10 Best Civil Engineering Online Degrees in Canada | 2023

Canada is one of the great study destinations for students who want to pursue a career in civil engineering. However, the most challenge faced is the issue of distance especially for those working or in foreign nations. You can bridge that gap by applying for any of the Civil Engineering Online Degrees in Canada and obtain your degree.

In this article, we shall discuss the Best civil engineering online degrees in Canada which you can take advantage of, as well as other relevant information you need to know about civil engineering online degree in Canada.

Civil Engineering Online Degree in Canada

Graduating online as an engineer in Canada offers many opportunities for advancement. Completely online self-study gives busy students the flexibility they need to balance work and study.

By leveraging the latest advances in communications technology, online masters open the way to new business opportunities by building networks of students with common goals. Online learning offers lower tuition fees while maintaining the quality of content and teacher involvement as master’s courses on campus.

An online degree in civil engineering can be obtained at the associate, bachelor, master, doctor, and certificate levels. Civil engineers design and assist in the construction of structures such as airports, roads, bridges, buildings, and railways and work in various areas such as the transit, aerospace, and automotive industries.

It is strongly recommended that students wishing to acquire an online degree in civil engineering should look into programs that are accredited and therefore likely to meet certain requirements that are important for professional associations.

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Civil Engineering in Canada

In the degrees in civil engineering, students learn to plan, design, and monitor construction projects. Students learn to deal with budgets and expenses, to work with architects and engineers, and to address delays and safety concerns.

Civil engineers deal with aspects of construction such as budgeting, security, and regulatory approvals. Site managers only have on-site tasks: managing workers, materials, and hiring subcontractors.

Civil engineering is very much in demand in Canada. Immigration offers temporary fast-track work programs for qualified applicants and their families to work and live in Canada.

With such a focus on civil engineering, Canadian universities offer students excellent opportunities to study the field of civil engineering and acquire a qualification that opens up many career opportunities in Canada and around the world.

Why Should I Apply for Online Civil Engineering Programs in Canada?

Civil engineering schools in Canada are among the best known and most renowned research institutions in the world. Canada is a city with recognized schools of civil engineering, staffed with experienced people, and using the latest technology to help students gain knowledge and experience.

Graduates from these schools find relevant opportunities in a number of sectors, including top construction companies such as VINCI, Strabag, TechnipFMC, and many others.

In fact, after graduating from one of the best civil engineering schools in Canada, you acquire the skills and potential to be a highly innovative person, and you contribute to the growth of society.

How Long Does it Take to Complete an Online Civil Engineering Program in Canada?

Online civil engineering schools in Canada offer a wide range of programs for undergraduate and graduate students. The undergraduate course usually takes two years to complete, while the postgraduate curriculum takes one or two years to complete.

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What Can You Do With Online Civil Engineering Degree in Canada?

Online civil engineering courses prepare engineers like you for increased professional responsibility. Graduates of the program will be ready to tackle critical technical challenges, assume managerial roles, oversee complex projects, and solve specific technical problems.

Some of the popular job titles include:

  • Construction engineer
  • Engineering project manager
  • Structural engineer
  • Senior civil engineer
  • Building control surveyor
  • Water resource engineer
  • Building services engineer
  • Quantity surveyor

Civil Engineering Industry Outlook in Canada

The forecast for civil engineers in Canada is positive. As an engineer with an online degree in civil engineering in Canada, you have a number of jobs to choose from with an average starting salary of $80,080.

A robust economy has paved the way for investment in construction projects, and an average of 2,500 jobs will be open each year over the next five years. Civil engineers are involved in several phases of construction projects, from design to construction for the private and public sectors.

They are an integral part of infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, towers, buildings, and water supply systems.

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Are Civil Engineers in demand in Canada?

There is a growing demand for civil engineers in Canada and around the world. Engineers Canada, the national organization of Canadian engineering associations, reports that an average of 12,000 to 13,000 civil engineering jobs will be open by 2025.

With many senior engineers retiring in the coming years, Canada and other countries could consider a skills gap. Canadians with a civil engineering degree will be at the top of this demand.

Best Civil Engineering Online Degree in Canada

Here is the Best civil engineering online degree in Canada that you can apply for and be assured of an effective degree at the end of your studies.

  1. McMaster University
  2. The Schulich School of Engineering (University of Calgary)
  3. University of Toronto
  4. University of British Columbia
  5. University of Alberta
  6. University of Waterloo
  7. Algonquin College
  8. Western University
  9. Concordia University of Montreal
  10. McGill University

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McMaster University 

Online Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering

McMaster University has built an international reputation as a provider of innovative educational programs. With its online bachelor’s program in civil engineering, McMaster University offers students a broad education in civil engineering while offering the opportunity to specialize in an area of ​​interest to students.

The core disciplines include structural engineering, traffic engineering as well as water resources and environmental technology.

Tuition: CAD$5,966
Acceptance Rate: 12%

The Schulich School of Engineering (University of Calgary) 

Online PhD in Civil Engineering

The Schulich School of Engineering is ideal for those who want to start their engineering studies as well as for those who want to complete a postgraduate education.

As part of the University of Calgary, they pride themselves on providing a rich academic experience that teaches students the skills necessary for a successful engineering career.

The University of Calgary’s online civil engineering program is one of the best in Canada. The college is consistently one of the best schools for civil engineering nationally and internationally.

The department offers courses that improve student thinking and prepare them for real-world problems.

Your doctorate is a research-based degree that will take 3-4 years, depending on the student’s previous qualifications.

Tuition: CAD$8,970 
Acceptance Rate: 38%

University of Toronto

Online Bachelor of Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Toronto, which is always number one in Canada, offers this undergraduate program in which students are prepared to develop solutions that directly impact the quality of life, from deteriorating to reconstruction Buildings to create structures that can withstand natural disasters.

The programs cover a wide range of courses that provide students with an advantage for top civil engineering companies within the state and around the world.

The online bachelor’s program offers basic civil engineering courses that prepare students for an entry-level job and advanced degrees.

In addition to engineering courses, students receive training in related subjects such as mathematics, physics and geology. In the third year, students have the opportunity to gain practical experience through camps and projects.

Tuition: CAD$14,1809
Acceptance Rate: 43%

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University of British Columbia 

Online Bachelor of Applied Science, Civil Engineering

The University of British Columbia is one of the 40 best universities in the world and is proud of its entrepreneurial perspective. It encourages students to question conventions and explore new learning methods.

The bachelor’s degree in civil engineering provides a foundation for both basic sciences and specific skills in civil engineering. Laboratory work is integrated throughout the program to provide students with practical opportunities to apply what they have learned in the courses. Around 120 students are enrolled in this program each year.

Tuition: CAD$6,193
Acceptance Rate: 50%

University of Alberta

Online Master of Engineering

The University of Alberta is one of the leading Canadian research universities with external research funding of more than $490 million. They placed great emphasis on internationalism and had over 37,000 students from 143 countries around the world.

The University of Alberta is one of the best schools of civil engineering in Canada. The school’s civil engineering program is consistent across a number of prominent rankings.

In addition, the Civil Engineering Department offers a wonderful environment that offers students numerous opportunities to learn from the best in the business.

The coursework in this program provides students with the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to improve the quality of life of many people through engineering practice.

You’ve been one of Canada’s greenest employers for eight years. Your master’s degree in civil engineering takes 9-12 months, and students must complete a Capstone project as part of the curriculum.

Tuition: CAD$5,320
Acceptance Rate: 50%

University of Waterloo 

Online Bachelor of Applied Science, Civil Engineering

The University of Waterloo is in the heart of the Canadian technology center and has over 36,000 full and part-time students. It offers both bachelor’s and postgraduate programs.

The bachelor’s degree in civil engineering offers a highly flexible and adaptable course of study, on which students can explore many aspects of civil engineering and design their studies in interesting areas.

Tuition: CAD$17,262
Acceptance Rate: 53%

Algonquin College 

Online Graduate Certificate in Civil Engineering

Algonquin College has provided high-quality education for over 42 years and is strongly represented internationally. Students from over 100 countries around the world are currently welcomed.

The three-year Graduate Certificate program deals with advanced topics such as civil law assessment, road and environmental engineering, and project management. Graduates of this program are prepared to pursue careers in various areas of civil engineering.

Tuition: CAD$15,503
Acceptance Rate: 60%

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Western University 

Online Master of Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Western University was founded in 1878 and has over 2,400 students enrolled in their engineering programs (both undergraduate and graduate students). Western University is a leading research university and offers one of the best civil engineering programs in Canada.

This master’s degree offers students the opportunity to mix project work with coursework and takes between one and two years.

Students learn practical engineering skills as well as Canadian certificates, which is a key entry point for international students and workers looking for employment in Canada.

Tuition: CAD$12,000
Acceptance Rate: 72%

Concordia University of Montreal

Online Master of Engineering

The Concordia University of Montreal enrols 46,000 students annually (15% of whom are international students). They offer both bachelor and postgraduate training with a focus on practical experience and innovative solutions.

The program’s curriculum includes courses that prepare students for research, development, and product design work at top companies.

Students in the advanced program can conduct research in established research centers and laboratories for intelligent transport systems, decision-making models in the construction industry, sustainable cities, and the urban built environment, and infrastructure management.

The Master of Engineering program builds on basic training and prepares students for a more research-based degree (e.g. doctorate). The students develop their technical knowledge in engineering, in the construction process, and in the effects on the environment.

 Tuition: CAD$12,532
Acceptance Rate: 80%

McGill University 

Online Bachelor of Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics at McGill University was founded in 1871 and today has around 570 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in its programs, almost half of whom are women and one third are international students.

McGill University is one of the best schools of civil engineering in Canada. This school ranks 54th in the top universities for civil engineering schools and 49th in the best global universities according to the US news rankings.

McGill University’s online civil engineering program is aimed at students with a university degree in engineering who want a degree in environmental engineering.

Her comprehensive bachelor’s program provides students with a foundation in mechanics and engineering and gives students the opportunity to either specialize in an advanced area of ​​interest or receive a broader education in the field of civil engineering.

Tuition: CAD$6,100
Acceptance Rate: 95%

Civil Engineering Online Degrees in Canada – FAQs

Can I study civil engineering online?

Yes, many civil engineering courses are available online.

Are civil engineers in demand in Canada?


As civil engineering skills are high in demand in Canada, civil engineers have the flexibility to work almost anywhere in the country they wish. From Toronto, Quebec, Vancouver to Ontario, the options and job opportunities are plenty.

Which course is best for civil engineer in Canada?

The Schulich School of Engineering (University of Calgary) – PhD in Civil Engineering.
University of Alberta – Master of Engineering.
McMaster University – Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering.
McGill University – Bachelor of Civil Engineering.
Algonquin College – Graduate Certificate in Civil Engineering.


Civil engineers are one of the professional careers whose skills are in great demand in Canada and you can take advantage of this opportunity to acquire one of the best civil engineering online degrees in Canada and give yourself an edge in your civil engineering career.


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