11 Best GMAT Prep Courses In 2022

More than 20 experts have compiled this list of the best GMAT prep courses and online GMAT prep courses, tutorials, training, semester, and online certification. Also Includes free and paid resources to help you prepare for the GMAT exam.

Which is suitable for beginners, trainees, and intermediate experts. This forum puts together all comprehensive list of the best GMAT prep courses to help guide you towards the course that will best fit your needs. There’s a distinct difference between those who utilize a GMAT prep course and those who try to self-prepare for their GMAT.

With our list of the best GMAT prep courses in the field, you’ll be able to go through reviews.

Also reviews from students who have had tremendous success with the aide of our recommended GMAT prep firms?

We’ve received countless reviews for numerous GMAT prep courses that set them apart from the others. We have based this list on the quality of the course, customer satisfaction, and value, and actual test results.

What is the GMAT?

The GMAT is a standardized computer-based test that is used to assess the readiness of examiners for an MBA program. More than 6,000 MBA programs currently use the GMAT test as a predictor for student performance.

And the GMAT test results are weighed heavily during the admission process. Schools often monitor GMAT scores before reviewing any other part of a candidate’s application. Recruiters also consider that GMAT scores are an indicator of the applicant’s ability to work intensively.

GMAT testing is required to enter most business schools and is offered worldwide throughout the year in dedicated testing facilities. Studies indicate that graduate degrees translate into an increase in income and that people with an MBA begin their careers.

Both in management with a higher average salary than those without a certificate. The Admissions Board of Graduate Studies reports that the average expected an initial salary of MBA graduates in the US last year was $ 100,000- $ 45,000 more than the average start-up salary for first-year graduates.

Employment prospects are also growing steadily for MBA graduates. According to the Board, 84% of employers said they plan to hire MBA graduates in 2015, an increase of 10% over the previous year.

Few Reasons to Take a GMAT Prep Course

The good news is that there are all kinds, of course, providers that can help you prepare. You can find traditional courses in the classroom, online classes, online tutors, individual teachers, group participation programs, videos, audio recordings, and even regular books.  But I strongly recommend a class or a tutor who will coach you directly—and here’s why.

  • You’ll Learn the Material:

Both the GMAT and GRE test for analytic ability, mostly in the quantitative section.

so you probably need to brush up on your math. Even if you understand the material, both tests are designed to trip you up. A class or tutor can help you not only grasp the material but walk you through the way to think about each problem type. You’ll want to get to the point where it becomes second nature to discern what a problem is asking and then answer it correctly.

  • You’ll Improve Your Timing:

these tests are scheduled, which means that you must be effective in your answers. In addition, a good teacher can help you learn how to quickly understand questions and use strategies to save time. However, they design their methods to teach you to use precious minutes to figure out your answers, not answer questions.

  •  You’ll Gain Focus and Discipline:

Because of the way standardized tests are designed, studying for the GMAT is about the process as much as it is about the subject matter. Most courses break down the material into manageable chunks, but a great teacher will show you how to approach your studying. So that you prepare efficiently and control extraneous thoughts that distract you from doing the best that you can.

  • You’ll Practice A Lot:

These tests are scheduled, which means that you must be effective in your answers. In addition, a good teacher can help you learn how to quickly understand questions and use strategies to save time. However, their methods are designed to teach you to use precious minutes to unravel your answers, not answer questions.

  • You’ll Be More Confident:
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Many of us can be pretty hard on ourselves when preparing for a test. The right course or tutor, though, will help you look at mistakes as a chance to learn. They’ll also help you approach the test focusing on your strengths, rather than weaknesses, so you’ll become a more confident test-taker. Which, according to the Harvard Business Review, is precisely what you need to score your best.

When Can You Take the Gmat Prep Courses?

GMAT is offered throughout the year, on specific dates. Most examiners determine the best date for the exam according to the final submission dates of the schools they plan to apply for. Depending on where you take the test, the options on the test day vary from Monday to Saturday. Morning and afternoon test times are also available.

Where can you Take the GMAT Prep Courses?

The GMAT exam is available at testing centers worldwide throughout the year. Some countries may have specific regulations that must be followed in order to sign up for the GMAT. Students can register online to find one of the best GMAT prep courses and to learn about GMAT identification requirements and test center rules for their country.

How Can I Register

The registration for the online GMAT prep courses begins with creating a GMAT account. Once registered, users can set and manage GMAT appointments, access free sample GMAT prep questions, access GMAT scores, find school events, and research GMAT-specific articles and advice for assembling the strongest graduate school applications.

Online GMAT prep course Fees

The GMAT costs $250, but there are financial aid options. The Graduate Management Admissions Council has a fee waiver program for schools, which then offers need-based financial aid scholarships to students. Other financial assistance includes employer reimbursement, loans, federal work study, and tax credits.

Retaking the Test

There are no restrictions on how often GMAT can be reprogrammed. Testers who rescheduled the test more than seven calendar days must pay a fee of $50.00 each time they reschedule the test. A fee of $250.00 will be charged for rescheduling within seven calendar days. Tests can be rescheduled online or over the phone, and an additional cost of $10 will be added to table changes made over the phone.

  • 800SCORE
  • GMAT Prep Training Coaching (Princeton Review)


Focusing on quantitative results and enhancing those specific test outcomes and scores, their programs offer twenty sections with 500+ exercises. Also, outfitted for sharpening and building up those skills found on GMAT points that are directly centered around math, word problems, and geometry.

To overcome the complex field of GMAT science, they’re giving more than 3,000 practical problems with a “practice makes perfect” effort and mentality in mind. This is also one of the best GMAT prep classes. Target Test Prep offers $1 introduction to their services for a period of 5 days.

They also offer the following plans based on monthly payments which include:

  1. “Flexible Presentation” package at $99/month with unlimited access
  2. “Dedicated Study” package at $299 for four months of unlimited access ($74.75/mo for four months)
  3. “Maximum Learning” package at $399 for six months of unlimited access ($66.50/mo for six months).

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The formats for Manhattan’s prep classes are rigorous, whether online or in a classroom setting, and some classes require a set amount of personal tutoring. Manhattan Review’s courses all offer a choice between in-person or online formats, a number of selected teaching hours with different durations of total instruction time and content.

Ultimately, the plans are individualized to meet a student’s particular needs. GMAT BONUS: Weekend or “Boot Camp” options are available for those last minute crammers. This is also one of the best GMAT prep courses.

The GMAT, Manhattan Review has a tiered product offering which includes:

  1. A classic which is $990
  2. Private which is $1,590
  3. Tutoring is $150 per hour.

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Empower GMAT stresses its links to schools attended by its students and recommends an expensive but useful visit with an MBA admissions consultant. They consider this an investment in their future, considering that getting an MBA can add a large amount of income throughout their careers.

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Empower GMAT seeks to “think of a student as a resident” to be able to predict answers to questions. They invite users to see a “professional guide” that guides them through the process, from the content embedded in the test to the tactics designed to “overcome the tactics” presented to them during the exam. This is also one of the best GMAT prep.

EMPOWERgmat is loaded with video experiences that include explanations of over 2,000 questions, a motivational podcast, “cheat sheet” PDFs, and more. EMPOWERgmat also offers a free 24-hour access pass online or available through Facebook. They charge a flat fee of $99/month and when you pre-pay for three months, you’ll get the fourth month free.

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Magoosh is a play on the Persian word “Magush,” which means “one who is highly learned, wise and generous.” Magoosh’s team describes itself as, “a bunch of education nerds who get super stoked about helping students achieve their academic dreams.” Interested in hearing what your peers think about Magoosh GMAT Prep, read our Magoosh reviews below.

This is also one of the best GMAT prep courses. Magoosh is an admissions prep company with an informative blog, offering a 7-day free trial and a variety of guarantees promising improved test scores and more efficient learning methods.

They also have targeted study schedules that evaluate when it’s best for a particular student to begin studying and times dependent upon when you’re the most motivated. This information will guide the learner more effectively up through the day of testing.

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These online GMAT prep course is offering an approach that touts critical thinking, rather than using tricks and gimmicks, Zeke and his team of accomplished instructors believe that learning should be fun and not just something the student should suffer through as a means to the end.

Manhattan Prep offers services for self-starters, giving them readily available options offered at their own pace, up to and including last-minute crunch courses. This is also one of the best GMAT prep courses.

More structured online courses are available for those who need tutoring options and more advanced, comprehensive direction and assistance which include:

  1. Interact Course starts at $549 with over 45 hours of interactive, on-demand video lessons and access to all of their online books and other internet resources.
  2. Live GMAT Course starts at $1,299 and offers 27 hours of live instruction, online or personalized classes
  3. Live Tutoring starts at $2,450 and offers 10 hours of one-on-one sessions available both in-person and online
  4. Boot Camp runs at $2,650 and includes 35 hours of instruction over a two-week period available either in-person or online.

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With the majority of non-native trainers, technicians and staff from India, GMAT e-honors their skills to get results and better test scores for those who speak English as a Second Language. This company specifically targets Indian nationalists who work on a verbal proof. This is also one of the best online GMAT prep.

E-Gmat’s costs are on a premium level when it comes to traditional tuition rates, but they offer some guarantees and a multitude of testimonials that offer you money back if you don’t succeed in improving your numbers in some areas. These higher rates are reinforced by different levels and durations of e-learning platforms, live classroom hours, practice questions and a full staff of full-time instructors.

Its costs vary from $499 to $1,650 and above according to time levels and possible classrooms available in Manhattan.

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Today’s Veritas prep fame has been featured and reviewed in a number of high-power media sources such as Bloomberg Businessweek, Entrepreneur, Financial Times, Forbes, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

The Veritas Prep was launched with the vision to merge their entrepreneurship with teaching. Along with Chad and Markus, the GMAT teaching staff at Veritas Prep have all scored in the 99th percentile in testing and their growing programs have been in place since 2002. This is also one of the best gmat prep classes.

The gmat prep online offers prep for GMAT in a classroom setting, one-on-one sessions, and self-study. Their classroomoption starts at $1,650 with a 36-hour flagship course, available either online or in-person. Their one-on-one level starts at $2,950 with private tutoring where the student sets the time and place of instruction. On-demand courses start at $950.

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800 Score happens to be the number 1 affordable test prep company in business since 1999. They’ve helped over 100,000 students prepare for GMAT and GRE testing in the mandatory CAT (Computer Adaptive Testing) format. Using their program, clients can get preparation software for immediate download, take sample tests and learn different testing strategies. This is also one of the best gmat prep.

The GMAT and GRE courses both come with 24/7 tutoring services. The following features are included with the price of tuition:

  • 5 sample tests with a “pacer” built-in
  • Timed essay exams and guides
  • The CAT format responds according to your answers
  • Free practice tests
  • Strategies for improving math and verbal sections
  • Courses are available for immediate use upon purchase

The GMAT preparation course is $39.95 for the year-long program. They offer other “a la carte”items like five sample GMAT tests without the course for $24.95. For a fee, they also offer essay grading services.

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The GMATeconomist is a GMAT test preparation company. They market directly to people on their smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices and live in an application-based learning environment. This is also one of the best online gmat prep courses.

The GMAT teacher uses a mobile application (available for iPhone and Android) to connect students with their studies, programs, and other content online. When no connection is available, the application will continue to work on its own. Of course, your package also includes thousands of practice tests and test guides.

Along with their virtual app-based tutor, there’s also individual attention available from staff members and an “Ask-A-Tutor” messaging service. They also feature a blog on their website with tips and tricks relating to Gmat testing. Their advice ranges from improving on exams to applying for scholarships.

After a seven-day free trial period, tiered plans start at $799 and $899 for a three-month course and top out at a six-month plan for $1,099.

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Kaplan Preparatory Test was created by the University Community in Kaplan, which has a history of more than seventy-five years in education. The exam preparation platform is a separate entity and has more than a dozen categories, including those geared towards attending GMAT.

Kaplan was accredited by ACCET (Accreditation Council for Continuing Education and Training) and is recognized by the US Department of Education. This is also one of the best gmat prep classes.

The gmat prep online offers a variety of introductory experiences, from services to your own speed, real classroom environments, online training courses, and teaching services. Kaplan also offers a variety of free resources that include your blog entries, individual programs at a glance, 20-minute training, one question per day, live or on-demand practice tests, sample testing, and pop-up testing.

Their GMAT courses and price include:

  1. Self-Paced Programs start at $799
  2. Live Online Classes start at $1,249
  3. Classroom Courses start at $1,449
  4. Private Tutoring starts at $2,799

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GMAT Prep Training Coaching (Princeton Review)

For over 35 years the world-class test-taking strategies and top GMAT scoring experts on this platform have helped students to get ready for test day. You have the option to learn at your own pace or go for classroom learning for comprehensive preparation. Use exclusive prep algorithm, online tools, and explanation sessions to understand the test pattern and prepare accordingly.

This online gmat prep course happens to be one of the best gmat prep courses alongside others. Its duration is self-paced and its rating is 4.6 out of 5.


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