Highest Paying Civil Engineering Internships In India | 2023

Inexperience has proven to be a big issue that civil engineers must combat. One of the numerous ways to do this is by applying for internship placements. For a civil engineer in India who wants to make the most out of his career, you should look out for internship placements and those with value that can ease some financial burden. Therefore, check out civil engineering internships in India.

The core value internships add just too numerous to mention. One is to give you an edge over those who have yet to gain practical knowledge of civil engineering. Did you also know that applying for proper jobs adds more flesh to your resume?

Finally, when you get to secure a place in the industry, it enables you to apply that knowledge in some areas that qualify you as excellent.
For an overview, kindly go through the table of contents below.

For an overview, kindly go through the table of contents below.

What Are Civil Engineering Internships?

Apparently, almost all areas of study have some internship program designed for its students which is basically to enrich them with the needed experience to perform efficiently in their chosen careers.

Therefore, civil engineering internships are opportunities that are set aside by most civil engineering firms to open the students to learning and experience. This is restricted to the technical aspect and other vital areas.

This internship period could either be short-term or long-term. Also, it provides the interns with the required job skills and may eventually lead to a full-time job offer. The latter is usually based on the intern’s performance at the time of the training albeit.

Who Is A Civil Engineering Intern?

An intern is mostly called a trainee. Therefore, a civil engineering intern is one who undergoes training under a civil engineering organization or firm in order to gain work experience.

More, so this civil engineering intern works under the supervision of a professional in the same field to carry out work-related practices. Need I also tell you that the internship period lasts for a certain time, as agreed upon by both the trainee and the organization?

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Duties Of A Civil Engineering Intern?

Generally, interns have always been known for assisting their superiors in the office but on the contrary, there are additional duties a civil engineering intern performs as the period of an internship goes by. Some of them are listed below.

It is also important to note that these roles they carry out pass through a revision process.

  • Preparation of maps and designs
  • Issuance of permits
  • Drafts designs to meet specifications
  • Maintenance of records about supplies of materials

How To Apply For A Civil Engineering Internship In India

In your search for an internship program, there are processes involved in how you should go about your internship application. It is usually a lot easier if you apply for an internship through the listed ways.

  • Carry out your searches through sites the likes of internship.com or do a manual search by sending out applications to organizations that have internship placements.
  • Search for ongoing civil engineering internships on some top construction sites
  • When you find one that suits you, you can go ahead to fill out the e-application form.
  • Attach your cover letter
  • Submit the internship request letter given to you by your school.

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How Long Does It Take To Complete A Civil Engineering Internship In India?

How long an internship program lasts depends on the organization, but civil engineering internships last well over 3 months through 6 months.

List Of Highest Paying Civil Engineering Internships In India

  • Trainee Site Engineer
  • AUTO CAD Civil Engineering Internship
  • Tendering Engineer Intern

Trainee Site Engineer

As a civil engineering intern, the role of a trainee site engineer in India is to be part of the team that manages the construction site. More so, a trainee site engineer organizes and monitors the site labor force.

Furthermore, they ensure that designs are applied in the right formations.

It is one of the highest paying civil engineering internships in India as they earn an average monthly income ranging from ₹42K – ₹45K every month and ₹100k – ₹480k annually.

The pay data was obtained from Glassdoor and Payscale, respectively.

AUTO CAD Civil Engineering Internship

An AutoCAD civil engineering intern transforms civil engineering designs into software designs to make it real designs which people can admire.

Also, it is the second-highest paying civil engineering. Payscale projects earn about ₹25,000 monthly and ₹306,012 annually.

Tendering Engineer Intern

The job of this civil engineering intern is to do the costing for highway projects, go to construction sites when needed, prepare proposals, and do follow-up for payments.

The tendering engineer intern earns about ₹120k – ₹200k per annum. This is as projected by Glassdoor.

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Please note that most civil engineering internships available in India have undisclosed stipends. This has limited the number of highest paying civil engineering internships that we can lay our hands on.

Moreso, do not be discouraged by this as there are many placements that you can ever think of available to you as a civil engineering intern in India. Ensure that you carry out a proper research on not just getting a high-paying placement but a place that will imbibe in you skillsets that will stand out for you in the engineering field.

Most importantly, keep checking back if you really want to know the highest-paying civil engineering internships in India, as we are bound to update this article once we get the right information good enough for your consumption.

FAQs On Highest Paying Civil Engineering Internships In India

Wha is a civil engineering internship?

Civil engineering interns prepare maps and designs and issue permits. Draft designs according to specifications and maintain records about the supply of materials used on the site.

What is an internship?

An internship training in civil engineering is usually a temporary work placement that could either be paid or unpaid.

What does a Civil engineering internship do?

Civil engineering internship provides real-world experience that allows you to put all you’ve learned into action. Also, it equips you with skills that can be implemented in future jobs.

Are civil engineering internships paid?

Yes, civil engineering interns are paid.


If there’s anything you shouldn’t miss during your school days as a civil engineering student, it is the internship duration.

While you look out for the highest paying civil engineering internships to ease your some financial stress, please ensure you get a placement that will provide you with the necessary skills that will be relevant to your future jobs.

Best wishes!!!



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