8th Annual Millennium Oceans Award 2022

Application for 8th Annual Millennium Oceans Award 2022 is ongoing!

The Millennium Oceans Prize is returning for its eighth year to support and celebrate students who are passionate about conserving, protecting, and sustainably using oceans, seas, and marine water and life.

About 8th Annual Millennium Oceans

The Millennium Oceans Prize targets Sustainable Development Goal 14 by celebrating youth activists who are focused on enriching their communities through advancing marine and freshwater conservation and sustainable use of marine resources.

8th Annual Millennium Oceans- Benefit

Prize winners will receive mentorship and a $5,000 prize for the implementation of a concrete campaign idea to spark change and garner support in advocacy, policy, and leadership for oceans and freshwater systems.

Throughout the 2022-2023 academic year, the Millennium Oceans Prize Winner will have the opportunity to rally their peers around conserving and sustainably using the oceans, seas, and marine resources for sustainable development.

Submissions should demonstrate the ability to galvanize peers and sustain active engagement for a full academic year. Although the campaigns will be time-bound, their impact should pave the way for the next series of student movements to transpire.

If you wish to submit a project idea, please answer the following questions. Note that only undergraduate students are eligible to apply.

PART 1: Personal information

To start, you have to submit your information to confirm your eligibility.

Application Deadline

The deadline for entry submission is not announced yet.







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