20 Free Online Nutrition Classes

Never has nutrition been highly discussed like we sing the praises now. I guess it is because most people are enlightened that what they eat affects their health and lifestyle.

Jobs around nutrition in the Western world are highly sought after, and if you know their onions in nutrition, you could make a billion bucks treading through the career path you love.

But, if money poses a great challenge, this article would talk about the free online nutrition classes you can take online and manifest as a pro.

What is Nutrition?

Nutrition revolves around the various nutrients people require to stay healthy and how eating affects our physical and mental welfare.

In nutrition, you can examine everything from the scientific principles underlying nutrition to recipes and meal plans that can prevent specific ailments when studying nutrition.

Why study an online Nutrition course?

The food we eat plays a role in development, reproduction, wellness, and disease. Hence, our lives are significantly impacted by the food we consume.

An online nutrition course is more beneficial if you already have a basic understanding of nutrition.

And by enrolling, you can discover how to use food as medicine in medicine. You can also choose your work hours and schedule other times you have to run around for your other obligations.

Can I learn about Nutrition online?

You can launch into the science of nutrition through nutrition classes and develop your knowledge and abilities to support practical training.

These nutrition classes are mostly online; if you have access to a digital device, you can learn about nutrition anywhere in the world.

Is it Hard to study the best free online nutrition classes?

If you have an unflinching passion for scientific procedures and enjoy eating well, then it won’t be hard for you to study them.

Anyone can study nutrition, and the advantages of understanding how to keep a balanced diet will last the rest of your life. 

As a beginner, intermediate, and advanced individual, there is always something for you to learn and benefit from.

20 Free Online Nutrition Classes in 2023

Below are the free online nutrition classes you can enroll in 2023.

#1. Wholesome Nutrition: Nutrition Supplements

The core of this free online nutrition class is centered around the quality of supplements and their thoughtful, individualized small-scale use.

Anyone who wants to learn more about themselves in the long run, has an interest in nutrition and health, and intends to stop doing things the conventional way is the one who should enroll in this online class.

#2. Diploma in Diet and Nutrition

Did you know a certificate in nutrition and dietetics could enhance your resume? Now that you know, you can enroll in this free online nutrition class that welcomes both novice and seasoned students worldwide.

This advanced course explores the fundamentals of nutrition and dietary balance, the fundamentals of healthy eating, the origins and effects of eating disorders, how nutrition supports the immune system, and even more.

It is made up of nine in-depth modules with online examinations. Whether you are trying to take your career to the next level or have the knowledge, this free online course will assist you accordingly.

#3. Introduction to Human Nutrition – Revised

You will understand nutrition comprehensively and learn to make informed decisions about the food you consume daily by taking this free introduction to human nutrition course online.

By the end of this course, you will be better prepared to formulate a balanced diet and grasp nutrition’s role in individual health.

The issue of ongoing scientific research and practices regularly reported to the public will also be covered in this course.

#4. Human Nutrition – Introduction to Macronutrients

The first section of this free online course will cover carbohydrates, the various chemical compounds associated with them, and how they are produced in living things. 

You will discover the three types of sugar in alcohol and their key benefits here.

Additionally, it will talk about the two types of proteins because understanding the vital nutrients for human life and health in food is important.

#5. Introduction to the Role of Nutrition in Human Health

In this free online nutrition course, you will study the relationship between food and nutrition and their crucial role in preserving human health. 

This online nutrition class starts by reviewing the different nutrients and dietary fiber types. And, if you wish to comprehend the significance of FD in sustaining health, this online course will be more helpful to you.

Learn everything there is to know about food, nutrition, and human health now.

#6. Food as Medicine: Fertility and Pregnancy

This free online course researches more on how nutrition affects fertility and pregnancy. It covers topics that include what you would need through pregnancy and how to maximize gestational weight growth.

This is one class you shouldn’t miss in your quest to seek knowledge. Click the enroll button below and join other students to learn about nutrition.

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#7. Introduction to Nutrition and Food Safety

As an adult, this is the best online class to take you through the fundamentals of nutrition and how to include a balanced diet.

You’ll also learn about the health issue that might result from poor dietary decisions, including how to spot dangerous food additives and their health dangers.

#8. Nutrition and Wellbeing

With the help of this free online nutrition class, you can demystify the complicated and complicated messages you encounter. It will help you learn how to analyze nutrition information and use it to improve your diet.

This free online course discusses everything from superfoods to diet and illness, the rationale for human nutrition in science, contemporary debates, and concepts in nutrition.

After completing this online class, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe the theoretical underpinnings of human nutrition
  • Enumerate the elements of a wholesome diet
  • Describe the tenets of a healthy diet
  • Evaluate the foods you are eating
  • Cite effective instances of an evidence-based study
  • Make your own Body Mass Index calculation (BMI)

#9. The Ultimate Nutrition Certification Course

Along with the physiological impacts of tailored diets for various biological requirements, this online nutrition class covers the biochemistry of foods and nutrients.

Upon completing this online course, you could name the roles and sources of nutrients, the digestive processes, and the dietary needs of all age groups.

#10. Weight Loss: Nutrition, Lose Fat, Eat Healthy & Set Goals

There’s no better course to show you how to manage your diet to live a better lifestyle. This online course will teach you:

  • Information on healthy eating concepts
  • Macronutrients Calorie Counting Healthy Eating vs. Dieting
  • Developing a Personal Improvement Mindset
  • Setting Goals and Creating Healthy Habits
  • What to Eat, How to Eat, and Which Foods Are Healthy
  • How To Eat Well
  • The 90% Principle
  • How to Read Nutrition Labels, What to Put in Your Fridge, and Supplements

Enroll immediately to take charge of your diet and live a better lifestyle!

#11. Nutrition Certification In Supplements & Diet Planning

In this course, you’ll go through every single step to create the ideal stack and achieve your dietary objectives, whether to lose fat, gain muscle, or live a better life.

So, if you want to know what food you should take to improve your performance, feel more energized, and live healthier, do not sleep on this free online course.

#12. Nutrition and Lifestyle in Pregnancy

One of the best methods to support the healthy development and growth of the unborn child is to maintain a healthy nutritional status and way of life both before and during pregnancy.

This online course would examine and walk you through how to attain a healthy diet and way of life before conception and offer suggestions for pre-conception.

Interestingly, it will provide a guideline for a healthy pregnancy and ensure the best outcomes for both mother and unborn child.

#13. Eating Disorders (Short Course)

Consider the causes and triggers of prevalent eating disorders while learning how various eating disorders affect the health and wellness of individuals afflicted.

With the help of this free online nutrition class, you can develop the information and abilities required to advance your career.

#14. Nutrition and Health: Food Safety

In this nutrition and health course, you will learn about the risk factors related to food. You will receive the knowledge and skills necessary to evaluate and quantify potential risks.

Food safety, the consequences of food processing, shared responsibility in the food chain, and the avoidance of food poisoning are all topics you’ll study.

Finally, you will understand how various risks are evaluated in a modern way.

#15. Food as Medicine

Are you curious about how food might be medicine? 

This three-week online nutrition course will teach you about food’s role in promoting health, and that will help you have a better hold on the power of nutrition.

You’ll also be taught how food can be crucial for maintaining preventative health and how to manage some chronic conditions in the present, past, and future.

After that, you’ll discover how to incorporate mindfulness into interacting with food.

#17. Nutrition and Cancer

You can find the top free online nutrition classes on edX, where over 70 million students register for these courses.

While the nutrition and cancer course aims to provide students with an overview of the connection between cancer and the food we eat, it discusses the WCRF/IARC evidence-based recommendations to prevent cancer.

Price: Free
With a price, yes. Certificate
Time Required: Five Weeks
Education: Intermediate

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#18. Child Nutrition and Cooking

One of the many nutrition resources is Child Nutrition and Cooking. 

There are five modules offered by Stanford University with instruction provided by Maya Adam, MD, concentrating on the following:

  • The rise in childhood obesity; • What makes a balanced meal;
  • Buying groceries, preparing wholesome meals, and packing lunches
  • Nutrition labels, taste, and sustainable eating, including how to get kids interested in gardening

Price: Free
Time Required: Nine Hours
Coursework: Introduction

#19. Nutrition and Health: Human Microbiome

Who wouldn’t want to know the connection between their gut microphone and overall health? Here in this online nutrition class, you’ll go over topics like;

  • Studying the microbiome
  • The influence the microbiota has on one’s health
  • The relationship between the microbiota and healthy aging
  • Genes
  • Diet
  • The significance of comprehending the microbiome for organizations

#20. Diet & Nutrition Coach Certification: Create Diet Plans, Coach Others & Build Your Business

You can begin your journey towards becoming a wellness coach by enrolling in this thorough certification program provided by Skillshare. Condensed with over 71 lessons that would take about three hours to complete, it will instruct you on the following;

  • How you can enroll in this course and others for free during the company’s two-month trial term
  • How to create a balanced food plan, making it appropriate for both novices and more advanced students

However, you must register for a Skillshare premium account to access this free online nutrition course.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do free online nutrition courses take?

Most nutrition-related online courses are self-paced. So, how long you take to finish each one will depend on your schedule and initiative.

Do free online nutrition classes have set start times?

Online classes often don’t have start and end timings.

Do free nutritional courses pay off?

Definitely! Whatever your primary objective, learning about the foods you eat and how they affect your health is a win-win because nutrition affects everyone, who they are, regardless.

What are the prerequisites and requirements?

There is no requirement to enroll in a free online nutrition course. However, you should know your way around a computer.


If breaking into the nutrition industry is your goal, attending a few free online classes will help you decide whether this is a career path you want to pursue before investing in paid education.

If you’re already in the field, taking any free online classes listed above won’t be a bad way to hone your skills.



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