Houston Baptist University Review| Acceptance Rate, Admission Rate, And Tuition Fee

In the center of Houston, Texas, one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the United States, Houston Baptist University offers a decent college setting we can review.

Here, the students have the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience thanks to its location in Houston, a major international city.

Many of Houston’s Fortune 500 corporations offer internship opportunities for business majors, while majors in mass media arts work at newspapers, ad agencies, and network television stations.

Additionally, students majoring in nursing and science and education can take advantage of the world-famous Texas Medical Center and opportunities to observe and teach in Houston-area school districts.

The campus is 100 acres in size, has a total undergraduate enrolment of 2,733 (fall 2020), and is in an urban area. And the academic calendar is based on semesters.

This article will look at other interesting facts about HBU, including the acceptance rate, admission rate, and tuition fee.

About Houston Baptist University

Houston Baptist University is a private institution that opened its doors in 1960. The Ten Pillars of Houston Baptist University are its mission and guiding principles.

These pillars help exemplify HBU’s commitment to a Christian worldview and unite professors, staff, and administrative leadership in decision-making and planning initiatives.

There is more to attending HBU as a student than just textbooks, exams, and lectures. It involves entering a society where everyone is a unique individual.

HBU aims to help each student grow intellectually, spiritually, physically, and interpersonal.

The more than 3,000 students at HBU benefit from the individualized attention they seek and require, thanks to an average class size of 25.

The city’s vibrant downtown area is only minutes away from the lovely 100-acre campus, surrounded by options for employment, internships, and enjoyment.

The university’s student body is exceptionally diversified, and its ethnic makeup is comparable to that of the fourth-largest city in America.

Despite being a Christian university, HBU has a diverse student body that includes members of various global religions.

Additionally, there are numerous graduate and undergraduate programs in the curriculum.

HBU is a viable option among private schools and universities because of its broad range of scholarships based on talent, leadership, and athletics, as well as merit and talent.

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Why Should I Study At Houston Baptist University?

Houston Baptist University is pleased to provide students with an advanced degree.

They aim to give undergraduate and graduate students an education that isn’t based primarily on preparing for a future career but is also on the teachings of Christ by blending faith, reason, and the liberal arts into the curriculum.

HBU gives the education to provide the students with the skills they need to be strong, empathetic leaders in their communities and workplaces.

The ultimate goal is to empower their students to have more fruitful, successful, and moral lives after leaving the program.

This Houston Baptist University review also reveals the following perks:

Excellent Scholars Who Hold A Christian Worldview

An HBU education combines faith and reason, educating students for fulfilling lives spent in God’s service through their careers and volunteer work.

Several Different Academic Programs

Over 100 undergraduate majors, pre-professional programs, and graduate-level degrees are available at HBU.

Additionally, we have a group of dedicated student support experts that ensure students have access to the tools they need for success and amiable academic advisers who may assist students in choosing the course of study that best suits their interests.


The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) has granted Houston Baptist University accreditation for associate, bachelor, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

An Intimate Learning Setting

The small, intensely engaging classes, committed faculty mentors, and tailored academic experiences provide an increased opportunity for every student to thrive.

Division I Athletics

There are numerous Christian liberal arts universities, but only a select number participate in NCAA Division I competitions.

The Houston Baptist University review shows that there are various ways to display your Husky spirit, regardless of whether you’re an aspiring player or a die-hard sports fan.

An Engaged And Supportive Community

There are more than 50 clubs and organizations where students can get involved on campus.

Students have the opportunity to create friendships and memories that they will cherish for the rest of their lives through intramural sports, cultural clubs, and professional programs.

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A Fantastic Setting

Houston, Texas, is a vibrant and diversified metropolis where HBU is located. HBU students are in a fantastic position to complete internships and find employment possibilities because Houston, the fourth-largest city in the US, is one of the most incredible locations for career-minded professionals and entrepreneurs.

The bayou metropolis also provides a seemingly limitless selection of leisure pursuits and entertainment, from Houston’s zoo and nature preserve to regional museums of art and history.

Success After College

The Office of Career and Calling and alumni networking events are just a few options HBU offers to assist you in transitioning from college to the working world.

On the day of graduation, when you turn the tassel, you’ll become a part of the HBU alumni network, which is expanding and has an impact both locally and globally.

Financial Aid

Over 90% of our undergraduate students get financial aid of some kind. To lower the cost of your education, our Office of Financial Aid can help you look into a wide range of loans, grants, scholarships, and work options.

How Do I Apply For Admission At Houston Baptist University?

The application process at Houston Baptist University is quick and straightforward. You can apply online without an essay and fee for undergraduate applications in three easy steps. Additionally, you’ll get a prompt response.

Houston Baptist University Admission Eligibility And Requirements

This university accepts nearly 72 percent of applicants who meet the eligibility requirements.

Graduate, undergraduate, and online programs are available for admission at HBU. The university has basic admission requirements and low application competition.

  • Fall, Spring, and Summer application periods are currently available.
  • The application period for graduate school is from 15 July to 1 August in the fall, from 15 April to 1 May in the summer, and from 15 December to 1 January in the Spring.
  • HBU offers a convenient education by having relatively affordable tuition costs.
  • If a student meets the university’s requirements, they receive scholarships.
  • You should forward your transcripts directly from the university where you received your bachelor’s degree to the graduate school.
  • The students receive financial aid on a first-come, first-serve basis

Houston Baptist University Undergraduate Admissions

The undergraduate programs in accounting, agribusiness, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, general business, health care administration, management, and marketing are all offered at Houston Baptist University.

  • You should send your transcripts straight to the university. And they must be in an unopened envelope from the sending school and printed within the previous six months.
  • There are no application fees required.
  • Admission requirements: At the time of admission, applicants must provide the following documentation:
  • Recommendation from a guidance counselor and documentation of residency
  • English language proficiency exam results for applicants from outside the United States; ACT/SAT scores [if relevant].

Application Portal

Graduate Admissions At Houston Baptist University

Students from around the county and worldwide can pursue graduate degrees in business management, music studies, and education at Houston Baptist University. Candidates must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0.

But you will need a 3.5 GPA in the final 60 hours of undergraduate courses for programs including Human Performance, Physical Education, Humanities, US History, and Graduate Teacher Education.

Graduate applicants should send their transcripts to [email protected] (for official electronic transcripts)

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Previous Undergraduate Applicants

You do not need to reapply if you were admitted to HBU within the previous year but did not enroll. Please fill out the online update form instead.

Previous Hbu Students

Please review the re-admission process if you have previously attended HBU and wish to return.

Transient Students

These are current undergraduate students who wish to enroll at HBU for a single term and return to their university.

Students who already hold a bachelor’s degree are not included in this category. Houston Baptist University students involved can review the Transient Student procedures.

What Is Houston Baptist University Acceptance Rate?

According to niche.com, Admissions to Houston Baptist are somewhat selective, with a 72% acceptance rate.

The average SAT score for applicants to Houston Baptist is between 1000 and 1180, or an average ACT score between 20 and 25.

What Are The Programs Offered At Houston Baptist University

The student-faculty ratio at Houston Baptist University is 16:1, and the school has most of its classes with 25 students.

The most popular majors at Houston Baptist University include Health Professions and Related Programs; Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Parks, Recreation, Leisure, Fitness, and Kinesiology; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Psychology; Education; Visual and Performing Arts; Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies; Philosophy and Religious Studies; and Legal Professions and Studies.

How Much Does It Cost To Study At Houston Baptist University? Tuition Rate

The tuition at Houston Baptist University is $35,500. It is more affordable than the $41,281 national average for tuition.

This also includes the sticker price – tuition and fees. Depending on the university, different fees may go toward supporting campus health centers, student centers, student gyms, and libraries.

It would be best if you considered the overall cost and the net price while comparing the prices of other institutions.

The sticker price plus the price of accommodation and board, books and supplies, transportation, and personal expenses make up the total cost.

The total cost for HBU is $49,192. The average net price of a university is the price paid after financial assistance and scholarships have been deducted from the overall price; it is $25,256 for the typical student receiving need-based help.

What Are The Houston Baptist University Rankings?

According to US News, see where Houston Baptist University reviews place this university.

  • #61 in Regional Universities West (tie)
  • #35 in Best Colleges for Veterans
  • #10 in Best Value Schools
  • #47 in Top Performers on Social Mobility (tie)
  • #432 in Nursing (tie)

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FAQs On Houston Baptist University

What is Houston Baptist University’s acceptance rate?

The acceptance rate of Houston Baptist University is 72%

How much are Houston Baptist University’s tuition fees?

The tuition at Houston Baptist University is $35,500.

What are the average ACT and SAT scores?

The average SAT score for applicants to Houston Baptist is between 1000 and 1180, or an average ACT score between 20 and 25.

How much are the application fees at HBU?

The applications are free. There are no application fees.


This Houston Baptist University review has shown this university’s numerous benefits for aspiring students.

From its internship opportunities to different academic programs and intimate learning settings, you are assured of a worthwhile experience.


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