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Are you a lover of “FENCING”, you practice regularly and you want to attend college but don’t have funds? There are a good number of college scholarships for USA students who are fencing sportsmen.

So, don’t panic, we will help you out with great information to win one. Also, you have to be aware that these colleges are currently recruiting athletes for fencing sports.

Of course, we know that the cost of college is as high and scary as we can all imagine and if you have no savings for college, it might just be a little difficult to foot the bills if you have no backup plans.

No! Do not be scared, there are some ways of obtaining fencing scholarships to help you to foot your college fees. However, you have to work for it to maintain the funding.

About NCAA Fencing

The NCAA authorizes each division a university fencing program, 4.5 scholarships for men and five scholarships for women. In Division II, the ratio is 4.5 scholarships for men and 4.5 for women.

As a high school fencer, you should know that the level of fencing in college is very high. I would recommend attending some tournaments to assess the true intensity of fencing at this level. Remember that only the best shooters will be contacted with offers.

Fencing Scouting is very competitive. Explorers are looking for shooters that have a lot of potential for the future. You must attend a fencing camp, as this will increase your chances of being recruited by fencing recruiters.

The fencing training process and management of rules and rules of NCAA and NAIA is a daunting process for both athletes and parents. The use of our sports scholarship recruitment and evaluation service is essential for all athletes who take university fencing seriously.

College Fencing Scholarships

One of the common ways to obtain funding and scholarship for college studies is through sports. As a student, you can obtain a scholarship as a sports student, but you have to be willing to work to maintain it. Academic prowess is one of the keys to obtaining a college fencing scholarships.T he students aiming for fencing scholarships must be academically bright and willing to maintain good grades for most of the scholarships.

Fencing scholarships for college education have been in existence for quite a long time now and are very competitive and offered to the very best of the students.

However, there is a limited scholarship available for fencing resulting from the limited number of schools with a varsity team. (Only the varsity teams are able to qualify for the national championships).

Colleges with Fencing Scholarships

In the United States, the choice of universities is large, but only 45 schools offer “university” fencing programs. The term “varsity” in this context means that they have formal school-sponsored programs in which athletes are potentially able (if they qualify) to compete in the NCAA championships.

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In some cases, these schools are eligible to award athletic scholarships, but we will discuss them later. It is also important to keep in mind that some of these colleges only offer varsity programs for women and, therefore, only send athletes to compete in women’s sabre, foil, and epee at NCAA-sanctioned events.

As in most sports, some schools are constantly competitive and send the maximum number of competitive fencers each year (12 fencers, 2 per weapon, that is, men and women). Without sending a complete “list” of athletes, it is very difficult for the university to compete for the general title of the NCAA team.

Which they determine by the cumulative number of victories of all athletes participating in the National Championships.

Unlike many NCAA sports, fencing is very popular in schools with many sports backgrounds, but also in those that are widely regarded as one of the best academic institutions in the world.

Brendan, very helpful, suggests that most competitive programs can be divided into 4 groups: Big Athletics, Ivy League, Niche Athletics.

  • Brown University
  • Columbia University (with Barnard College)
  • Cornell University (women only)
  • Harvard University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Princeton University
  • Yale University
  • Stanford University

College Fencing Recruiting

Our sports scholarship research and recruitment service can help you apply for NCAA fencing scholarships. He may be the best fencer in his country. But to get the college fencing recruiting process and get support financially in fencing.

He must inform college coaches about his identity and what he can offer in his fencing program.

All college sports scholarships are not complete games, such as basketball and soccer. These we refer to sports. Most are classified as “equivalence” sports, such as college fencing. In simple terms, this means that coaches can “share” their scholarship allocation among more shooters.

This is good news for fencers. If we take women’s fencing as an example, we can see that a coach can divide the five scholarships among more women.

Say partial fencing scholarships of eight women, instead of five full scholarships. Of course, if you are good enough, then a full college fencing scholarship is always in the program.

Fencing Scholarships

Did you know that fencing has been present in universities around the world for at least 500 years? This long history has helped pave the way for fencing competitions in schools across the United States.

Although not as popular as other sports, traditional fencing equipment at the university level offers competitive scholarships. In fact, this unique ability can help fencers not only to win scholarships but also to enter some of the best colleges.

If you plan to continue practicing fencing in college, explore playing for intramural clubs or teams and explore the scholarship opportunities offered by organizations such as the American University Fencing Club Association (USACFC) or the Regional Youth Circuit program.

The list below is full NCAA college fencing scholarships available at various schools.

Absolute Fencing Gear All-Academic Team Scholarship

USA Fencing and Absolute Fencing Gear have come together again to recognize the young fenders who have excelled in high school with the honors of their academic team.

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Athletes with a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.85 (94 or more) may have an appointment to the first student team. An athlete in the second team includes those with a GPA ranging from 3.7 to 3.84 (87 to 93).

They will also recognize athletes with a 3.5-3.69 GPA (80-86) will in the honorable mention team. In addition to the GPA, class ratings will be under review (if applicable).

Only the main traditional academic classes will be taken into account when evaluating the transcripts of the candidates who are at the border between the teams.

Absolute Fencing Gear has also promised $10,000 in scholarships for the Academic Team Program. A male candidate will receive $4,000 each based on their cumulative grade point average and dissertation.

Two additional candidates will receive $1,000 each based on their submitted essays.

Note: A letter of recommendation is required to qualify for the Absolute Fencing Gear Scholarships.

They will start accepting applications for 2022 in early February 2022.

Connor Porter Memorial Scholarship

The Connor Porter Memorial Scholarship was created in 2013 through a generous donation from members of the Connor – Trish and Shannon Porter family.

Two scholarships are awarded annually: $2,000 each for a high school student and a high school student. To be eligible for the scholarship, candidates must be members of USA Fencing and submit a letter of recommendation from a coach, teacher or school administrator.

Grades should not be sent because scores will not be taken into account to determine the winners of the scholarship.

In addition, all candidates must complete an essay each year on a new topic. Applications for 2022-2023 are open in early February 2022.

Eric Wang Memorial Fencing Scholarships

The scholarship is worth 500 dollars which are awarded each year to undergraduates through the Fencing Institute of Texas. This scholarship is awarded to two deserving students.

Applications are accepted from high school seniors or freshmen in college, sophomores or juniors who are enrolled or accepted accordingly at any of the accredited colleges or institutions.

An important document for the application includes two letters of recommendation and attestation to the applicant’s character either from coaches or other fencers.

Applicants also must have experience in fencing. Official scholarship website:

University of Notre Dame Indiana Fencing Scholarship

There is a high-quality fencing sector which is marked with top academic performance at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana. The sector usually produces top graduating students with high academic and athletic results upon graduation.

There is a scholarship available for remarkable fencers with excellent academic records. This scholarship is available to the best and very limited every year.

Stanford University Fencing Scholarship

The scholarship opportunity available at Stanford University in California which is one of the Ivy League institutions is one of the top fencing scholarships. The scholarship is awarded to up to 300 students every year from different sectors of athletics which includes two full rides for men’s and women’s fencing.

Stanford usually produces some of the best fencers in the world in addition to the high academic achievements of fencers. The scholarship involves full-tuition education bills. Beneficiaries are required to match up to the sponsorship both academically and athletically.

The Williams Scholarship Fencing; Reed College – Portland, Oregon

There is an annual fencing tournament intended to award the deserving fencing students with proven financial need, support for their education. This yearly tournament is held at beautiful Reed College.

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The winner and the first two runner-ups who are in need of financial aid will be awarded an award worth 10 000 dollars. For more information, click on the official website below

Columbia University – Herbert C. Spiselman Memorial Endowment for Fencing

This scholarship is available for fencers who are ranked nationally and competing in the World Cups and Work Championship. They are eligible to apply to Ivy League Columbia for the Herbert C. Spiselman Memorial Endowment for Fencing.

These scholarship funds are used for sponsoring the cost of attending these competitions for the athlete. This scholarship is based on outstanding academic and athletic merit. It is awarded to the very best students.

The application is done by contacting the Office of Financial Aid at Columbia University for details on the application and how to go about the application for the Herbert C. Spiselman Memorial Endowment.

A Women’s Fencing Scholarship at Pennsylvania State University

One of the top-ranked fencing programs in the country is one of Pennsylvania State University. They have the scholarship to fund women fencers who have demonstrated outstanding fencing skills in addition to excellent academic records.

The scholarship is provided by an anonymous donor and is worth about 50 000 dollars. The scholarship is awarded based on a competitive process and the beneficiaries are the best of the best women who are able to combine their fencing abilities and academic life to produce outstanding results.

NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship Program

This scholarship is made available for students who are athletic and in the final season of any of the listed intercollegiate athletic competitions including fencing. This scholarship is made available for students with outstanding academic records and excellent fencing skills.

Applicant must have a grade point average of 3.2 and above and must be planning to or already enrolled in a graduate degree for full – time or part-time studies.

This fencing scholarship is very competitive and highly sought after, which makes the selection process rigorous. This scholarship has no restrictions for majors and it is worth 7 500 dollars and is offered one time only.

Applicants must have been nominated by their school or coach and must submit a 200-word statement which must include details of their future goals, their college transcripts, a form of nomination by their school or their coach in addition to three letters of recommendation and attestation of character.

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