Mid Career Fellowship 2022

Application for the Mid Career Fellowship 2022 is live!

No challenge in today’s society stands in isolation. The interconnected nature of our world means that a global pandemic influences the world-wide supply chain. Climate change impacts economic growth and decline. Digital divides contribute to societal unrest, and societal unrest leads to digital divides.

Anticipating, adapting to and embracing change brought on by technological advancement requires far greater understanding of the myriad of interconnected forces that shape our societies and economies.

The Mid Career Fellowship provides today’s leaders with the know-how to navigate volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, knowing that their purpose, livelihood, and organizational goals are influenced or impacted by the Internet.

About Mid Career Fellowship

The Mid Career Fellowship is a unique opportunity that offers 15 Fellows unparalleled access to world-class educational institutions and experts in a seven-month program, from June through December. It equips global mid career Internet champions with the knowledge, skills, and tools to enable inclusive, innovative, holistic, and strategic leadership.

The fellows work throughout five modules which have live lectures and assessments and culminate in a symposium to showcase the work they’ve completed. The program also includes seminars on trends, such as digital geopolitics and leadership in VUCA environments, practical case studies and cross-sector networking.

The core content areas covered are: the Internet Critical Properties and Enablers, Digital Transformation and Key Internet Issues, Digital Futures and Strategic Foresight, Systems and Design Thinking, and Leadership and Decision-making.

Mid Career Fellowship- Eligibility

Candidates must be mid career professionals in leadership roles, working in the Internet ecosystem in a technical, policy, economic, or social capacity. They are welcome to apply if they:

  • Have at least 10 years of relevant experience, including leading or managing teams and/or projects, in the Internet space in a technical, policy, economic, societal, or other capacity.
  • Currently work in a position/organization that is addressing digital challenges or facing digital disruption and transformation.
  • Want to solve problems, work in multi-stakeholder and multi-disciplinary teams, and acquire new knowledge and skills.
  •  Want to ensure that the Internet remains open, globally-connected, secure, and trustworthy.

In addition, candidates must:

  • Have reliable access to a broadband Internet connection and relevant devices.
  • Be able to fully participate in the seven-month experience which requires a commitment of approximately six hours a week.
  • Have a proficiency level in verbal and written English.
  • Be Internet Society members

How to Become a Fellow

1. Review the full requirements and eligibility to ensure that you are a good fit for this program.

2. Become a member (if you are not already).

3. Submit an online application

The Mid Career Fellowship is only available to Internet Society members. Not a member yet? Take just a few minutes to join.

After becoming a member of the Internet Society, candidates must complete the Online Application Form.

Candidates are reviewed confidentially through a multi-step evaluation process by the selection committee. The committee attempts to achieve professional, geographical, and gender diversity in the overall selection.

Application timeline

  • 4 April 2022: Application submissions open
  • 4 May 2022: Application submissions close
  • May – June 2022: Fellows selection
  • Mid-June 2022: Cohort kick-off
  • Mid December 2022: Symposium







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