How can I become a Life Coach in 2022? Programs, Schools, Cost & Salary

To become a life coach is very much important to our society. However, most of us need someone who will advise us on personal and professional issues. But, by becoming a certified life coach, you can help someone to identify and create a vision. Also, to become a motivational speaker can help people reach their goals.

Do you wish to become a life coach today? Are you looking for how to become a motivational speaker that will advise people on personal or professional problems? Well, this is that golden opportunity for you to learn how to become a certified life coach. In fact, just read along with me as I show you how.

Actually, life coaches work on helping their clients identify aspects of their lives that need some growth and development. The motivational speaker helps the client to create game plans to reach those goals.  However, one of the best ways to become a motivational speaker is to hire a coach yourself.

In fact, if you are not sure life coaching is the right profession for you, hire a coach first to help you achieve your goals. If you do not enjoy being coached, you will not enjoy becoming a life coach. However, the most successful professional coaches have a coach. Also, new coaches in training have mentor coaches to help them build their coaching business and develop their coaching skills.

Who is a Life Coach?

In fact, a life coach is someone professionally trained to help you maximize your full potential and reach your desired results. However, a motivational speaker’s definition can vary depending on what your specific goals are.

Also, a certified life coach encourages and advises clients on a range of professional and personal issues. Honestly, motivational speaking is different from giving advice, consulting, and teaching.

Besides, you should hire a coach to help you with some professional projects and personal goals. However, a coach helps you grow by studying your present situation and identifying potential challenges. And, he/she will create a custom plan of action designed to help you achieve specific outcomes in your life.

How much does it cost to become a motivational speaker?

Honestly, the average cost for a life coaching program ranges from $1,500 to $8,000. However, entry-level and advanced training programs are available to match your current coaching experience.

Also, schools that offer advanced life coaching training will allow you to take courses as your finances permit. Well, this is to allow you can spread the tuition costs over the course of several months.

How long does it take to become a certified life coach?

Honestly, depending on your program, earning your life coaching certificate could take you 16 to 100 hours to complete. Well, it does not matter if you choose a shorter program or a longer one. However, online programs can be completed more quickly, but this does not reduce their value.

What education do I need to be a motivational speaker?

Well, the job of a life coach is to motivate and encourage people to reach their full potential. Although there is no specific degree program you need to complete to become a motivational speaker.

But, acquiring training in certain fields can prepare you very well for the job. However, the fields that can help you develop the skills you need to be a successful coach include:

How much does a life coach earn?

In fact, the average salary for life coaches is $46,678 according to PayScale. However, there is a wide range of what people can earn. Thus, the lowest earners make about $28,000 and the highest earners make $92,000.

Besides, coaches are not necessarily locked into these salary figures. This is because many coaches are self-employed and they are able to determine their own hourly rates. Certified life coaches may charge hourly fees of over $300.

But it can only depend on their training and level of experience, according to a report by the International Coach Federation. Finally, coaches who work with executives can make up to $500 per hour, according to Forbes.

Which schools offer certified life coach programs?

Institution Type: Well, this school has a duration of 4 years to complete its program. However, it is private and non-profit.

Programs offered: Also, it offers a certificate program.

Cost: $8,640 (Tuition only)

Institution Type: Actually, it takes 4 years to become a motivational speaker here and it is a public institution.

Programs offered: It offers a certificate program to anyone who wants to become a life coach.

Cost: $8,305

Institution Type: Actually, the duration is 4 years and it is public

Programs offered: However, it awards certificate programs

Cost: $8,900

Institution Type: However, the duration is 4 years and it is public.

Programs offered: Also, it awards certificate programs

Cost: $8,995 (Entry-level), $6,800 (Advanced Program)

Institution Type: Actually, the duration study is 2 years. However, it is private, and non-profit.

Programs offered: Also, it offers a training program.

Cost: $9,850 (Tuition only )

Institution Type: 2-year, private, and for-profit

Programs offered: Training program

Cost: $9,995

Institution Type: By the way, the duration of study is 4 years and it is a public institution.

Programs offered: Besides, it offers a certificate program.

Cost: $10,450

Institution Type: In fact, the duration of study here is 2 years. However, it is private and for-profit.

Programs offered: Too, it offers a training program.

Cost: $11,140

Institution Type: However, this school takes 4 years to complete. Also, it is private and non-profit.

Programs offered: It offers a certificate program.

Cost: $11,500

How can I get clients as a life coach?

Thus, the following are ways to generate coaching clients:

  • Public Speaking To Life Coaching Clients.
  • Toastmasters.
  • Networking Offline.
  • Get Interviewed Or Interview.
  • Guest Post.
  • 6. Make The Most Of Social Media.
  • Let Google Help You.

Do I need a license to become a motivational speaker?

Well, in most places the answer currently is, “No”, but that may change. However, someday you may legally need to be. Most people who want to become business, executive, or professional coaches wonder if they need credentials in order to legally practice coaching. In fact, having a recognized certification, such as ICF or IAC, can help grandfather you in, if/when regulation comes.  

How can I become a certified life coach?

Well, to coach is a very big field. So professionals have a lot of niches to choose from. However, some of the possible areas of specialization for life coaches include:

  • Business
  • Career transition and job search
  • Romantic relationships
  • Academic issues
  • Spirituality
  • Aging
  • Work-life balance
  • Weight loss
  • General wellness

Helping people improve different areas of their life is a big responsibility and it needs specialized training to be effective. During training, prospective coaches learn the psychological principles of coaching, how to conduct a coaching assessment to determine clients’ needs, ethics in coaching, and communication skills.

Honestly, try and find a program that has been accredited by industry associations. The reason for this is for you to get the best results from your training. Thus, an example of such an association is the International Coach Federation.

However, earning a certification in addition to a degree can go a long way toward gaining the trust of potential clients. Besides, the credentials are provided by professional associations like the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the International Association of Coaching.

Also, the (ICF) offers a Professional Certified Coach certification that needs professionals to have 500 hours of coaching experience. However, 450 of which must be paid as well as at least 25 clients. In addition, you must complete the Coach Knowledge Assessment successfully if you apply.

However, you must complete a series of tests to demonstrate your knowledge of coaching principles before earning the Master Masteries Coach designation from the International Association of Coaching.

In order to get certain legal protections as a business owner, life coaches can get a business classification, such as a Limited Liability Company or Corporation designation.

Although, a certified life coach is not required to carry insurance. Getting coverage can help protect their business and give clients peace of mind.

What is the job outlook for motivational speakers?

However, the employment of life coaches (classified by the BLS as Social and Human Service Assistants) is expected to grow by 13% through 2028. Comparatively, other occupations are predicted to grow by 5%, making growth for motivational speaker jobs faster than average.

Like any career field, it’s important to be aware that national long-term projections of employment growth may not reflect local and/or short-term economic or job conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Either or both. Depending on the types of life coaches you seek out, you may work with one to improve your business, start a new entrepreneurial endeavor, improve your health through diet and exercise or improve your relationships with loved ones.

Honestly, the cost for completing the coach training for the ACC is approximately $4,180. However, this includes at least 10 hours of mentor coaching and will take about 6 – 8 months depending on the electives you choose.

Honestly, any person who wants to be a life coach can become a life coach, regardless of age or educational background. It is an industry that has little regulation, despite its pace of growth. Just because someone says they are a life coach, however, doesn’t mean they have the skills to practice.

No. However, the job of a life coach is to motivate and encourage people to reach their full potential. Although there is no specific degree program you need to complete to become a motivational speaker. Acquiring training in certain fields can prepare you better for the job.


Professionals who work as motivational speakers encourage individuals to grow in their careers and personal lives. However, the purpose of coaching is to help people improve the quality of their lives.

Well, if you are a good communicator who is thinking about becoming a professional life coach, the skills you have developed and the life experiences you have gone through can help you make the move to coaching.

Besides, there is no set academic program for life coaches. But training in communication, counseling, and teaching is helpful.



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