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As a young Nigerian, if you have a dream of serving your country, then consider DSS recruitment. DSS is not usually very public about its recruitment, so we have provided in this article comprehensive information on DSS recruitment, the salary, the process of application, and the application portal.

The department of security services (DSS), also known as the state security service (SSS), is the leading national intelligence agency in Nigeria. Basically, its primary responsibility includes the collection of intelligence reports in the country and the protection of senior state officials, including the president and governors.

However, the SSS operates as a department within the presidency and is under the control of the National Security Adviser.

About The Department Of State Services (DSS)

As a Fulfillment of one of the promises made in his first national address as president; Ibrahim Babangida June 1986 issued Decree Number 19. This decree dissolved the National Security Organization (NSO) and re-structured Nigeria’s security services into three separate entities under the Office of the Co-coordinator of National Security.

Well, following this restructuring, the State Security Service (SSS) became responsible for domestic intelligence, with Director-General Ismaila Gwarzo and Deputy Director Lt. Col. A.K. Togun and the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) handled external intelligence and counterintelligence.

Moreso, the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) was responsible for military-related intelligence outside and inside Nigeria. The first headquarters of the agency was located at 15, Awolowo road, Ikoyi in Lagos; this site currently houses the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

The SSS headquarters was finally moved to Abuja during the regime of General Sani Abacha., the headquarters complex is informally known as the “Yellow House”. It is located on the northern edge of the three-arms zone on Aso drive in Maitama, Abuja. analytics

However, the State Security Service is directly controlled by the presidency, and its heads are chosen by the office of the President, the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The Nationwide Security Adviser is appointed by the president to manage the affairs of the State Security Service and the NSA also has a say in the appointments and operations of the State Security Service.

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What is the Function of the State Security Service?

Basically, the State Security Service is responsible for the protection of foreign envoys, state governors, the President Federal Republic of Nigeria, and all other top government officials.

In addition, they protect Nigeria from any domestic threat. They also uphold and are responsible for enforcing criminal law in Nigeria.

Both the federal and state governments depend on the State Security Service for criminal justice services.

Aside from protecting these top government officials, the men of the State Security Service are also responsible for protecting members of the family of these government officials.

Furthermore, the State Security Service is responsible for protecting all past presidents as well as their spouses. Also, presidential and vice-presidential candidates must get protection from the State Security Service too.

However, this form of protection is not for all candidates; only very popular candidates, who by virtue of popularity may attract threats get protection from the SSS.

What Will You Do At The SSS?

Actually, getting an opportunity to serve your country is a great honor. So, becoming an SSS official will give you room to sure patriotism and attain a certain status in your society.

As interesting as this sounds, it is important to understand that it is a huge responsibility and you must be discreet over your daily task. This is because all information about SSS is classified and discreet.

At the SSS, as an official, you should be ready to have information pertaining to you and your family being classified. Also, you should expect to have a State Security Service rank and salary structure that is quite amazing.

In addition, your handwork and dedication to duty may earn you the position of Director-General of the SSS with a mouth-watering sum of one million Naira on average per month. Still, want to know what to expect as an SSS official?

Then, visit the official website or you can visit the SSS headquarters at Aso Drive in Maitama, Abuja.

Department Of State Services Salaries And Rankings


According to a reliable source of information, we can authoritatively reveal to you that the Director-General of the State Security Service receives up to N1 million per month. 

However, no information could be obtained about how much the other members of staff of the State Security Service receive per month.

This is because information about their salaries is classified and not made available for public consumption.

However, the average net salary for State Security Service (SSS) at the Department of State Service, Nigeria is about ₦210K. Salary estimated from 2 employees.

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What Rankings are Obtainable in DSS?

The Director-General is the highest rank in the State Security Service. In the open sources, you can find the ranks of director generals before they were appointed.

The first Director-General was Colonel Abdullahi Mohammed. Note that the rank Colonel only be found in the Military structure of Nigeria.

Equally, All information about SSS Nigeria ranks is classified. Still, they are a part of the military structure in Nigeria and have similar ranks.

SSS Nigeria Ranks


  • Recruit;
  • Private;
  • Lance-Corporal;
  • Corporal;
  • Sergeant;
  • Staff Sergeant.

Junior Officers

  • Second Lieutenant;
  • Lieutenant;
  • Captain.

Senior Officers

  • Major;
  • Lieutenant
  • Colonel;

High-Ranking Officers

  • Brigadier General;
  • Major General;
  • Lieutenant General;
  • General.

Achievements of the DSS

The Department of the state service in Nigeria has recorded a number of achievements since its inception during the Babangida military regime in 1986. Some of those recorded successes include:

  • The arrest of the Egyptian bomber Omar Mohammed Ali Rasaq in 1993 while he was trying to enter Nigeria through the Nigeria-Benin Republic border
  • The interception of a large cache of arms and ammunition originating from Iran at the Apapa port in Lagos in October 2010.
  • Infiltrated a number of religious extremist groups in the country including the Boko Haram sect.
  • In October 2011, the SSS rescued the parish priest of st. Bernard’s Catholic Church Eguaholo in Orhionmwom local government area of Edo state, Rev. Fr Sylvester Chukwura, from kidnapper’s hideout.
  • Arrested a notorious kidnapper and killer, Binebi, who was wanted amongst other things for killing an SSS operative in 2010 and also burning down the state government patrol boat at Gelegele

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Failures of the DSS

Although the SSS recorded some feats of victory, it also had its failures which were heavily criticized. Some of these non-achievements include:

  • Allowing Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, the “underpants bomber”, to board a Northwest Airlines flight from Lagos despite his father having previously warned security officials of the son’s radical view on America.
  • The agency was also criticized heavily in the wake of the August 26, 2011, United Nations House bombing in Abuja.
  • The SSS failed to manage information in a timely and proper fashion which led to the public losing confidence in the organization.

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General DSS of Nigeria Requirements

The Department of State Security invites graduates and postgraduates to fill in positions in the recruitment. It also provides general requirements for people who wish to become a part of Nigerian security service personnel. Here are the DSS Nigeria requirements:

  • You should be a Nigerian by birth or born to Nigerian parents. Foreigners are not allowed to take the DSS Nigeria Job
  • Male candidates should be at least 1.7m tall (for certain posts it`s not necessary)
  • Female candidates should be at least 1.64m tall (for certain posts it`s not necessary)
  • The expanded chest measurement of the candidate must be at least 0.87 meters (for certain posts it`s not necessary)
  • The applicant should be certified by a Government Medical Officer
  • Must be mentally fit for service
  • The candidate should be physically fit for service
    • Pregnant women
    • Flat Foot
    • Major orthopedic operations in the past\
    • Natural disabilities (fractures, stammering, and others)


Interested candidates must provide at least a bachelor’s degree with a Second Class Upper Division.

You can also provide the National Certificate of Education/National Diploma from a recognized institution. The credits and fields are listed below:

  • Any candidate who wants to apply for DSS in Nigeria can’t be a serviceman if he/she has been found guilty in any criminal offense in Nigeria or any other country;
  • Candidates who have any form of financial embarrassment can’t apply for DSS Nigeria recruitment;
  • Candidates who exceed 30 years of age can`t apply for DSS Nigeria.

Available DSS Recruitment Jobs

  • Statistician
  • Software Developer
  • Sociologist
  • Satellite images interpreter
  • Radiologists
  • Psychologist
  • Pediatrician/Pediatrician nurse
  • Orthopedic surgeon
  • Optometrist
  • Mathematics education
  • Lawyer
  • Hospitality Managers
  • English education
  • Computer Engineer/Computer science education/Network engineer/Data Administrator
  • Electrical/Building/Mechanical/Satellite Communication engineer
  • Criminologist
  • Physical and Health Education;
  • Psychology;
  • Electrical Engineering/Electronics Engineering/IT Specialist;
  • Peace and Conflict Resolution;
  • Sociology;
  • Guidance and Counseling (for females only);
  • Computer Science;
  • Physics;
  • English;
  • Mathematics.
  • Medical Doctors, Medical Officers, Consultants, Dental Officers, and Nurses can also apply for DSS in Nigeria. However, such candidates should have the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria Licence.

How To Apply For DSS Recruitment Jobs

It is very important for all candidates to note here that for you to apply for the DSS Nigeria, you must visit YOUR state of Origin State Security Service headquarters.

Note: The Department of State Services (DSS) is not recruiting right now. However, we are expecting them to start recruitment soon. Keep visiting this page for more information on the recruitment as updates on the recruitment will be made available as soon as the application form is out.

State Security Service Headquarters

The State Security Service headquarters is located at Aso Drive in Maitama, Abuja. Their website is at www.dss.gov.ng.  Their motto is “Loyalty, Vigilance, Verity.

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Steps to Take When Applying for the DSS Recruitment Exercise

To apply for the DSS job, follow the steps below:

  1. You should write a formal letter that indicates your Local Government of Origin. Please note that the letter should bear the signature of the head of your Local Government Area Council or any top official in your Local Government.
  2. The application letter must be handwritten, and it should be directed to the Director-General, Department of State Service.
  3. It’s important to submit all your statement of result.
  4. Applicants should provide two recent passport photographs, preferably with a color background.
  5. Once you get done with the above, contact the DSS headquarters in your State Of Origin and then submit your application.

DSS Recruitment FAQs

Is DSS recruitment form out for 2023?

DSS 2023 form is available currently for interested applicants. See more details on DSS Job vacancies below.

How do I apply for DSS?

You can apply for DSS job on the website www.dss.gov.ng portal and also get shortlisted

How much is SSS salary in Nigeria?

The average salary for State Security Service Nigeria (SSS) is 257,250 Naira. This data is collated by 2 employees from State Security Service Nigeria (SSS).

How long does DSS training last?

The DSS training usually lasts for two (2) weeks.


The State Security Service can also be referred to as the Department of State Services (DSS). 

This body is responsible for intelligence gathering in Nigeria.  The State Security Service is directly controlled by the presidency and their heads are chosen by the office of the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Yearly, the State security service (DSS) opens its recruitment portal to accept applications from candidates who wish to be part of them.



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