Granite State Management Review: Is Granite State Management Student Loan Legit or Scam?

You won’t be held accountable if you still ask to know if the granite state management student loan is legit or scam. Well, be sure to get all the answers you need right here in this article. The granite state management seeks to aid scholars in paying their tuition fees and education-related fees.

This mostly happens when you’re on the verge of losing it. You could also say that the granite state management student loan is your go-to lifesaver as a student.

Your questions as to whether this lifesaver is legitimate or not will be answered in this article. Do not be in a haste to leave!

For a deeper understanding of the granite state management review, kindly go through the table of contents.

What Is Granite State Management & Resources?

Granite State Management and Resources also known as Granite State Student Loans, is a non-profit student loan servicer that manages both federal student loans and private student loans.

Granite State Student Loans supports borrowers in managing their student loans in terms of making payments, structuring payment plans, and applying for and implementing tolerance or postponement as the case may be in rare cases of the student being in school still.

Furthermore, the organization is part of the New Hampshire Higher Education Assistance Foundation Network, but it services loans from a wide range of borrowers across the country.

The organization boasts community engagement and even regularly grants scholarships to students.

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Any profits they make from their private student loans goes right back into the organization where they support higher education by offering borrower benefits and helping community members plan for college, and achieve financial fitness.

What does Granite State Management & Resources do?

If GSMR is your student loan service provider, here are some things you can do.

Register for online access to your account
Once you have access, you can contact GSMR, view your monthly bills, and pay bills.

Log into Autopay
GSMR can automatically withdraw your payments from your bank account. If you sign up for Autopay, you can reduce your interest by 0.25%.

Sign up for income-based repayment
You can apply for an income-based repayment that limits your student loan payments to a percentage of your income by filling out a paper form at GSMR.

Handle postponement and forbearance requests
GSMR can help you suspend payments temporarily or reduce your payment amount if you qualify. This will help you stay in good shape to avoid default values. But during any time of Postponement or Forbearance, interest will keep rising.

Process monthly payments and additional payments
GSMR tracks and collects your payments. If you want to make additional payments, you can instruct GSMR (online, by phone, or mail) to make additional payments on your current balance. Otherwise, the additional amount may be applied to the next month’s payment instead.

Is Granite State Management legit?

Apparently, this isn’t so bad a question especially when it has to do with money and being the last resort of a student who has possibly lost hope of how to finance the education and possible fees that go in tandem with it.

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Here is the good news, granite state management and resources are very much legitimate to get involved with. There have been cases where most student loan agencies encounter customers who cry fraud.

Granite state management and resources shouldn’t be an exception.

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Granite State Management and Resources Loan Forgiveness

Loan forgiveness is an act of forgetting your accrued loans But, this can only happen if you are under the public service loan forgiveness program.

Also, this program forgives the outstanding balance on your direct loans after you have made monthly payments under a replacement plan and for 10 years.

Are There Ways Granite State Management Can Be Reached?

Yes, of course! Which organization wouldn’t have an email address through which its customers can send correspondence to them or even talk to them on phone during emergencies?

Below are the various ways you can reach them.

Did you know that your account number is a determinant of the number you can use in reaching granite state management and resources?

For accounts beginning with F8:

Phone number: 1-888-556-0022

Working hours: Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Address for loan payments:

Department of Education
P.O. Box 4414
Portland, OR 97208-4414

Address for general correspondence: 

Granite State Management & Resources
P.O. Box 3420
Concord, NH 03302-3420

Contact information for accounts beginning with C7:

Phone number: 1-800-719-0708

Working hours: Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Address for loan payments:

Granite State Management & Resources
P.O. Box 9560
Manchester, NH 03108-9560

Address for general correspondence: 

Granite State Management & Resources
P.O. Box 2097
Concord, NH 03302-2097

GSMR website:

GSMR email:

How to Refinance Your GSM&R Student Loan

If you want to stop being with GSM&R, you don’t have many options. However, you can refinance your student loan if it makes sense to you.

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When you refinance your student loan, take out a new private student loan to replace your Granite State student loan. These loans do not have a federal repayment schedule or lending options but may come with a lower interest rate.

How To Change Enrolment Details On Granite State Management

Upon registration, all details you entered are safe. If at any time, you feel you want to make a change of the details, kindly log in to your account and follow the steps below.

  • Click on the manage my account icon
  • Follow the dropbox menu under your username
    Here, it allows you to update any of the details you desire to change yet, maintains your account profile and security settings.
  • Select the icon for ‘contact information, ‘change password’, ‘update security image’ to make your changes
  • Finally, click on the save changes button and you are good.

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