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How to find student accommodation in the UK – A Step-by-Step Guide

Being a student has become an expensive business now. While you may already be paying a hefty amount in tuition fees and whatnot, tackling secondary tasks aren’t going anywhere with a clumsy budget. But besides these, one major search that every student must go through once in their life is finding the right student accommodation.

Finding a suitable housing option that you can call ‘home’ during your stay is often the most stressful part of moving abroad. Being a student, you not only have to cater to your studies and travel throughout day and night, getting the right location, price, and great flatmates (if you are comfortable with other living souls) can take ample time if not dealt with correctly.

Every year, we get thousands of emails regarding issues or menial problems related to student accommodations in the UK.

Where should I book my student housing, will student accommodation be available near my university, am I paying attention to all the required details are some of the most common questions of all.

That’s why this year, we have decided to write a resourceful yet compact student accommodation guide for students coming to the UK to help them out finding the perfect location that serves all their needs. Shall we begin?

What are the different types of student accommodation options available?

When the word ‘UK’ strikes your mind, maybe you can imagine the popular red taxis of London or the glazing streets of Newcastle or the long boroughs of Coventry. As the UK is supposedly the multicultural capital of the world, finding a reasonable student accommodation shouldn’t be that hard if you have key points to look at.

For starters, finding suitable student accommodation options in the UK starts with your knowledge of your dream destination’s housing options. You might find it surprising, but the UK government takes immense pride in catering to more than 750,000 international students every year, making them one of the most popular foreign education providers on our planet.

As the numbers grow every summer, the English administration has emphasized more on rental options and student-oriented amenities in the country. As of now, there are five major student accommodation options in the UK. These are – university-managed rooms, studios, en suite, sharing accommodation and PBS.

Let’s discuss each one of these briefly and find out which one clicks your mind.

1. University Managed rooms

Popularly known as the ‘Uni Rooms’, these are dorm-like structures that are pretty famous amongst the sophomores and second-year students.

The primary benefit of living in university-managed rooms is their presence inside the university building that saves a handful of time for students while traversing in and out of their college building.

2. Studios

For many, the studio housing option has played a vital role in ensuring that they still live in their home outside their home. Studio apartments are small one-bedroom and kitchen rooms that are present outside the university building.

These places are more often regarded as the best high-grade room quality choice for student housing options in the urban jungle at affordable prices.

3. Ensuite

En Suite is next level studio rooms that offer advanced student amenities like separate bathrooms, kitchen and bedrooms. One of the major advantages of living in en suite rooms is its privacy, allowing students to live independently and engage in their work with maximum productivity.

4. Sharing accommodation

Sharing accommodation is a further part of university-managed rooms, which are managed outside the university campus.

These accommodation options are viable in medium budget allocation and allow sharing of spaces and attachments between a group ranging from 4-6 people.

Unlike other student accommodation in the UK, sharing accommodation requires you to sign a contract with a tenet or a landlord who entitles you to the ownership of their place for a specified period.

The major benefit of living in sharing housing options is that you can significantly share your rent and other essential expenses and significantly reduce your overall monthly spending. 

5. PBSAs

PBSA or popularly called the Purpose Built Student Accommodation, are such properties in the UK that attract large student flocks after the pandemic.

Their affordable prices, proximity to every major university, and best in class services are the main reasons for their popularity.

You can always check out the latest student accommodation options in the UK here.

Timing is the key

While many students prioritize student visas, immigration and travelling expenses way above on their checklist, many familiar students incur to look for accommodations way after the semester break. The key is to begin your hunt as early as you can.

This is because the student rental market varies so much from city to city across the UK. Based upon average prices, distance from university and quantity vs demand.

For example, in London, the student rental market is short and quite snappy, making it dead-end to search for properties properly until much closer to your moving date.

In major universities, the golden period is to start your search in January. Soon after the New Year Celebration, the prices of the most common student accommodation in the UK are at their most discounted price, giving you access to a full range of accommodation that will be available in the upcoming September session.

Additional costs of renting a property

Many students fall short of their dream student housing options in the UK because of a lack of communication with someone they could trust. While many students would like to telltale you after you reach your university, some basic and additional costs inhibit every rental property.

Without further delay, let us give you a glimpse of some of these essential expenses that can cross your paths as well.

a. The Fees

During your stay in student accommodation in the UK, some fees are added to your bill. While these are only one-time, every student should know their basic average prices and remember that they are negotiable and can be altered for what you hear from your landlord.

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  • Getting references
  • Credit checks
  • Investigating immigration status

All of these keywords may cost your wallet from £223 and vary as you move towards central London.

b. Deposits

There are two major deposit bills for basic housing options in the UK that are to be dealt with. These are often non-negotiable and can be influenced based upon the seasonal rush and the area you live in. The two types of deposits are –

●Tenancy deposit: It is the deposit that you submit to your landlord under the tenant agreement. This ensures that you will stay within the rental rules and be held responsible for breaking your tenancy agreement. For a student property, the average tenancy deposit can therefore be:

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  • -£563 in London 
  • -£381 in the rest of the United Kingdom

●Holding deposit: This is often called the ‘First Month’ rent payment, which starts with your stay in the property. Furthermore, all landlords will take your signature over the rental agreement against a small fee of £100-500, which is refundable after leaving your property over the fixed period.

c. UK Guarantor

A UK Guarantor is a person who takes the ‘MiddleMan’ position between you and your landlord. The administration panel allows every student to take the help of a UK Guarantor responsible for making sure that you conduct your tenancy properly and submit rent on your behalf if you can’t do so.

For more information, visit

Basic things every student should keep in mind before booking student accommodation in the UK

-Set aside a monthly budget for your accommodation

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  • Food and other eatery shopping – £90
  • Local Transport – £40
  • Books and stationery – £35-40
  • Internet and mobile phone – £28-37
  • Social and leisure activities – £80-100

Many students studying abroad try to manage their monthly expenses under an amount and set aside individual costs for each spending section. Including accommodation, various things require attention and minimal regular spending.

To help our readers, here are the top average spending structures that every UK student incur too.

-Choose your accommodation option near your University

It is vital to decide on a location that falls within the vicinity of your University. Finding student accommodation near your University can be tedious.

Still, if you consult with some established websites and portals early, the chances are that you can land in a safe spot in terms of deposit and other relevant expenses.

-Read all legalities carefully before signing

Finally, it is crucial to make sure your landlord is in resonance with your terms and conditions. While many of them do so, there can be quiet characters who can take advantage of your nobility and lack of ground knowledge of the new country.


So this is it. We have covered all the essential points that every student can and should consult before booking student accommodation in the UK. As many of these points are narrated way before you leave your home by your elders, having them in the back of your mind will reflect confidence and independent nature during your stay.

How can Amber student help you?

We at Amber student are devoted to giving you the best experience and option for student accommodation worldwide because we apprehend its value. We have upgraded ourselves continuously with the COVID policies and would be more than eager to assist you in those.

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