Gordon and Jill Bourns College of Engineering Scholarship 2017

Applications are invited at the California Baptist University pleased to offer “California Baptist University Gordon and Jill Bourns College of Engineering Scholarship”. Students that will be juniors or seniors in high school during the 2017-18 school year are encouraged to compete. CBU strives to help students understand and engage this purpose by providing a Christ-centered educational experience that integrates academics with spiritual and social development opportunities. Up to ten scholarships will be awarded and range of the scholarship program is $10,000.

California Baptist University (Cal Baptist or CBU) is a private, Christian, liberal arts university located in Riverside, California, United States. Founded in 1950 as California Baptist College, it is controlled by the California Southern Baptist Convention, an organization affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.


Must be a junior or senior during the 2017-18 school year can apply for the scholarship program.

How to Apply:

You can register yourself for the scholarship by the given link:


Supporting Documents:

Write an essay in 1000-1200 words that answer the following question:

  • What is one current problem in the world that you want your life to be a part of the solution of and how is the initial degree you are pursuing going to help you with solving that problem? Include in your essay how your intended area of study is likely to be addressing this problem in the future.
  1. Create 3 poster titles, rank order, and explain:

If you had to present a poster at a conference to a group of your peers regarding the issue you address in your essay…

  • List 3 possible titles for the poster knowing that the title will be used to draw interest to your topic
  • Rank the titles in order from 1st choice to 3rd
  • Provide an explanation for your rationale behind the order choices
  1. Choose one of the following two topics and write a 300-500 word essay with your answer
  • Give an example of an innovation that has personally positively impacted your life and why
  • Name one person (besides a relative) that, to you, best exemplifies an effective leader that cares for people and why you think they are effective.
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Financial Aid and Award Money:             

The $10,000 scholarship award amount will be given to the winning applicants towards tuition.

Application Deadline: 

Entries for the scholarship will be submitted by midnight PST July 1, 2017.

Link for More Information:


Contact Information:

If you have any questions you can contact at aacosta-at-calbaptist.edu or call (951) 552-8646.

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