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We all feel gratitude sometimes, especially when people have shown us some acts of kindness or have gone out of their ways to help us. In a bid to show appreciation, we may want to return the favors or acts of kindness, and most often than not, some people want their reciprocation to be accompanied by descriptions of how the kindness has impacted their life. But how does one define gratitude for the purpose of an essay on gratitude? This article offers a full guide on how to write an essay on gratitude.

It is thoughtful and memorable to express your appreciation to someone who helped you or acknowledge someone who went above and beyond for you. Expressions of appreciation are innately motivating for people. Writing an essay to that individual is one approach to show them your thanks. The easiest and most effective approach to express your gratitude to someone is with an essay that is well thought out, well written, and heartfelt.

We have put together a few tips to help you write your gratitude essay either for someone who has helped you in the past or just an essay about your appreciation of life, the universe, or anything else you are grateful for.

How Do I Start Writing an Essay?

Basically, an essay writing process has three main stages:

1. Preparation

This entails deciding on your topic, brainstorming, carrying out your research, and creating an essay outline. Then start writing your first draft.

2. Writing

This entails setting out the main subject of your essay in the introduction. This is the same for the different types of essays; argumentative, narrative, expository, and others. When you have set the subject out, develop and organize it into paragraphs in the main essay body and wrap it up with a conclusion.

When writing your essay introduction, ensure you hook your reader from the first line or paragraph, and you could end the introduction with a brief description of what you will cover in the remaining parts of the essay. This is applicable especially if you are writing a long essay.

When writing your conclusion, ensure it ties together your main points and further shows why your essay is important or personal to you. You must not add new topics, or stories or try to undermine your essay in your conclusion. Also, you must not end your conclusion with phrases like “in conclusion..” or “to sum up…”

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3. Revision

Go over your essay; beginning from the organization or structure, grammar, punctuation, and spellings, and ensure everything is set right.

Why Write an Essay on Gratitude?

Gratitude makes people happy in general. There is even research to support this. When we show our thankfulness, we get psychological benefits.

It matters to the individuals we know to be respected. We offer people a boost that motivates them to keep doing their best when we make it a practice to recognize the things they do well or the ways in which they assist us.

Genuine appreciation makes individuals feel better. At the most fundamental level, it gives us a sense of security, which frees us to perform at our peak. It also gives you energy. When our value is threatened, as it does so frequently, this fear takes over our thoughts and takes our attention away from adding value.

By expressing gratitude to coworkers and friends, you may let them know that your efforts weren’t in vain. Additionally, it’s a gesture that will probably stick in people’s minds and make them think well of you.

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Tips on How to Write an Essay on Gratitude

If you want to write an exceptional essay on gratitude, then follow this essay structure:

Step One:

Think about someone who has benefited your life (whether temporarily or permanently) and whom you respect but may not have adequately appreciated or expressed your gratitude to.

Step Two:

Begin your essay by expressing your gratitude for what they have done for you and how you feel about it. According to Seligman, it “should be concrete. Also, be explicit” and include how often with which you can recall what they did for you for which you are grateful.

While you write this, it may help to reflect on the following questions:

  • How and when did you both meet?
  • What are your earliest memories of your relationship?
  • How was your life at the time?
  • What has that person done for you?
  • How did that make you feel then and now?
  • What do they mean to you?

Step Three:

End your essay with a powerful conclusion. Here, tell how you appreciate what has been done for you, or what gratitude means to you as well as how it has impacted your life – this is especially if you are not writing to a person. Then, summarize the major points that support your appreciation for your gratitude You can end with a positive reflection on your life about how the act of kindness for which you are grateful has positively impacted your life or how practicing gratitude has.

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Free Sample Essay on Gratitude

Before you begin writing an essay on gratitude, you must ensure you understand what gratitude means as well as what it means to you. Also, ensure you understand the value and importance of gratitude.

Typically, your essay on gratitude may not necessarily be to or about anyone. It could be you sharing your opinion on gratitude or narrating the positive effects of gratitude in your life since you began to practice gratitude.

Below is a free sample essay on gratitude;


Gratitude is the most significant human expression that demonstrates that a person is thoughtful and sensitive. We should always show our appreciation when it is called for and reciprocate when the chance arises.


How do I start writing an essay?

Three key points, in that sequence, should be included at the start of your essay: a hook in the introduction that will draw the reader in. The background knowledge is pertinent and necessary for the reader. a thesis statement outlining your key argument or idea.

Why is gratitude important?

Gratitude is regularly and substantially linked to happier lives in positive psychology studies. Gratitude improves one’s ability to experience more joyful feelings, enjoy pleasant memories, maintain excellent health, overcome challenges, and forge close personal bonds.

What gratitude really means?

Being thankful and appreciative are pleasant emotions that are linked to a number of advantages for both mental and physical health. When you are experiencing gratitude, you express your appreciation for something or someone in your life by being kind, pleasant, and generous in various ways.


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