Nursing: Pre-Nursing Option (PRN.AS)
  • Practical Nursing (NUR.CT)
  • Surgical Technology Option (SRG.AAS)
  • Veterinary Technology (ASC.AAS)
  • Vision Ophthalmic Science Technology (OPH.AAS)
  • Ophthalmic Science Apprentice (OPH.CA)
  • Ophthalmic Medical Technician (OMT.CA)
  • Returning Healthcare Professionals (CTI)
  • Animal Care (CTI)
  • Healthcare (CTI)


  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: English Option (ENG.AA)
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: History Option (HST.AA)
  • Law, Government & Politics Option (GOV.AA)
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Languages and International Studies Option (INT.AA)
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Deaf Studies / Pre-Interpreting Option (SLS.AA)
  • American Sign Language (SLS.CA)
  • ASL and English Interpreting (SLA.CA)


  • Human Services: Development Disabilities Option (DEV.AS)
  • Human Services (HSR.AS)
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Psychology Option (PSY.AA)
  • Addictions Counseling (ADD.AAS)
  • Addictions Counseling (ADD.CA)
  • Alzheimer’s Journey Coordinator Certificate Program (ALZ.CA)
  • Social Services (SSR.CT)


  • Dietetic Technology (DTT.AAS)
  • Nutrition Care Manager (NCM.CT)
  • Hospitality Technology (HTS.AAS)
  • Culinary Certificate (CUL.CA)
  • Culinary Arts/Restaurant Operations (CTI)


  • Criminal Justice (CRJ.AS)
  • Fire Science Administration (FRA.AS)
  • Fire Science Technology (FIR.AAS)
  • Corrections (COR.CA)
  • Emergency & Disaster Management (EDM.CA)
  • Fundamentals of Policing (FOP.CA)


  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Biology Option (BIO.AS)
  • Chemistry Option (CHM.AS)
  • Environmental Science Option (ENV.AS)
  • Physics Option (PHY.AS)
  • Pre-Pharmacy Option (PPH.AS)
  • Mathematics Option (MTH.AS)
  • Biotechnology (BIT.AAS)
  • Biotechnology: Forensic Science Option (FSC.AAS)

Tuition at Camden County College

From the previous academic session, the cost of tuition has remained the same for out-of-state students and resident students. However, the tuition and fees are lower than the average amount of other schools in the same category.

So, for the 2022 academic session, the cost of tuition is $4,440. It is important that every student uses the payment worksheet to calculate the fees he or she is likely to pay before gaining admission.

To pay your tuition, you can employ any of the methods listed below.

  • You can pay online using a check or money order
  • Pay in person
  • Make payment via a telephone call to the Business Office at 856-227-7200 extension 4312

Camden County College Scholarships

CCC makes scholarship programs at this institution of higher learning available through the County College Foundation. It is a way to encourage and promote excellence amongst students.

This College County Foundation assists the students to find their paths to a gainful career. More so, the scholarship applications run from November through March annually.

Interestingly, this academic institution awards over $200,000 scholarship value to over 200 student beneficiaries. To apply for any of these scholarships, kindly use the button below.

  • Mr and Mrs Matthew D. Moeller Scholarship
  • Mother of the Savior Seminary Scholarship
  • Riletta Cream Scholarship
  • James and Maryetta Cook Scholarship
  • Barnes & Noble Textbook Scholarship
  • Camden County College Employee Memorial Scholarship
  • Martin W. Langan Scholarship
  • Wayne Little Memorial Scholarship


As much as this article has provided you, we are sure it’s going to serve you extensively. Be sure to go through the programs of study and scholarships to make the right choice of school for yourself.


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