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15 Highest Paying Careers in North Carolina (NC) in 2023

When planning to relocate to a city like NC, knowing the career that pays well is one of the essential facts to consider as it decides how well you will live there. To make it easy, we have all you need to know about high Paying careers in NC.

In choosing a career, you want to be curious about what you will do for the rest of your life. The options are plentiful, all you have to do is choose something that suits you, and you are prepared for and understand the highest Paying Careers in North Carolina (NC) in 2023; you can make a well-informed career decision.

In this piece, we shall be making available the Highest Paying Careers in North Carolina (NC) in 2023 and how much you stand to make by being in those professions.

What do I need to know about Career in North Carolina?

Whether you want to work in research, the real estate industry, or the medical field, there is something for everyone. High-paying jobs in North Carolina could spark your interest and help you change your career path or jump on one.

It’s certainly interesting to see what trends are paying the highest jobs in the state because jobs are a great way to see which direction North Carolina is going and how rich people are in it.

In addition to being “interesting,” it is also good to know which jobs will be safer and more readily available now and in the future.

About Employment In North Carolina

The State of North Carolina is the state’s largest employer, with approximately 130,000 employees working towards a common goal of making North Carolina great. We are a prominent organization of various agencies, branches, and universities, each of which performs an essential public service.

There are many career opportunities in the NC government. This includes jobs in public security, education, transportation, science, information technology, healthcare, and many other areas.

To fill these jobs, the state of North Carolina is looking for talented, committed people with a wide range of educational and experience backgrounds.

With government employees in each of the 100 counties in North Carolina, careers in the government are possible from the mountains to the coast and all points in between.

Media publications consistently classify metropolitan areas as thriving centers for companies, career seekers, education, and social life.

What is the Minimum Salary in North Carolina?

The minimum wage in North Carolina is currently $7.25 an hour. Employers doing business in North Carolina must pay all employees at least $7.25 an hour (agricultural and domestic workers are subject to the federal minimum wage.

North Carolina is one of the states favored by middle-class households with an annual income of approximately $ 58,786. Households that earn between $ 35,000 and $ 100,000 are considered middle-class households in the state.

What are the High paying careers in North Carolina?

Let us now consider the highest-paying careers in North Carolina in 2023 and what their average annual Salary looks like.

  1. Doctor/ Surgeons
  2. Dentist
  3. Chief Executive Officer
  4. Nurse Anaesthetist
  5. Adjunct Professors
  6. Physicist
  7. Personal Banker
  8. Pharmacist
  9. Lawyers
  10. Athletes
  11. Hardware Engineer
  12. Veterinarian
  13. Air Traffic Controller
  14. Airline Pilot
  15. Statisticians

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1. Doctor/ Surgeons

Between the Carolina Medical Center, Novant Health, and OrthoCarolina, the Charlotte region employs thousands of doctors, making it the highest-paid profession in our area.

Average Salary – $274,240

2. Dentist

Dentists diagnose and treat problems with teeth, gums, and mouth-related parts. They offer advice and instructions on taking care of your teeth and gums and eating habits that affect oral health.

Dentists use various devices, including x-ray machines, drills, oral mirrors, probes, tweezers, brushes, and scalpels. They also use lasers, digital scanners, and other computer technologies like digital dentistry.

In addition, resident dentists oversee a variety of administrative tasks, including bookkeeping and equipment and accessories purchases. They employ and supervise dental hygienists, dental assistants, technicians, and receptionists.

Average Salary: $263,040

3. Chief Executive Officer

Top executives develop strategies and guidelines to ensure that an organization achieves its goals. They plan, manage and coordinate the operational activities of companies and organizations.

The responsibilities of top managers largely depend on the size of a company. For example, an owner or manager of a small organization, such as an independent retail store, is often responsible for purchasing, hiring, training, quality control, and day-to-day supervision.

However, in large companies, top executives tend to focus more on policy formulation and strategic planning, while general and operations managers control day-to-day operations.

Average Salary: $214,000

4. Nurse Anaesthetist

Nurse anesthetists, midwives, and nurses, also known as Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs), coordinate patient care and may offer basic and specialty medical care. The scope of the practice varies from state to state.

APRNs work independently or in collaboration with doctors. In most states, they can prescribe medication, order medical tests, and diagnose health problems.

You can provide primary and preventive care and specialize in the care of particular groups of people such as children, pregnant women, or patients with mental disorders.

Some APRN duties are the same as for registered nurses, including collecting information about a patient’s condition and taking measures to treat or treat the patient’s health.

Average Salary: $197,000

5. Adjunct Professors

Post-secondary teachers teach students various academic, professional, and technical subjects beyond high school. They also do research and publish scholarly papers and books.

They are members of academic and administrative committees that review and recommend guidelines, make budget decisions or advise on hiring and promotions in their department.

Post-secondary teachers, often referred to as professors or faculties, specialize in a variety of subjects and areas. Some teach academic subjects such as English or philosophy. Others focus on work-related topics such as law, nursing, or culinary arts.

At colleges and universities, professors are organized in departments specializing in subjects such as history, science, business, or music. A professor can teach one or more courses within this department.

The tasks of post-secondary teachers vary depending on the position at a university or college.

Average Salary: $141,040

6. Physicist

Physicists and astronomers are studying the way different forms of matter and energy interact. Theoretical physicists and astronomers can analyze the nature of time or the universe’s origin.

Some physicists design and conduct experiments with sophisticated devices such as particle accelerators, electron microscopes, and lasers.

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Physicists are researching the fundamental properties and laws that govern space, time, energy, and matter. Some physicists study theoretical areas such as the fundamental properties of atoms and molecules and the evolution of the universe.

Others design and conduct experiments with sophisticated devices such as particle accelerators, electron microscopes, and lasers.

Average Salary: $140,650

7. Personal Banker

Commercial agents for securities, commodities, and financial services connect buyers and sellers in the financial markets. They sell securities to private individuals, advise companies in their search for investors and conduct business.

Commercial agents for securities, commodities and financial services deal with various products and customers. Agents spend much of the day interacting with people, whether selling shares to an individual or discussing the status of a merger with a company manager.

Work is usually stressful because agents handle large amounts of money and have time constraints.

Average Salary: $131,340

8. Pharmacist

Pharmacists issue prescription drugs to patients and provide expertise on safely using prescriptions. They can also conduct health and wellness screenings, and vaccinations, monitor medications administered to patients, and provide advice on a healthy lifestyle.

Some pharmacists who own or manage a chain pharmacy spend time doing business activities such as inventory management. Pharmacists must complete continuing education courses throughout their careers to keep up with the latest advances in pharmacology.

Pharmacists do much more than distribute medication – they need to understand the biochemical mechanisms and effects of medicine, drug use, therapeutic roles, as well as their side effects and possible drug interactions to monitor the patient’s dosage effectively.

Average Salary – $125,847

9. Lawyers

Lawyers advise and represent individuals, companies, and government agencies on legal issues and disputes.

As lawyers, they represent one of the parties in criminal or civil litigation by providing evidence and arguing in support of their client.

As consultants, lawyers advise their clients on their legal rights and obligations and propose procedures in business and personal matters. All lawyers examine the intent of laws and court decisions and apply the regulations to the specific circumstances to which their clients are exposed.

Lawyers often oversee the work of assistants such as paralegals and legal assistants.

Lawyers can have different titles and duties depending on where they work.

Average Salary: $118,000

10. Athletes

Athletes and competitors participate in organized, official sporting events to entertain themselves.

Many people dream of becoming paid professional athletes. However, only a few people beat the chances and live all day in professional athletics. And if they do, professional athletes often have short careers with little job security.

When playing a game, athletes and competitors must understand game strategies while following the rules and regulations of the sport. Events in which athletes participate include team sports such as baseball, softball, hockey, and soccer, as well as individual sports such as golf, tennis, swimming, and skiing.

Average Salary: $111,210

11. Hardware Engineer

Computer hardware engineers research, design, develop and test computer systems and components such as processors, circuit boards, storage devices, networks, and routers.

These engineers are discovering new ways in computer hardware that lead to rapid advances in computer technology.

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Many hardware engineers develop non-computer devices that contain processors and other computer components and connect to the Internet.

Computer hardware engineers are also developing an increasing number of medical devices with a computer system and the ability to connect to the Internet.

Computer hardware engineers ensure that computer hardware components work with the latest software.

Average Salary: $110,480

12. Veterinarian

Veterinarians take care of animal health and work to improve public health. They diagnose, treat, and research diseases and illnesses of pets, farm animals, and other animals.

Veterinarians treat the injuries and diseases of pets and other animals with various medical devices, including surgical instruments and X-ray and ultrasound devices. They offer animal treatment similar to a doctor’s treatment of humans.

Average Salary – $110,000

13. Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers coordinate the movement of air traffic to ensure that the aircraft are safe from one another.

Air traffic controllers’ primary concern is safety, but they must also efficiently steer aircraft to minimize delays. They control the flow of aircraft into and out of the airport’s airspace, guide pilots during take-off and landing, and monitor aircraft on their way through the sky.

Air traffic controllers usually manage several aircraft simultaneously and have to make quick decisions to ensure the safety of the aircraft. For example, a controller could direct an aircraft to its landing approach while providing weather information to another aircraft.

Average Salary: $108,930

14. Airline Pilot

Airline and professional pilots fly and navigate in airplanes, helicopters, and other aircraft. Airline pilots fly for airlines that transport people and freight on a fixed schedule.

Commercial pilots fly aircraft for other purposes, such as charter flights, rescue operations, firefighting, aerial photography, and using aerial materials from the air.

Many aircraft use two pilots. The commanding captain or pilot, usually the most experienced pilot, oversees all other crew members and is primarily responsible for the flight.

The co-pilot often referred to as the first officer or deputy, shares flight tasks with the captain. New technologies have automated many of these tasks, and flight engineers are not required for new aircraft.

Pilots must have good teamwork skills as they work closely with other pilots on the flight deck, as well as with air traffic controllers and flight supervisors. You need to be able to coordinate actions and give clear and honest feedback.

Average Salary: $105,730

15. Statisticians

Statisticians use statistical methods to collect and analyze data and to solve real problems in business, technology, healthcare, or other areas.

Statisticians design surveys, questionnaires, experiments, and opinion polls to collect the necessary data. Surveys can be mailed, conducted over the phone, collected online, or otherwise collected.

Average Salary: $86,000

High Paying Careers in NC – FAQs

In Charlotte, salaries top the national benchmark, averaging $45,610 annually.

With great weather, a breathtaking climate, a thriving job market, and some of the most excellent neighbors, North Carolina has become one of the top destinations for young professionals, growing families, and retirees.

The Best Places to Live in North Carolina are Raleigh and Durham. Asheville. Charlotte


Now that you know about the high Paying careers in North Carolina, you can make a well-informed decision if you want to move to NC. It is one of the states in the United States where professionals thrive in earnings.

North Carolina might be a perfect place to relocate if you have skills or advanced professional degrees in any of their listed high-paying jobs. Take advantage of this now.


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