Right Livelihood College RLC International Workshops for PhD Students(Fully-funded) 2022

Application for the RLC International Workshops for PhD Students is currently on!

About the Award 

PhD students, distinguished scientists, and practitioners will be participating together with Laureates of the “Alternative Nobel Prize”. The workshop language will be English.

There is a myriad of environmental conservation projects and initiatives worldwide aiming at the responsible management and use of the environment and its resources.

Starting from the promotion of sustainable land, soil, and water use practices, via mushrooming new and larger Protected Areas such as Biosphere Reserves, Forest Priority Areas, and Conservancies, to economic approaches such as Payments for Ecosystem Services.

Many of them are strongly trying to include concepts of participation and sustainability as discussed by academia and non-state actors alike. However, global environmental destruction and resource depletion are still ongoing with catastrophic impacts.

People living in rural parts of Africa, Asia, and Latin America, for example as smallholders, pastoralists, or indigenous forest users, who directly depend on their surrounding environment and its resources, are on the one hand ‘target groups’ of such projects, and on the other hand most vulnerable to socio-ecological changes and risks compromising their livelihoods.

How are such projects and initiatives locally embedded? How can win-win situations be created? What approaches qualify as ‘best practices’ and what are the challenges for upscaling? What is the role of non-state actors? What does all that concretely mean to certain groups of local communities, and more generally, the future of rural development in Africa, Asia, and Latin America?

Upon this backdrop, the workshop will thematically focus on local level empirical PhD research in rural areas in Africa, Asia and Latin America. PhD students will have the opportunity to present and discuss their own research work in a cohesive transdisciplinary way by building on each participant’s expertise and experiences.

RLC International Workshops- Objectives

The workshop targets the following objectives:

  • to strengthen knowledge and understanding of concepts and methodological approaches related to environmental conservation and local communities as well as nonstate actors,
  • to critically assess different pathways of environmental conservation and its actual and potential contributions with particular focus on local communities and non-state actor actions and involvement,
  • to present own case studies from Africa, Asia and Latin America, and to showcase projects considered successful,
  • to promote transmission of expertise and experience as well as networking between PhD students, “Alternative Nobel Prize” Laureates and other experts working on the topic around the world.

How to apply for

Your application should consist of:

  1. Completed online application form: rlcbonn.limequery.com
    This application will include:
    a. English abstract of your PhD project (not more than 300 words)
    b. CV
    c. Certificate of full Covid-19 vaccination (authorized by EMA) or recovery

Application Deadline

The deadline for entry submission is March 16, 2022. Selected participants will be informed by March 23, 2022

The workshop will take place in Bonn from May 7 (arrival date) to 12 (departure date), 2022.







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