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I need someone to write my essay for me! Sounds familiar? Even if you never needed anyone to ask, millions of students did. The number of students all over the world increases every year. It means that the number of those in need of the “write my essay for me free online” help increases too. 

The reasons to put faith in essay writing services

One of many excellent things that the technical progress brought into the student’s lives is the variety of online academic helpers. This business grows rapidly, as more users enter the market daily. The essence is, if you only appeal, where can I pay someone to write my essay – the Web will offer you hundreds of options. 

Why do students entrust such important tasks as their academic assignments to third-party assistants? There are reasons, and, what is even more essential, reputable writing companies match those reasons. 

  • Qualification. When I think I need someone to write my essay, I need a person who should be better than me in writing essays. Decent writing companies whom I pay to write my essay have a staff of competent performers. 
  • Time. In college, I was constantly short of time. To find several hours for writing an essay was a challenge, but it always demanded more time. Full-time specialists whom I hire to write my essay for me free won’t have such problems.
  • Results. Let’s be honest – we aren’t experts in all areas (even me!). I often needed a guarantee of excellent grades, but I wasn’t sure that I could do it myself properly. Then, I started to seek: someone write my essay better than me. 

The conclusion is simple: students turn to academic writing companies because the best teams can and do provide services of high quality. 

What is the reasonable fee for academic paper writing services?

The price is always the deciding factor. Despite understanding that quality has its price, and free service will never be really free, students seek cheaper options. The requests like “write my essay for me cheap” are in Google’s top search keywords. How do the writing companies react to these needs? 

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Actually, the top services can write my essay for me for a cheap price. They charge per page, and most popular assignments, such as essays, aren’t lengthy. Besides, the best teams always offer additional means to reduce the price. It could be a kind of write my essay discount code, or a personal discount activated on-demand. 

As a rule, the average price per one essay page for a college student is about $12-15 under the 7-days deadline. More prolonged timeframes come with even lower rates. It might not be the “write my essay for me for free” option, but the price is reasonable for a standard assignment. 

There are many essay writing services online that will handle all aspects of the writing process including the article submissions, the writing itself and even the editing process.

We are introducing 5 best essay writing services that are trusted by students and popular on Reddit community:


1. is based in London, UK. It is a popular online writing company that suits the “someone to write my essay” needs excellently. It combines the most demanded features: an impressive range of services, modest prices, and an individual approach. The company selects writers according to high standards, ensuring exceptional quality of the results it delivers. 

Why choose

  • Only original essays and other papers.
  • The guarantee of refunds. 
  • Post-delivery revisions for free. 
  • Total protection of the user’s privacy and anonymity. 

The quality-price balance is this company’s evident advantage – you get excellent quality for an affordable price and may not worry about the results. 


It is quite a young but established company. It is extremely user-oriented, offering all kinds of academic essays and other college papers at affordable rates. Though it might not be the “write my essay free” option, its prices are lower than average, and the speed of work is impressive. 

Why choose

  • Free access to essay examples and templates. 
  • Discuss the job with your writer directly. 
  • A short essay can be ready within 3 hours. 
  • Watch your order performance in progress and get it when done immediately. will be the right response when you seek the “write my essay cheap” service. Its standard rates and discounts let you benefit from this service for even urgent tasks. 

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3. is a company that treats the question of originality very seriously. It is not limited to passing the Turnitin check. The writers of this company focus on composing essays that contain original (but grounded) statements, arguments, and conclusions. Working in close cooperation with users, this essay company delivers high-quality, informative, and catchy essays for any topic. 

Why choose

  • No prepayments – you pay only after getting a part of the paper. 
  • Personalized service for every client.
  • Full information about the writers, and you can contact them directly. 
  • The possibility to edit the task requirements and preferences. 

The service composes all the most demanded academic papers, including coursework and homework assignments in all subjects. It offers its customers the opportunity to hire specialists and rely on their qualifications. The results of such cooperation are decent. 


When you see this website as a response to your “I need someone to write my essay” request, you might feel strange at first. The website has a specific design. The variety of colors and fonts seems old-fashioned if you remember those times.

Still, the resource has its distinct features, and you’d hardly mix it with other standard neutral template-based websites. As for the range of services, specializes in all college papers with a focus on essays of all types. 

Why choose

  • The possibility to get a custom price quote before placing the actual order. 
  • Flexible pricing system and reasonable rates. 
  • Different types of assignment help, including complex tasks. 
  • Custom writing and editing services for your needs. 

The standard timeframes allowed for the task performance are from 15 days to 24 hours. The exact turnaround time will depend on the requirements you set for the paper. Considering that turning to such services a few hours before the deadline is not something common, you can turn to with absolute confidence that you will get an essay of proper quality in due time. 


As the name suggests, specializes in providing help with different kinds of papers. The company provides writing services, consultancy, and examples. It covers both the university and professional applications. 

Why choose

  • An impressive record of successful applications. 
  • A team of experienced and highly qualified writers. 
  • Adjusting personal statements for the individual’s skills and advantages. 
  • Discount codes. 

In addition to writing “traditional” for such services essays, research, term papers, etc., also provides assistance with other documents. Among other things, the service has proven itself in the work with personal statements, CVs, cover letters, referrals, and letters of recommendation.

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So with, not only can you graduate with good grades without too much hassle, but also get a job without too much trouble. 

How to choose the right essay writing service

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Research. It is the ultimate answer. It won’t be the right approach to go to the first option suggested by Google for the “someone write my essay for me” request. You might be lucky, but half of an hour of additional examination will definitely bring you more food for thought. 

  • Check the official websites. The most essential factors are the money-back guarantee, customers’ safety, and revisions. Any company that values its reputation, provides these guarantees.  
  • Search for feedbacks and write my essay reviews. Independent reviewing platforms, such as SiteJabber and TrustPilot both provide enough information for analysis. Reddit is also a proper opportunity. You can even ask, who can write my essay for me there. Academic writing companies and freelancers run dedicated threads on Reddit. 

You might need to consider several variants, but that time will be paid off. When you ask the chosen company, help me write my essay for free, you will be sure to get the right response. 

What problems you may face with academic writing services

Researching the companies should not only bring you the best variant to turn to. First of all, it should protect you from making the wrong choice. Some companies fail their users’ trust, providing them with low-quality papers and even plagiarized results. Fortunately, in the era of the Web, all such troubles become public knowledge immediately. 

Final words and tips

Modern students are luckier than we were. They have all the wonders of technical progress by their side. Besides, typing is faster than writing by hand. 

There are much more options to get professional help. At least, you can refer to any of the teams mentioned in this article and wonder, can you write my essay for me? This will do. 

About the author

Ruth Harding is an experienced content writer. During her student days, she had to turn to essay writing services more than once for a variety of reasons. Today, Ruth herself provides help with academic assignments for those who need it.

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