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Concordia Publishing House Review | 2022

Concordia Publishing House began initially as St. Louis printery in 1869, intending to equip churches and individuals with doctrinally sound books.

Today, the company is a nationally recognized publishing house with over 10,000 goods and services available to churches, schools, and individuals.

They’ve however come a long way since 150 years of their existence and have won the hearts of many.

Meanwhile, the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod’s publishing arm is Concordia Publishing House.

It exists to support and develop member congregations in their proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as to provide publishing services in collaboration with Synod agencies and congregations.

Concordia Publishing House shall design, produce, market, and distribute products and services that are faithful to the Scriptures and Lutheran Confessions and successfully provide such proclamation to people all over the world on their behalf.

To know more about the school, check out our review on Concordia Publishing House.


Where is Concordia Publishing House?

Concordia Publishing House (CPH) was founded in 1869 as the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod’s official publishing house.

It is located at 3558 S. Jefferson in St. Louis, Missouri. The synod’s official monthly magazine, the Lutheran Witness, the synod’s hymnals, the Lutheran Worship, Lutheran Hymnals, and the Lutheran Service Book are all published by Concordia Publishing House.

They are also involved in the publishing of newspapers, periodicals, books, and directories. They employ about 225 people throughout its many locations, and the Concordia Publishing Company is made up of about 60 companies.

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What is the Concordia Bible?

On September 1st, 1986, the Concordia Bible was released in its first edition. Robert. G. Hoerber wrote the book, and Robert.H. Gundry edited it.

The Concordia Publish House published it. The Concordia Bible contains the old edition of the 1984 New International Version, as well as the Zondervan’s notes, which were amended by Lutheran scholars.

Also, the Concordia Bible has gold page edges, an educational vision of scriptural history, and the teachings of Christ in red.

It aids in the comprehension of God’s word. The Concordia Biblical is useful for both personal and group bible study. There are over 85,000 entries in total.

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What Type Of Publication Does Concordia Do?

The Lutheran Witness, Lutheran Hymnals (1941), the Synod’s Hymnals, the Synod’s Official Monthly Magazine, and Lutheran Worship are all published by Concordia Publishers (1982).

They have published a thorough version of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Orgelbüchlein and the Lutheran Service Book (2006).

It also produces materials for churches, schools, and private residences. They also publish the world’s most popular devotional prayer portals. 850,000 copies are printed and distributed every quarter of the year. Arch books, which are their children’s books, have sold millions of copies.

They also publish Lutheranism-related articles. They also published the Lutheran Study Bible and the Lutheran Edition of the Apocrypha.

The Lutheran Study Bible was the first study bible to be written from the concept to reality, with contributions from scholars, theologians, and pastors from the twelve Lutheran church bodies.

Who Is The Founder Of Concordia Publishing House?

Concordia Publishing Company, founded in 1989, is an official publishing house owned by the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

However, it is headed by Jonathan D. Schultz (The Interim President and CEO). The church chooses who will be the company’s chief executive officer and other officials.

You must meet the appointment standards before being appointed as an official in the publishing firm.

These requirements include being a devout member of the Lutheran church and being screened by the board. You’re one step closer to working for a publishing company once you’ve completed these tasks.

How To Submit Things To Concordia Publishing House

The publishing house is affiliated with the Lutheran church and focuses on Lutheranism-related subjects.

Manuscripts or materials from other sources are not considered until they have gone through doctrinal examination. They have no desire to publish autobiographies, poetry, or children’s books.

Either they embrace the Lutheran church’s vision and mission, or it is consistent with their beliefs.

However, there is an intended process for obtaining content to publish, aside from the submission without invitation, which is strictly against their standards and not suggested.

Can I Publish NonChristain Materials at Concordia?

Concordia Publishing Company does not print non-Christian materials since they specialize in Lutheran materials or items that promote the principles of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

Even if your materials have a Lutheran perspective, they must still go through the Lutheran doctrinal review process.

Doctrinal review is a process that every piece of material produced by the publishing house goes through to ensure that its content is in complete harmony with the Lutheran church’s holy scriptures and confessions.

Is Concordia Publishing House Hiring Now

Concordia Publishing House currently has six job slots and they are; Graphics designer, Developer, Maintenance Technician, Account Collection Specialist, Sr. Human Resources Generalist, and Sales Account Specialist.

Easy Guide On How To Contact Concordia Publishing House

Concordia Publishing House cannot be reached; instead, they will contact you when they require materials. This is because they only publish items from the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

They have certain books that they publish, but if they require something outside the box, or your content is of a Lutheran church vision, it must first pass a doctrinal assessment before being delivered to the chief executive officer, who then sends it to the editors and finally for publication.

Normally, you’d like to contact a corporation with a question or a complaint. For such issues, there are several alternative addresses to contact:

a.  To contact the Concordia publishing house bookstore: 314.268.1268 or fax 314.268.1202

b. To contact customer support: call (800)325-3040 or send a mail to

c. Issues concerning app: call (800)346-6120 or mail

d. Rights and permission: call (800)325-0191 or mail 

e. Directory assistance: call (314)268-1000.

Concordia Publishing House Website

The official website of the Concordia Publishing House is


  • How do I submit a manuscript?

Unsolicited manuscripts are not considered by Concordia Publishers. Every manuscript must pass a mandatory screening to ensure that it meets Lutheran Church requirements.

  • What kind of materials do Concordia publishers produce?

They focus mainly on Lutheran-related materials as well as other Christian materials.

  • What forms of payment are acceptable?

MasterCard, Visa, and Discover are the only acceptable ones for now.

  • What are my shipping options?

The shipping options will be made available to you once you place your order. However, it is dependent on the type of product you order and the destination.

  • What is doctrinal review?

It is the process a content goes through to ensure that it is in line with the scriptures.


Concordia publishers are known basically for publishing Christian materials and Lutheran Church-related materials. In 150 years of existence, Concordia publishing Company has produced over 10,000 books and materials for churches, schools, etc.

Concordia Publishing House is an arm of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. The company is selective when it comes to publishing materials, they ensure it meets the required Lutheran standards.

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