ECU Student Email Login 2023: How To Use Ecu Student Email

Technology has made schools operation very easy. School administrative department and student connection have become simple.

Before now, things were done manually, which caused delay in operation. Thanks to technology.

Every student at ECU now has a unique email login that helps them access school info and receives messages from lecturers.

Though sometimes, even as a student of ECU. You might encounter a few challenges while using the ECU Student Email Login.

This article guides you on How to Use Ecu Student Email and how the portal works.
Alright, let’s dive into the main deal.

What Is School Email Address?

For those who need more clarification, Each student is given an email address that ends when they register for college.

These email addresses are peculiar to each person, and that is what you use to access the school portals.

Students are given this email address because they can’t honestly communicate with college administration, lecturers, or professors using their accounts.

What Is Email Address?

When you talk about an email address, it is where an electronic mailbox receives and sends a message on a computer network.

The messages that are sent and received are known as emails.

How do I get school email address From Ecu?

When you talk about an email address, it is where an electronic mailbox receives and sends a message on a computer network.
The messages that are sent and received are known as emails.

  • You get your student email address through the following process:
  • [email protected]
  • log into the student portal
  • Select the ‘Email’ link from the top part of the portal.

Note: You can only access the ECU account once you are completely logged out of Microsoft live performance, like Hotmail.

You can contact the IT desk officer if you encounter any challenges logging in.

You can call via this phone number +61 8 6304 6000.
Also, Visit and click on the Student E-mail Link.

Do Ecu Students Keep Their Mails After Graduation?

Students who graduate from the university with a degree and a diploma are regarded as alumni and can keep their email addresses and email account for as long as they choose to use them.

Students who graduated from Ecu can only retain their student email for just 14 months; after that, they will archive the email.

Why is it Important To Get The School Email?

Getting the school email is very important because it opens you up to opportunities and privileges given to fully registered students in Ecu.

Getting the school email opens you up to these benefits:

  • Your free access to online learning materials
  • Free use of streaming tools and material.
  • You have access to some free software.
  • The ability to use upscale entertainment offerings.
  • You have access to tools for graphic design
  • You have access to product discounts

Who is Powering The Ecu School Email? What Email Does School Use?

Microsoft 365

Employers value various skills and applications that students learn in the classroom when using Office 365 Education.

Students are prepared for the future by teaching them how to use Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Access, and OneNote today.

Is My School Email Gmail or Outlook?


The newest productivity tools, including Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, and much more, are available with a Microsoft 365 subscription.

School Employee Email

The staff portal, is where you can access various tools and quick links to stay connected.

Service centers, schools, and other organizations can exchange, share, and store information here.

How Can I Get In Touch With Ecu School?

Please direct any questions about being a student to the student hub on each site.
Course advise and information.

  • Assistance with enrollment, such as help with pre-requisite waivers, scheduling conflicts, complete unit activities, and invalid enrollments
  • Assistance with starting your studies again after a deferment or suspension
  • Assistance with course completion deadlines and extension requests, as well as advice
  • Identifying prospective graduates
  • services for students.

School Email List for: 

#Admission Email Address Ecu

The email address for admission in Ecu. [email protected]

#Accommodation Email Address Ecu

All three university campuses have on-campus housing, which Campus Living Villages manage.

Here is the email address: [email protected]

#Email Address For Ecu Library

You can reach the Library by phone or email at [email protected] to talk with a member of our staff. Find out more by visiting the Contact page.

#Ecu Bursary Email Address

For individuals with a 22-week or 44-week contract at the ECU Mount Lawley Student Village, the bursary offers a 50% discount on housing costs.

Here is the email address for Ecu bursary: [email protected]

When overseas students enroll in on-campus courses at Edith Cowan University in 2023, the university will pay them with an international housing bursary.

The bursaries can be utilized for undergraduate and graduate degrees and are worth up to 50% of the tuition price.

Students must be international to qualify (not Australian citizens, permanent residents of Australia, or New Zealand citizens).

# Ecu Student Affairs Email Address

Student Affairs Business Administration Unit

Here is the email address:

#Enquiries Email Address Ecu

Make all your enquiries by visiting @

#Scholarships Email Address Ecu

#Ecu Career Email Address

Please don’t hesitate to contact Ecu Career at 252-328-6050 or [email protected] if you need more information.

How Do I Log In To My Ecu Email?

Use the Student Portal to access your student email:

  • Access the student portal.
  • Go to the student portal’s top and select the “Email” link.
  • You can log into your student email account by entering your student email address and your current ECU password.

Do you have issues logging in?
Use the correct email address, please. Please keep in mind the email format.

  • Have you forgotten your password, or have you been logging in for a while? Password reset through MyLogin or by contacting the IT Service Desk.
  • Were you doing two? You cannot be logged into more than one Microsoft account at once, so make sure you have signed out of any personal accounts like Hotmail, Microsoft Live, or Outlook Web Access.

How Do I Recover My Ecu Email Password?

Using MyLOGIN, you can change your password on your own. Before being able to reset your password, you will be required to enter your login ID and respond to three challenge questions.

Using MyLOGIN, you can also update a password that has expired. Before you can reset your password, you will be prompted for your Login ID and asked to respond to your three challenge questions.

Need to know the answers to your challenge questions or can’t recall them? To reset your password, speak with the IT Service Desk.

How To Send a Lecturer An Email From My Ecu Student Account?

Emails should be concise and formal, just like all other forms of communication.

Please be aware that the teaching staff will answer your inquiry within 72 hours (three business days).

Tips for Email Format

  • Send questions to staff members using your student email.
  • Be courteous.
  • Avoid using slang, acronyms, or emoticons.
  • Avoid using uppercase in your email writing since it comes off as shouting.
  • Never send an email when you are furious since the tone of the message often, if not always, reflects the sender’s mood. In these situations, waiting 24 hours is an intelligent suggestion since it gives you time to collect your thoughts and reply appropriately.
  • Using a standard typeface like Arial, email messages should be formatted as simple black text on a white backdrop.
  • Before sending your emails, proofread them.
  • The subject line for emails should be meaningful and contain the unit code.

Note: Emails without a subject line and those sent from non-student accounts like Hotmail or google sometimes resemble online frauds and may go unnoticed by your professors, tutors, or other support staff.

Choose a respectful phrase of address:

  • Use a formal greeting, such as Dear…
  • Title and family name, for example, Instructor Smith
  • Try looking for the staff member’s name in your unit’s staff directory or online if you need to know their name. Use: if you can’t find it. Whoever It May Concern,

Body of The Email

  • Be concise and explicit in your email’s goal.
  • Include any unit codes and information about the test task.

Sign off:

  • Thank you to them
  • Be formal, for example. Best regards. The Name
  • Provide your student ID number and full name.

How To Send a Student Thank You Email

An excellent way to express gratitude for your professor’s time and effort is through thank-you emails.

Include the following in your email of gratitude:

  • The email’s creation date.
  • Your name,
  • The name of the lecturer.
  • The professor’s course that you are enrolled in.
  • The course you found most enjoyable.
  • Explain why you value the professor’s efforts and instructional methods.

The message could go this way:

You could explain to the lecturer how their specific course affected you. You may have enjoyed the lectures, in-class discussions, or readings.

Perhaps the lesson forced you to consider ideas you had never felt before.

Perhaps you found the professor’s comments about your essays helpful.

Due to the clarity of receiving this kind of letter from a student, a professor will find value in a brief note.

Simple School Email Etiquette

Emailing is a communication skill that will help you while you’re still in school and that, once you graduate, could make or destroy your professional career.

Avoid emailing your professor with grade-related inquiries or complaints.
Make a meeting to discuss areas that need improvement if you have any questions.

The message could go this way:

  • You could explain to the lecturer how their specific course affected you. You may have enjoyed the lectures, in-class discussions, or readings.
  • Perhaps the lesson forced you to consider ideas you had never felt before.
  • Perhaps you found the professor’s comments about your essays helpful.
  • Due to the rarity of receiving this kind of letter from a student, the professor will find value in even a brief note.

Consider the impact your tone will have on the reader of the email. You should wait 24 hours before sending or responding to emails if you are upset.


Give yourself enough time to respond. This is true for both the sender and the recipient. The general guideline is 24 hours. After that, if there is no response, you can follow up.


  • Avoid writing in ALL CAPS. It appears as though you are yelling at the receiver when you do this.
  • Show respect to the faculty and other students. Don’t criticize others or draw unwanted attention to circumstances. Golden rule: treat others with respect.
  • Be careful with the formatting. Different special characters, pictures, fonts, etc., could show up on the intended end receivers
  • Employ the right layout and structure.
  • It might be challenging to read text on a screen, so it’s crucial that your email has a clear structure and layout.
  • Make sure your paragraphs are brief, have spaces between them, and use numbers or checkmarks to indicate your arguments.

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How do I access my ECU student email?

Go to and input your complete email address ([email protected]) and Passphrase to access your Piratemail account online.
(If you haven’t already, activate your Pirate ID by going to the Passphrase Maintenance Portal.

How do I find my ECU email?

You log into the Student Portal to access your emails. Choose the “Email” link on the portal’s top area.

Please be aware that before attempting to sign in to your ECU student email account, you must completely log out of any other “Microsoft Live” accounts you might have (such as Hotmail).

How do I set up my ECU email?

Open your student portal and log in.
To sign in, select “Email” and enter your student email address and ECU password.
In the top left corner, select the App Launcher (It is the square-shaped icon made up of 9 dots)
Select the Office 365 link at the very top in the newly created new window.

How do I find my ECU username?

Your letter of admission will contain your PirateID (ECU username). Click “Search” after entering your last name and first name.
Then, your email address will be visible. The part of your email address, omitting the “,” is your PirateID (ECU username).

How do I log into my edu email with Gmail?

Add your school’s email address to Gmail.
Launch the Gmail app.
Access Settings.
Add a user.
Decide on an email provider.
You must enter your university email and password.
Create an account.


The Ecu student email login is an excellent tool for communication between the school, lecturer, and students. It helps the student stay connected with school info.

Students can conveniently keep track of their assignments and notifications by using Ecu Student Email.

We hope you find this article helpful.


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