15+Scholarships for Gabon Students to Study in Singapore

Learn about the latest scholarship and scholarship updates from Gabon and find ways to finance your academic expenses. These scholarships are available for students from Gabon, as well as for students from other African countries to continue their studies.

Explore the best undergraduate, masters, and doctoral scholarship programs that you can. The following list of scholarships in Singapore allows students to study in Gabon and abroad.

Artificial Intelligence Research Fellowship in Singapore

Applications are invited for the National Research Foundation Fellowship from Researchers to allow them to carry out research in artificial intelligence. The scholarship is available for international students.

The goal of the award is to attract and recruit outstanding young researchers from around the world to conduct independent and powerful research on AI in Singapore.

Scholarship Worth: A five-year research grant of up to $ 3 million SGD, including the freedom to carry out innovative research at the host institution of your choice in Singapore.

Level/Field of Study: The Fellowship is awarded in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Eligible Nationalities: Scholarship for Gabon students to study in Singapore, students from African countries, and other international students.

Asian Civilizations Museum Research Fellowship Grant for International Students

The Asian Civilization Museum (ACM) is pleased to announce postdoctoral scholarships to study in Singapore. This scholarship is available for international students. Fellows abroad will receive a one-time resettlement grant of S $ 3,000, including a huge sum compensation.

The relocation assignment will be forwarded to the investigator within the first week after the start of the scholarship.

Scholarship Worth: The monthly stipend for foreign researchers is S $ 5,000. Foreign researchers also receive a one-time grant of S $ 3,000 as a relocation grant. The researchers based in Singapore will receive a monthly stipend of S $ 3,500.

Research fellows will pay taxes for all stipends received during the scholarship, including the transfer of assignments.

Level/Field of Study: Postdoctorate program in the field of Material Studies, Material Culture Studies, Museological Studies, Trade, Singapore Community Heritage, Peranakan / Mixed heritage Research, Cities/Urban Studies, Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Eligible Nationalities: Scholarship for Gabon students to study in Singapore, students from Africa and other international students.

Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowships at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore

The presidential postdoctoral fellowships provide opportunities for early-stage scientists, engineers and academics from Singapore and around the world to conduct independent surveys in all disciplines of the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), often considered the most research-intensive university in Asia.

Scholarship Worth: A two-year research grant of up to $200,000, An annual salary of up to $80,000

Level/Field of Study: Postdoctoral program available for engineering, science, business, humanities, arts, and social sciences.

Eligible Nationalities: Students from Gabon, African students, and International students

Fully Funded A*STAR Computing and Information Science (ACIS) Scholarship in Singapore

The new A*STAR Computing and Information Science (ACIS) Scholarship is now available on offer to pursue a Ph.D. in computing and information science (CIS) disciplines. This scholarship is available to Singaporeans and other nationals intending to take up Singapore citizenship.

Scholarship Worth: The scholarship is a Fully-sponsored scheme

Level/Field of Study: Ph.D. programs and scholarships are awarded in computing and information science (CIS) disciplines.

Eligible Nationalities: Gabonese students, African students, International students

Application Deadline: For August intake, 31 December of the preceding year, while for January 31 July of the preceding year.

SG LEADS Postdoctoral Fellowship at National University of Singapore

Applications are invited for a postdoctoral fellowship – Singapore Longitudinal Development Study at the National University of Singapore. The position is for leading scientists from around the world working on a longitudinal study on child development in Singapore.

Scholarship Worth: The sum total value of this scholarship is worth over S$8,479,995.

Level/Field of Study: Postdoctoral program. The position is meant for outstanding active researchers from around the world to come to Singapore and work on a longitudinal study on childhood development.

Eligible Nationalities: Gabonese students and other international students

Application Deadline: March 18th every year.

Singapore Management University Overseas Postdoctoral Fellowship (OPF) to Study Abroad

The University of Management of Singapore is launching a call for applications for a postdoctoral fellowship abroad (OPF) in a foreign university for one year.

The objective of the OPF is to provide PhD students who are about to completed or have completed their studies opportunities to carry out advanced training and/or research at a foreign university for one year.

Scholarship Worth: The Fellowship provides Monthly stipend, Overseas maintenance allowance, Return economy airfare, Conference and fieldwork grants, Overseas medical insurance.

Level/Field of Study: Postdoctoral program in the following fields of study, Accountancy, Finance, Marketing, Strategy, Operations Management, Organizational Behaviour, and Human Resources, Economics, Information Systems, Law, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology.

Eligible Nationalities: International students. Gabonese students can apply.

Application Deadline: Applications can be submitted throughout the year, but applicants are recommended to submit at least nine months before the scheduled start date of the graduate training.

National University of Singapore Ph.D. Scholarship for International Students

The Doctoral Scholarship at the National University of Singapore is awarded to talented students with innovative and high-caliber doctoral research skills.

The objective of the National University of Singapore is to attract and train international students of science and engineering to create and direct technology companies through the Singapore PhD Scholarship.

Scholarship Worth: The scholarship is a merit-based full tuition-free opportunity for successful applicants.

Level/Field of Study: The scholarship is available for a study program at a Ph.D. level

Eligible Nationalities: The doctoral scholarships are opened to International students

Application Deadline: December 15th every year.

Lassalle future leadership

In recognition of exceptional academic excellence, leadership potential and a passion for creativity and innovation, Lassalle offers several scholarships to new and current students.

Scholarship applications are open from March to May for new students. Other scholarships sponsored by third parties are also available to students.

Scholarship Worth: The Lassalle Scholarship is worth 10, 000 Singaporean Dollars

Level/Field of Study: This is a bachelor/undergraduate scholarship, designed for students in the fields of Arts and Creative Studies.

Eligible Nationalities: Lassale future leader scholarship is an international scholarship awarded by the Lassalle college of the art Singapore. Students from Gabon are eligible to apply as well as other international students.

Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA)

The Singapore International Graduate Award is a collaboration with the Science, Technology and Research Agency (A * STAR), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), National University of Singapore (NUS) and the University of Singapore technology and design. This is another very lucrative scholarship for Gabonese students in Singapore.

Eligible Nationalities: The program that is hosted in Singapore is for PhD students and is available for international students. Gabon students are eligible.

Application Deadline: 1st of June every year.

INSEAD-Syngenta MB scholarships for developing country leaders

Applications have been requested for the INSEAD-Syngenta MBA scholarships for leaders from developing countries. Syngenta is a leader in the agri-food sector committed to sustainable agriculture through innovative technologies and research. The company is a leader in crop protection and ranks third in the high-value commercial seed market.

Scholarship Worth: The value of INSEAD-Syngenta MBA Scholarship is estimated at €22,500

Level: The scholarship is for students pursuing a Master in Business Administration (MBA)

Eligible Nationalities: Gabonese students. International students are eligible to apply too.

INSEAD Nelson Mandela Endowed MBA Scholarships (Up to €20,000) for Africans to study in France and Abu Dhabi

INSEAD grants are highly sought after sources of financial aid. They are among the best-paid scholarships for Gabonese students in Singapore.

Scholarship Worth: Grants are valued at 20,000 euros.

Level/Field of Study: The opportunity is opened to students pursuing their MBA

Eligible Nationalities: Gabon students are invited to apply

INSEAD Olam MBA Scholarship for sub-Saharan African students

Applications are ongoing for the INSEAD Olam MBA scholarships for African students. Applicants will be judged on the quality of their scholarship tests and the extent to which they meet the eligibility criteria.

Scholarship Worth: The worth of the opportunity accrues up to 73,000 Euros

Level: The scholarship is for the pursuit of a Master in Business Administration.

Eligible Nationalities: is located in Singapore and is open to international students. Gabonese students are eligible to apply.

Other tuition-free opportunities available of Gabonese students to study in Singapore include;

National Environment & Water (NEW) Scholarship

The National Environment Agency (NEA) and the PUB, the National Water Agency, are statutory bodies created under the umbrella of the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources (MEWR) to manage limited Singapore resources and address the challenges of sustainability environmental to operate in the 3P sectors: private, public and popular.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) is the leading public organization charged with improving and maintaining a clean and green environment in Singapore.

The NEA develops and leads environmental initiatives and programs as part of its partnership with the public and private sectors. It commits to motivate each individual to adopt an environmental property and take care of the environment as a way of life.

To find out more about NEW Scholarship, please check out: http://www.newscholarship.gov.sg

MPA Scholarship

The scholarship offered by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) offers excellent opportunities to live a little on the edge of life. You will study at internationally renowned universities, work on missions abroad and gain valuable knowledge of the booming maritime sector.

You will undertake an incredible career in MPA, the national agency that leads the first center of Singapore and the international maritime center.

Scholarship Worth: The scholarship is a full sponsorship available for students

Level: It is meant for Undergraduate students

Eligible Nationalities: International students. Gabonese are eligible to apply.

MOE Teaching Scholarship

Teaching grants from the Ministry of Education are awarded to university students at foreign and local universities. Scholars of the Department of Education will have the opportunity to occupy leadership positions in the areas of education, leadership or high-level specialists.

Scholarship Worth: MOE Teaching grants are full awarded opportunities

Level: The grants are for students pursuing an Undergraduate, Masters, and Postdoctorate degree in the areas of Languages, Humanities, Art and Music, Physical Education and Sports, Social Sciences, Sciences, and Mathematics.

Eligible Nationalities: International students are eligible to apply.

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