How To Get Digital Code From Amazon?

  • Go to Your Orders.
  • Select View order details next to the game or software you want to redeem and then Select View your item.
  • You can find the code associated with your digital game or software purchase under Redeem your item.
  • Enter the code exactly as it’s shown within the redemption process you can use the Copy button to copy the key, while using the appropriate device (computer, console, or handheld device).Tip: Select How to redeem your key on if you need help with redeeming your code.
  • Alternatively, select the Redeem on button when available. This option is only available for some digital game or software products.


How long does it take to get a digital code from Amazon?

Your digital code should be available as soon as you finish your transaction. Amazon usually provides the digital code through email along with an order confirmation email. Do not be concerned if the digital code does not arrive in your inbox immediately away. Digital codes can take up to four hours to arrive in your inbox.

Where is the digital download code on Amazon after purchase?

Go to the Orders tab. Select Place your item in front of the game or program you wish to redeem. Under Redeem your item, you’ll see the code linked with your digital game or software purchase.

Do you get Amazon Digital codes instantly?

How download codes work: You’ll instantly receive a download code, which you’ll redeem directly on your console or online through your console’s website. This code will be stored in Your Games Library on Amazon if you need to access it later.

What is a digital download from Amazon?

It means that instead of receiving a physical game, you will receive a code to download the program. Some games are ROMs from prior platforms, and you must purchase the digital version to play them again.

How do I redeem an Amazon gift card if I can’t read code?

If you claim your gift card is unreadable, you’d have to provide the following to Amazon;
The 16- or 30-digit serial number of the card.
Order number (if known).
Purchaser’s name and recipient’s name.
Email address or physical address to which the gift card was sent.

What does digital code mean on Amazon?

You will receive a digital coupon voucher to use in the PlayStation Store. So, if you buy it, Amazon will send you another email containing the code (not the confirmation).

How long does pending verification take on Amazon?

If the order is awaiting verification, it is most likely due to a credit card issue with the buyer. It can take up to 21 days for an Amazon order to be verified! When an order is simply Pending for a few days, they are usually just prepping and packing the order.

How do I download my TurboTax purchase from Amazon?

Login to your Amazon account, then.
Under Your Account.
Look Under “Digital content and devices”
Click on “Digital games and software”
Look for TurboTax 2019, then download the software.
Copy/Paste the License Number (a 14-charactor string of letters/numbers).

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