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Take a minute and imagine a world without social media. What does it look like? The topic of Social Media is an interesting subject matter and so is an Essay on Social Media.

Social Media is a global phenomenon that makes virtual communal interaction possible notwithstanding distance or location. It exists in a virtual world creating a medium for various people to connect and grow from all around the globe.

On the outside, social media may seem so positive but there are always two sides to a coin. An essay on social media should contain both advantages and disadvantages and also social media addiction.

Do you want to write an exceptional article on the topic of social media? If yes, you are on the right track to getting the information you need.

In this article, we will be sharing with you effective tips and guide on writing an article as well as samples of a social media article introduction, body, and conclusion.

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Choosing A Topic For Writing An Essay On Social Media

Before you can write an essay on social media, you need to choose from a variety of topics in the social media niche. If you already have one, then that’s great! If you don’t, choose a topic that you want to have your voice heard in, a topic you need to tell.

An essay is a medium to speak out and share your idea so choose a topic that resonates with you or a topic you desire to talk about.

You can choose to write an Essay On Social Media Advantages And Disadvantages or an essay on the effects of fake news on social media. You can also write on social media addiction seeing that it is a controversial one and has become a predominant cause for worry.

Tips For Writing An Essay On Social Media

Essays are fundamental, they can be used to gauge your extent of critical thinking and your ability to transform your thought into a refined written form.

To write an exceptional script on the topic of social media, you need to understand the subject matter beyond the layman’s understanding. It’s important you understand the various topic in the social media essay niche to know the approach you will use.

For instance, for you to write an essay on the effects of fake news on social media or social media advantages or disadvantages, you need to understand the topic.

Before delving into writing an essay, you need to know and understand essay writing tips. With these tips, you will understand how to go about writing a social media essay introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

Here are some of the tips that will guide your essay writing:

Understand And Analyze Your Essay Topic

The first tip in writing an essay on the topic of social media is to understand the topic. You need to understand what the topic implies and what kind of essay is required for such a topic.

However you need to also understand the terms of the essay topic; does it require the content term approach, limiting term approach, or the directive terms approach?

Aside from understanding the term of the essay, you need to understand the formatting or structural requirements. So read the essay topic or question meticulously.

Research Your Topic

After you have understood the scope of the essay topic or even if you didn’t fully understand, you can leverage this tip to gain more clarity. Research your topic, research your questions, and gets the answers you need.

Make use of a valid source of knowledge, you can make use of the library or the variety of information-based online platforms.

Ensure you research meticulously, taking note of the smallest details. There is nothing wrong with having a bulk of information, you can narrow it down as you gain more clarity and understand how you intend to arrange your idea.

Define The Subject Matter Of Your Essay

After you are done with the first research process and have clarity about the topic, you need to define the subject matter of your essay. Here, you need to define your point of view on the topic.

A subject matter definition gives you and even your reader the direction of your essay.

Generally, definition gives clarity.

Engage In A Brainstorm

When you are done with your research, you need to engage in focused and intentional brainstorming.

Recall all that caught your interest during the research process and write it down. Jot down all your take or ideas on the topic even if they are still in an unrefined state.

For ideas that are similar, outline them in a particular group or session.

Put down all your ideas without any limitation, even if they may not be in their best form, just write and let it flow.

Map Out Your Essay Outline

After your brainstorming session, use the rough sketch of your ideas to create an outline for your essay. An outline is a guideline your essay will follow, it contains your headings, main points, sub-headings, etc. An outline is the skeleton of your work, it is a basic determinant of the outcome of your article.

Your Outline should contain your core or main points. It is usually the first sentence or idea of your paragraph that will usher in a flow of ideas.

Mapping out an outline for your essay makes it easier to write about any social media topic, whether it is an essay on social media addiction or the effects of fake news on social media. Whatever it is, an Essay outline enables an easier and more proper essay writing process.

Always map out your essay outline. This brings us to the next tip.

Write Your First Draft

After researching, brainstorming, and outlining, we are at the heart of your writing process. Here you will put down your entire idea, and the products of your research into a more arranged and comprehensible written form.

Your first draft does not need to be so exceptional, it is still in a partial raw form and will is still open to refining. So, just write it all out, you can revisit, make omissions, addition, or correction.

Generally, an essay is divided into three segments: The Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.

You may not need to start from the introduction, as a matter of fact, It does not matter where you start from.

The main thing is to ensure your essay is comprehensible and that the information you are putting down connects the dots of your main subject matter. Avoid going off the road while writing your essay, remain on track, and hit the head.

Add Magical Touch

Everything including your essay needs a magical touch. The magical touch in essay writing is in revisiting, editing, and proofreading your written content.

Some people write their first essay draft, in a carefree manner, they read it once and they are done. No, that’s not how it’s supposed to be if you intend to write an exceptional essay.

The best way to give our essay the magical touch it deserves is to revisit it. The best time to revisit is after some time, it can be some hours, two days, or more.

Give yourself some time away from researching and writing, and allow your brain to rejuvenate and gain new ideas.

Go back to your essay with a fresh mind and new ideas, review it, and edit. You will be amazed at the magical touch this singular act can bring to your essay.

So read your essay aloud, add new ideas or remove that slight glitch.

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Writing a comprehensible essay on social media should be your main goal. Writing an essay is exciting, you can enjoy the entire process if you follow our tips.

To become an exceptional essay writer, it is important to be consistent and practice frequently.


What is social media for essays?

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more are giving people a chance to connect with each other across distances. In other words, the whole world is at our fingertips all thanks to social media. The youth is especially one of the most dominant users of social media.

What are the 10 points of social media?

5 Lines on Social Media
Social media is a powerful platform.
It helps to connect with people.
People can share things through it.
It is a good way to show creativity.
Social media can be a boon or bane

What is social media short paragraph?

Social media is a website that enables users to create or share content on social networks. It is a way to connect with more people virtually. It is a modern way to communicate with people. This social media made our life easier

Why is social media important today essay?

Social media allows the social growth of society and also helps many businesses. It provides tools like social media marketing to reach millions of potential clients. We can easily access information and get news through social media. Social media is an excellent tool for creating awareness about any social cause

What are the benefits of social media?

Social networking services can help young people develop their interests and find other people who share the same interests. They can help introduce young people to new things and ideas, and deepen appreciation of existing interests.


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