DT4A Innovation Challenge 2022

Application for the DT4A Innovation Challenge 2022 is ongoing!

What is the DT4A Innovation Challenge?

The DigitalTransport4Africa (DT4A) Innovation Challenge is an initiative by WRI Africa, supported by AFD.

The aim is to support organizations and initiatives, from private companies to universities and NGOs, that are contributing to the movement for open data across the region and improved planning and implementation of sustainable mobility, particularly of the paratransit or informal transport sector. Activities might include:  

  • Promoting paratransit in African cities through open data and mapping 
  • Enabling the improvement of transit services, especially informal public transport 
  • Curtailing growing transport emissions, improving safety and increasing access to opportunities 
  • Providing hands-on experience with open data principles to the large and diverse network of city authorities, residents, universities, private technology companies, and international development groups engaged in urban mobility  
  • Sharing knowledge to strengthen cross-sectoral collaboration at the local and regional level 

Moreover, WRI and AFD seek initiatives that align with SDG 11.2 and the Sustainable Mobility for All vision: 

  • Universal Access – Connecting all communities, with an emphasis on vulnerable groups including women and children, people living with disabilities and those living in extreme poverty, to the necessary opportunities and resources of urban life.   
  • Efficiency – Improving the reliability, affordability, and quality of public transport services inclusive of all formal, semi-formal and informal transit providers.   
  • Safety – Greatly reducing traffic-related fatalities, injuries and crashes   
  • Green – Minimizing the negative environmental impact of mobility, which includes greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. 

Please consult the FAQs and the Terms and Conditions before you apply.  








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