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CSN Student Email Login : How to use CSN Student Email

A new semester brings new opportunities to get involved on campus and meet other students. The College of Southern Nevada (CSN) student email system is a great way to stay connected with what’s happening on campus and with your classmates.

All CSN students are assigned a student email account which they can use to access their class schedule, new campus announcements, and more. 

Student email accounts are also used for logging in to most CSN online resources like the library catalog and Canvas.

While you read, this article will enlighten you on the best way to start your student email login and other challenges you might encounter.

What is CSN Email?

Email and other productivity services made available via the Internet are referred to as CSN Email” (cloud services).

What is Included in the CSN email?

On your PC or MAC desktop or laptop, CSN Email offers full download versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, OneNote, Access, and Publisher programs. It also offers mobile versions for tablets and smartphones.

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What is my CSN Student ID Address?

With a CSN student ID card, you can access CSN facilities, prove your identity, and be eligible for local student discounts. 

To obtain your ID, visit any Student Life and Leadership Development Office with your current semester’s schedule, a photo ID, and a paid receipt ($2 cost payable at one of CSN’s Cashiers Offices).

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What is the capacity of the CSN mailbox? 

CSN mailbox has enhanced capabilities and features. Also, it has: 

  • CSN has improved security and stability.
  • Students have 50 GB of email storage, and faculty and staff have 100 GB. Space for more than 25,000 emails!
  • You have access to five Microsoft Office licenses, which you can use online or download on your PC, iPad, iPhone, and Android device.
  • There is access to many more web-based productivity products, including online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
  • There is one Terabyte of internet storage on OneDrive. Students can store over 500 hours of movies or 17,000 hours of music in this space.
  • It has built-in encryption tools to safeguard personally identifiable information (PII) such as credit card details, social security numbers, school records, etc.

Log in and select the nine squares symbol in the upper left to see a complete list of all the apps to which you have access through CSN Email.

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What is the size of my CSN Email mailbox?

For students, teachers, and staff, the mailbox size in CSN Email is 50GB and 100GB, respectively.

How do I verify my account so I may log in to the computers on campus and access my email?

You can validate your student account if you are a new student. You can access your email, computers on campus, and the Online Campus once you have verified your account.

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Can I use CSN Office and Email when off campus?

Yes. By using the CSN Email login provided above, browsing through GoCSN, or visiting Outlook Online, you can access CSN Email and the online versions of Office. You can opt to access Mail or any of the other accessible programs from there.

Nearly 99% of professors and staff have now been migrated, although it may still be necessary to log in again or follow another link until we reach 100%.

Does CSN Email require Internet access?

The most recent Office suite release’s installation and activation require an internet connection. 

If you have fully installed Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on your PC, you can use those programs without an internet connection if you only need to check your CSN email.

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How can I set up CSN Email on my smartphone?

How to configure Exchange Online Email on a Tablet or Mobile Device:

Microsoft provides the Outlook App for tablets and mobile devices:

iPhones, Android phones, and tablets can all use this software. It offers the essential mobile email experience and is strongly advised for seamless communication. 

You only need to enter your email address and password to use the Outlook App. No additional information is required.

The setup instructions can be downloaded here: iPhone/iPad Setup.

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What Do I Need to Do if I get spam on my CSN student email?

Take the following steps if you have received spam or a suspicious email:

  • Do not click any of the email’s links.
  • Send the email to so the OTS team can look into it.
  • Get rid of the email.
  • Contact the OTS Help Desk if you opened suspicious attachments or clicked links in the email.

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What is the student’s CSN Email Address?

As a CSN student, your NSHEID serves as your username.

You can use your NSHE ID to sign in to GoCSN, Canvas, MyCSN, campus computers, and other CSN programs. Remember, you must enter “” when logging into your CSN Email account to tell Microsoft whose email address and institution you attend.

Thus, “” will be your login when logging into CSN Email. Use the GoCSN login password. Use your username/NSHEID whenever a system asks you to log in.

CSN gives you an email address as an alias for your username so you may communicate with people more easily. 

Except in rare circumstances where a number (such as 01) is at the end, your email address is “”

If you share the same name as another student, this will occur, and you will be told of this when you authenticate your account. You can use one of the following methods to locate your alias email address:

From your CSN account, send an email to your account. You will see your email address in your account. 

Sign into your email, click your profile image (which can be your initials) in the upper right corner, select My Account, and then select Personal Details. The Contact Information” section will include your email address.

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Can I Forward my email to a different Email Address?

No, you cannot forward your student email account to a different email address. 

How Can I Reset My CSN Student Email Password?

Click the Additional Links box on the GoCSN login screen and then choose the Reset Password link. To change your password, adhere to the instructions on the net.

How should your CSN Student Email be Formatted?

Your username should be in the following format: “”

How can I make my CSN Student Email active?

To validate your CSN student email, visit Then select Account Validation from the Mega Menu Options at the top left corner. Once you do that, your account will be activated.

Where can I locate my CSN username?

How do I get it back? Please get in touch with the OTS Help Desk at (702) 651-4357 (HELP) for assistance if you can’t remember your NSHE ID.

How can I reach CSN?

By calling 702-651-5555, you can contact the CSN Call Center for further details.

What is the CSN scholarship email address?

To send a scholarship application or find out about the available CSN scholarships, visit or 702-651-7738.

What is an email address ending

People frequently have a “.edu” address in addition to their address for educational institutions. 

They are distributed by all levels of education, from primary to graduate.

How can I log into my student email on CSN?

Thus, “” will be your login when logging into CSN Email. Use the GoCSN login password. 

Use your username/NSHEID whenever a system asks you to log in. CSN provides you with an email address as an alias for your username, allowing you to communicate with others more easily.

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How to contact a professor by CSN email?

Therefore, how do you email a professor? Professors are professionals who are accustomed to following formal email protocol. 

Adding some personality to your communications is acceptable, but respect should always be shown.

You will comprehend your partnership more fully than we do. If it’s suitable, you can be less formal.

Learn the rules, advice, and best practices for business email etiquette to improve communication, uphold professionalism, and prevent costly errors.

It’s crucial to write concise, to-the-point emails. Professors only have time to read through some of the messages they receive daily because hundreds of them exist. Declare your identity, your goals, and the reason you are messaging right away.

Why can’t I change my password?

By visiting the Password Reset Tool, you can change your password.

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CSN email is an excellent way for students to stay connected with their studies and campus life. Using their student email, they can keep up with their assignments, events, and news from the college. Additionally, CSN email can help students network with other students and professors.




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