Universität Leipzig Joint MA & PhD Peace and Security in Africa Scholarships 2023

Application for Universität Leipzig Joint MA & PhD Peace and Security in Africa Scholarships 2023 is ongoing!

Who is eligible for Peace and Security in Africa Scholarships?

Talented students who finished their first academic degree in social science, political science, history, international relations, law, humanities and economics with good or very good results.

Students applying for this programme should have an interest in conflict prevention, peace, and security, and global affairs. Applicants need to have finished their Bachelor degree. 

Universität Leipzig students are quick learners and distinguish themselves by displaying outstanding analytical skills and refined sensitivity towards conflictual topics. Students are guided by professors and staff, but venture out independently to explore new research avenues.

Universität Leipzig students are from diverse backgrounds engaging in lively debates and approaching topics from different perspectives.

They work together in groups and become cultural mediators with a high degree of mutual respect. Due to its unique composition of students this programme provides a learning environment that emphasizes jointness – the learning from and with each other.

Peace and Security in Africa Scholarships- Application Documents

Admission Criteria

  • academic excellence
  • motivation, academic potential, and recommendation letters
  • match of previous degree with our Master’s course
  • work experience and professional qualification
  • language skills

Application Documents

  • application form
  • certified copy of high school leaving certificate
  • certified copy of university diploma
  • a certified transcript of records issued by prior university
  • English test results if English was not the language of instruction at your previous university
  • curriculum vitae (two pages)
  • letter of motivation
  • copy of passport

Admission Documents

Once admitted, upon enrolment we need:

  • certified hard copy of high school leaving certificate
  • a certified hard copy of university diploma
  • certified hard copy of transcript of records

Admission Process

  • academic committees evaluate applications 
  • letters of admission are issued 
  • programme starts October 1.

Application timeline

The deadline for applications is February 15, 2023.







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