Cost of Studying and Living in University of Pretoria, South Africa

Cost of Studying and Living in University of Pretoria, South Africa

The University of Pretoria is a multi-campus research university located in Pretoria, South Africa. The University was founded in 1908 and uses English and Afrikaans as the language of instruction. Many students have chosen to study in University of Pretoria because of its high standard of education coupled with state-of-the-art teaching facilities. University of Pretoria has produced notable alumni like Anton Rupert, Johann Kriegler, Kristof Heyns, Johann Vander Westhuizen, Calie Pistorious etc.

In today’s article we shall be looking at the cost associated with studying and living in University of Pretoria.

Cost of studying in University of Pretoria

The tuition fees charged by University of Pretoria are affordable and usually range from $2500 to $3500 per year. Please note that Fees do not include the cost of prescribed books, stationery or other study-related expenses. If a degree is completed mid-year, AND a new degree is registered for in the same year thereafter, the FULL tuition fees are immediately payable on registration. Full fees are payable by end July of any study year, irrespective of when in the year the programme was registered for. Any amounts still outstanding after 31 July, will result in the blocking of access to academic records.

Cost of living

The cost of living in University of Pretoria is estimated at $500 to $700 a month which will cover the cost of food, accommodation, transportation etc.

Here’s the breakdown:

Food and clothing

Average loaf of bread costs R7/$1 – Average 1.5L milk costs R11/$1,5 – Average 1kg frozen chicken chops costs R20/$2.8 – 24 x 330ml beer costs R160/$23 – 200g biscuits cost R7/$1 – 2,5kg cake flour cost R16/$2.3 – Canned backed beans cost R5/$0.7 – Can of 330ml Coke costs R6/$0.8 – McDonald’s Big Mac burger costs R22/$3,15 – Average food spend per month is R1 400/$200
Levi’s jeans cost R500/$71 – Average no name jeans cost R100/$14 – Nike sneakers average R700/$100 – Average items of clothing range from R20 – R600/$2.8 – $86

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Average mini bus taxi fare is R7/$1(depending on route and distance) – Average metrorail train fare is R5/$0.7(depending on route and distance) – Gautrain high speed link from Sandton to Pretoria costs R125/$18 – Gautrain high speed link from ORT airport to Sandton costs R120/$17(monthly tickets reduce these fares by great margin) – Rea Vaya BRT costs R7/$1 per trip depending on route(monthly ticket reduces fares)
Average new low end car(Toyota, Yaris) costs R100 000/$14 200 – Average new mid end car(VW, Golf) costs R250 000/$35 700 – Average high end car(BMW) costs R400 000/57 100 – Super cars(Lamborghini) cost R700 000/$100 000 and up.

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