Climate Tracker/Solutions Journalism Network Reporting Grant- 2022

Application for Climate Tracker/Solutions Journalism Network Reporting Grant- 2022 is ongoing!

In collaboration with the Solutions Journalism Network and in support of our alum fellow and current 2022 LEDE Fellow – Mavic Conde – we’re excited to open this call for applications to win a Solutions Reporting Grant, with emphasis on stories related to agriculture and farmer-led sustainable agricultural practices, food systems, and land rights.

What’s best is that we’re not only looking for print journalists. If you’d like to create a photo essay, mini-documentary, radio/podcast script, etc, then this one’s definitely for you. 

Grantees will receive the following:

  1. USD 250 stipend.
  2. Climate reporting training from Climate Tracker.
  3. A lecture on Solutions Journalism 101 with Portia Ladrido, co-founder of Inkline, a UK-based solutions-oriented news site
  4. Reference materials about Solutions Journalism: Its four pillars and actual (agriculture/food systems/climate) story samples
  5. Online consultations throughout the story production process with Mavic Conde, who is currently one of the 2022 LEDE Fellows at the Solutions Journalism Network

Through this, grantees will be able to produce vetted climate solutions stories that will be added to the Solutions Journalism Story Tracker and to Climate Tracker’s website, as well as talk about the story they produced through a webinar.

Who is eligible for Climate Tracker/Solutions Journalism Network Reporting Grant?

We’re particularly looking for agriculture and environment reporters who want to produce a climate solution story about community-based food systems and have previously produced at least two relevant stories. 

  • This grant is open to reporters from across the Asia region 
  • Reporters from Sri Lanka, India, and China are especially encouraged to apply 
  • 2-3 years reporting experience 
  • Published stories about: agriculture, crop diversity, petrochemical impacts on the environment, socio-economic outcomes of the global food systems, alternative approaches like agroecology, or circular economy
  • Interested in climate reporting
  • Want to learn about solutions journalism and put it into practice 

Great, so how do I apply?

It’s really simple, but we do encourage you to pay attention to the details and make your pitch as holistic as possible. The deadline for submission is on March 25. Submit your application through the form below

Expected output/commitments from grantees: 

  • To produce vetted climate solutions stories by June 2022 after participating in the training sessions for climate reporting and solutions journalism. 
  • To participate in one of the webinar series in the second part of this project, which will be held in July-December

Application Deadline

The nomination period ends on March 25.







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