13 Best Engineering Scholarships in the UK For International Students | 2022

Dreams can be cut short by a lack of finance. In fact, many ambitions and desires do not come into the limelight because of a lack of funds. However, no individual who seeks to contribute to the world as an engineer should let go of such dreams because of finance. There are numerous engineering scholarships in the UK to accommodate all engineering students.

Engineering is an essential field and its graduates continuously research and produce machines that make life easier and simpler. While a lot of formal training is required, creativity and talent play a major role.

Basically, the best in every field of engineering are those who back their creativity and talent with formal education. This, however, is not always obtainable as so many talents are relegated because they lack the finance to perfect their skills through formal education.

In the United Kingdom, education is important, hence, measures are put into place to support young and ambitious talents to realize their dreams of becoming engineers.

This compilation from the World Scholarship Team is for all intending engineers to find a scholarship and achieve their dreams. A summary of this piece can be captured easily if you by taking a glance at the table of contents below.

Who Deserves an Engineering Scholarship in UK?

Scholarships for engineering students in the UK are available to all deserving students. For some scholarships, only students with outstanding academic reports qualify for one, others grant scholarships to students who apply irrespective of their academic report.

In fact, engineering scholarships are for all engineering students especially, those who nurse the ambition but lack the resources. Though each of these scholarship providers states clearly their eligibility criteria, it is in your best interest to ascertain your eligibility before applying for the scholarship.

Interestingly, if you read this article to the end, there is a scholarship for you. One that you must meet its eligibility criteria, so simply apply for one immediately and begin your academic journey.

Why Apply for an Engineering Scholarship in UK?

The United Kingdom offers quality education in a very conducive and friendly learning environment. Most engineering schools in the UK have a very low faculty-to-student ratio.

This makes it possible for students to interact excellently with faculty members. Because they receive the best education, graduates from UK schools experience an inflow of job opportunities upon graduation. Statistics show that most of them earn good money in the early years of their career.

However, this quality of education and learning experience doesn’t come at a cheap cost. International students are more at the receiving end of the financial entanglement involved in studying in UK.

Aside from tuition, students take care of their daily logistics. Because engineering is a very practical course, more money may be required to successfully carry out these engineering practicals.

So, engineering students both at the undergraduate level and graduate level in the United Kingdom need some form of financial aid to aid them to pay the expensive fee that avails quality engineering education.

Are there Mechanical Engineering Scholarships in UK?

Well, mechanical engineering scholarships are solely reserved for only students studying mechanical engineering in an accredited engineering college in the UK.

This simply means that while all mechanical engineering students may apply to all engineering scholarships, not all engineering students can apply for engineering scholarships for mechanical engineering students.

Some of these mechanical engineering scholarships are offered by universities through their colleges of engineering. Below are some of them:

What are the Best Engineering Scholarships in UK?

Like earlier stated in this piece, there are scholarships for all engineering students in UK. Civil Engineering scholarships in the UK are basically for international students studying Civil engineering why women in engineering scholarships are exclusively reserved for female students of engineering in UK schools and colleges.

In this selection of best engineering scholarships in UK, the following were put into consideration:

The amount given to scholarship beneficiaries was put into consideration during this compilation. Fully funded scholarships refer to scholarships for engineering students that take care of all expenses.

This will include tuition, regular fees, accommodation, and living expenses. Obviously, this type of engineering scholarship will top the list.

The higher the number of beneficiaries for any engineering scholarship in UK, the better the position it takes. In a nutshell, engineering scholarships awarding just one student yearly may not be among our best engineering scholarships. This, however, depends on the total worth of the scholarship.

Scholarships in UK for engineering students that have very rigorous and high demanding eligibility criteria to meet up with may take lower positions in this ranking. This, however, depends on the scholarship worth and total number of beneficiaries.

1. Institute Of Mechanical Engineers Awards And Scholarships

Scholarship Worth: £9,000 for MEng and for £6, 000 BEng 

Number of Beneficiaries: Eligible Master’s and Bachelor of Engineering Students

This scholarship for mechanical engineering students in the UK is the best.

In fact, students in undergraduate courses will get £6, 000 BEng in a space of three years, while master’s students will earn £9,000 in two years.

Students are admonished to keep an excellent academic report as the scholarship is renewable yearly. And, only applicants who keep such records will be considered.

Who Should apply for IMechE?

The application is open to all UK residents who will begin a mechanical engineering degree in UK by autumn.

How to Apply for IMechE?

To apply for this engineering scholarship in UK, download the application form and referee request form. While filling out the application, answer questions 9a and 9b correctly.

Submit and attend an interview upon invitation. Application closes June 30, yearly. To apply when the portal reopens click the button below.

2. Whitworth Scholarship Award

Scholarship Worth:  £9,000 

Number of Beneficiaries: All eligible applicants

This scholarship provider awards a whooping £9,000 for four years to deserving students and beneficiaries. Part-time scholarship students get £2,800 a year.

Students who become beneficiaries of this scholarship will enjoy this scholarship for the period their program lasts.

Who can apply for Whitworth Scholarship Award?

  • Outstanding engineers who have recently graduated with an engineering degree.
  • Students who typically have completed at least a two-year engineering apprenticeship before entering an engineering degree-level course.
  • Individuals will obtain admission to or have already commenced, a postgraduate research degree programmme.
  • Students who are British, Commonwealth or European Union citizens, who have been resident in the UK for at least three consecutive years prior to undertaking study in the UK at a College of FE/HE or university before commencing their undergraduate engineering degree.
  • Whitworth Award Holders and Whitworth Scholars can re-apply.

How to apply for Whitworth Scholarship Award?

To apply, fill out the application form and complete the reference request forms on the application page on or before 30th June yearly.

To begin this process when the portal re-opens, click the button below.

3. QUEST Undergraduate Scholarships

Scholarship Worth: £8,000

Number of Beneficiaries: All eligible candidates

Institution of Civil engineers offers scholarships to undergraduate civil engineering students in UK.

This civil engineering scholarship in UK gets sponsorship from civil engineering and construction companies. In addition to the scholarship award, beneficiaries experience practicals by working with the construction companies they have been matched with during the summer holidays.

Most times, these scholars get to join these companies upon graduation.

Who can apply for Quest Scholarship?

Ice Quest scholarship is open to individuals who have shown a demonstratable passion for civil engineering and who understand the current and future challenges in the civil engineering sector.

In addition, applicants must be able academically, with strong leadership skills. In fact, applicants must be starting a full-time accredited civil engineering undergraduate degree at a UK university in September/October 2022.

Only students with predicted A-level grades of ABB or higher will be considered.

How to apply to Ice Quest Scholarship?

To apply for this scholarship, click the button below. However, note you will complete an application form alongside referee forms.

4. Royal Academy Of Engineering Scholarships

The Royal Academy of Engineering scholarships awards two kinds of financial aids to deserving students.

The Engineering Leaders scholarships are exclusively for undergraduate engineering students in the UK who have exhibited what it takes to become leaders in engineering.

This scholarship is usually for engineering students in the UK who act as role models for future engineers.

On the other hand, Sir Ralph Robins Scholarship is open to all engineering students from under-represented or underprivileged backgrounds.

In addition to the scholarship award of £5,000, students are given an additional £5,000 to cover expenses arising from tuition fees and an additional 10-week or one-year paid internship at Rolls Royce plc.

Students who apply to Engineering leadership scholarship can also apply to Sir Ralph Robin’s scholarship.

How to Apply for Royal Academy of Engineering scholarships?

To apply, students must submit a written application. Those who scale this stage will get an invitation to a selection process interview. For more information, click the button below

5. Centennial Scholarships

Scholarship Worth: £4,000

Number of Beneficiaries: All eligible Final Year Undergraduate

This engineering scholarship in UK is open to all undergraduate students who are seeking to study a post-graduate program related to Aeronautical Engineering or Aviation Management.

Basically, this Centennial scholarship is available for International students in the UK. To get more information on the list of colleges available for this opportunity, click the buttons below.

6. IET Power Academy Scholarships

Scholarship Worth: £2,750

Number of Beneficiaries: All eligible undergraduates

The Institution of Engineering and Technology offers a number of scholarships to students at partner universities. The scholarships are offered to encourage students to study engineering in partner universities.

The intention is basically is to cover the skill shortage existing in the power engineering sector.

This engineering is an electrical engineering scholarship for UK/EU students starting commencing an electrical or power engineering course at IET power academy partner university.

The partner universities are:

  • The University of Bath
  • Cardiff University
  • Imperial College London
  • Loughborough University
  • The University of Manchester
  • Newcastle University
  • Queen’s University Belfast
  • University of Southampton
  • University of Strathclyde

How to Apply for IET Power Academy Scholarships?

To apply for this scholarship, students must send in applications before the deadline on  30 October 2022. To begin this process, click the button below.

7. IET Engineering Horizons Bursary

Scholarship Worth: £2,750

Number of Beneficiaries: N/A

The Institute of Engineering and Technology grants scholarships worth £2,750 to students who follow a vocational route into engineering.

Also, students who have overcome obstacles or some challenges to earn a degree in engineering can apply for this scholarship.

Mature, adult and part-time students of engineering can benefit from this feat if they apply in time.

Who Can Apply for IET Horizon Scholarship?

Students who are on IET approved apprenticeship or studying engineering at an accredited university can apply for this scholarship.

How to Apply for IET Horizon Scholarship

Students who are interested in this scholarship must apply for this opportunity before September 10, 2022. To begin, click the button be

8. IET Diamond Jubilee Scholarships

Scholarship Worth: £1,000 per annum

Number of Beneficiaries : Not Specified

To apply for Diamond Jubilee, students must achieve any of the following grades:

  • A Level: A,B,B or above
  • Advanced Highers: A,B,B or above
  • Highers: A,A,A,A,B or above
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma: 36 points or above

How to Apply for IET Diamond Jubilee Scholarships?

To apply for IET diamond scholarship login through the link below, create an account. Applications must be sent it on or before 10th September, 2022.

9. Arkwright Scholarships

Scholarship Worth: £600

Number of Beneficiaries : No Specific Number

You can get a scholarship in the UK to study engineering. The Arkwright Scholarships are basically for students who are studying towards their A-levels Scottish Highers or equivalent qualifications r

To stand a chance of becoming a beneficiary, applicants must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Students must be sitting their GCSEs, Scottish Level 5s, or BTEC Level
  • Applicants must study at sixth form/college, and work towards their A-levels, Scottish Highers, BTEC Level 3 diploma or IBDP.
  • strong desire to pursue a path as a leader within the Engineering profession.

How to Apply for Arwright Scholarship?

Only students for Arkwright partnership schools can apply for this opportunity. Students from schools who are not partners with Arkwright can ask their teachers to complete the school partnership form. To apply, click the button below.

10. Ford Prize for Women in STEM Study

This women in engineering scholarship gets sponsorship form Ford to support female students who are studying at an accredited engineering school in UK.

Who can Apply for Ford Prize for Women in STEM Study?

Female students who are undergraduates at an engineering school in UK. To get information on other women in STEM study scholarships, read this article.

University UK Engineering Scholarships For International Students

Some UK engineering scholarships are offered to deserving and eligible students by some universities. Below is a list of scholarships in the UK for engineering students by reputable institutions who seek to aid students to curb engineering school expenses in the United Kingdom:

  • The University Of Birmingham’s First Class and Enhancement Scholarships
  • The University Of Bristol
  • University Of Edinburgh: School Of Engineering Industrial Scholarships and UK Electronics Skills Foundation Scholarships (UKESF)
  • The University Of Strathclyde
  • The University Of Southampton SUCCESS Scholarships
  • Newcastle University
  • The University Of Manchester

The best university UK scholarships for engineering students include:

11. The University Of Manchester

Scholarship Worth: £6,000 

Beneficiaries: Female Engineering Students

The University of Manchester offers two types of scholarships. The Beatrice Shilling Scholarship is available to only female UK/EU students in University of Manchester’s college of engineering.

Only students who have a conditional or unconditional offer by the end of June in a year are eligible to apply.

Engineering Success Scholarship which is the second type of scholarship at the University of Manchester is not available for students this year.

12. The University Of Birmingham

Scholarship Worth: £3,000

Beneficiaries: International students

This university offers two main scholarships for their School of Engineering students. The First Class Scholarship is available for applicants who have A*AA grades for A-level; an overall IB grade of 32 for International Baccalaureate students.

It is important to note that other secondary school qualifications will also be considered.

The second scholarship for engineering students at the University of Birmingham is the Enhancement Scholarship. Both students from places where participation in higher education is low and UK and EU students are eligible to apply.

13. The University Of Strathclyde

Scholarship Worth: £1,000


The faculty of engineering at the University of Strathclyde offers a wealth of engineering scholarships for both UK/EU and international students.

While some of the scholarships have been listed in this article, visiting the school’s website will avail you of the opportunities to apply to so many other scholarships for engineering students.

Strathclyde scholarship awards range from £2000 per year to about 9,250 per year depending on the type of scholarship.

UK Engineering Scholarships FAQS

How can I increase my chances of getting a scholarship?

To increase your chances of getting a scholarship, you should do the following:
1. Apply to as many scholarships as possible once you are eligible
2. While applying for a scholarship, answer all questions
3. Get involved with community services and leadership roles
4. Get tips on how to win a scholarship
5, Always send in applications before deadlines.

How much does it cost for University in UK?

For English students in the UK, tuition may be as high as £9,250 (~US$13,050) per year while international undergraduate tuition fees start around £10,000 (~US$14,130).

How can I get scholarship for engineering in UK?

To get a scholarship for engineering in UK, you must first find out if you are eligible to apply. Simply visit the UK Council for International Student Affairs as an international student to get started.


Yearly, so many dreams are buried because students lack the financial strength to make it a reality. The UK government and other well meaning citizens of the United Kingdom understand the plight of some students. Hence, they offer financial assistance to students to aid curb academic expenses.

Some of these scholarships are offered to all students. However, this article is a compilation of all the scholarships available for engineering students in the UK.

This simply means engineering scholarships in Uk are for international students who are enrolled in undergraduate, masters, or doctoral level programs in the college of engineering of accredited schools.

While some of them are department specific, others are available to all engineering students and engineering apprentices in the UK.



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