7 Easy Ways on how to pass OSCOTECH Post UTME in 2022

Osun State College of Technology, Esa-Oke is one of the top colleges of technology in Osun State in Nigeria. However, only students who know how to pass the OSCOTECH Post UTME gain admission into the school.

Thus, if Osun state college of Technology is your choice institution, our 7 easy ways on how to pass OSCOTECH Post UTME will be of immense help to you.

In this read, we will take you through the process on how to pass OSCOTECH Post UTME. However, we strongly advise that you study with the school’s post UTME past questions be better prepared to pass the exams.

You can access the past questions here.

This table of contents will provide you easy navigation through this read.

Why Does OSCOTECH Conduct Post UTME?

In Nigeria, a lot of candidates who sit for the JAMB or UTME exams actually pass the cutoff mark allocated by JAMB. This results in a large number of students applying for the Post UTME screening.

While most departments of the various universities can only absorb a little fraction of the percentage into their various programs, the rest are left stranded.

This created a lot of psychological stress for the students and the universities had no way of ascertaining the quality of students that were being admitted

As a result of these and more, in 2005, the federal government, the Nigeria University Commission (NUC) in collaboration with the then Vice-Chancellors of the various universities signed a memorandum which allows the universities to conduct an internal screening test which gives each tertiary institution ample occasion to evaluate the kind of students required by specific programs approved by each university senate.

This internal screening exam is what is today known as the Post UTME or Aptitude test. Looking at the nature of OSCOTECH Post UTME, you can increase your chances of securing admission by preparing for the exam using the  OSCOTECH Past questions which you can get by clicking on this link.

What is Cut off Mark for OSCOTECH?

Osun State College of Technology Cut-Off Mark for 2022 academic session is 150. Candidates who score up to 100 are eligible for the Post UTME, those who score above Cut-off Mark have higher chances of getting admitted.

When is OSCOTECH Post UTME 2022 Starting?

The date for the OSCOTECH Post UTME 2022 is currently not fixed.

Steps to Register/Apply

  1. Visit http://eportal.oscotechesaoke.edu.ng/_utme_screening/ Click on CONTINUE, Fresh Admission Student after the instruction page to open the Login page after you have been through with instructions.
  2. Enter PIN Number and SERIAL Number of any kind of Admission Card you holds i.e POST UTME etc (eg PIN = 00011223344, SERIAL No: PUT1500000).
  3. Click on Login to continue to the ACCOUNT SETUP page.
  4. Fill all fields required on the account setup page and click CONTINUE to proceed to the Admission Portal page that contains all our admission processing.
  5. For existing students, Click on CONTINUE, Existing Admission Student to proceed to the Admission Portal page.
  6. To fill Admission Form, Click on “Form Filling” Image at the top of the screen, then fill all fields and submit your information by click on SUBMIT button.
  7. To print your form, click on “Form Reprint” on the menu bar.
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How Much is the OSCOTECH Post UTME Form/Payment Process

All interested candidates are to access the screening form online on our website www.oscotechesaoke.edu.ng immediately. They are to purchase the post UTME screening scratch card with the sum of Two Thousand Naira (#2000.00) only from any of the underlisted banks :

  • OSCOTECH Microfinance Bank, Main campus, Esaoke.
  • OSCOTECH Microfinance Bank, Orinkinran street, Near MTN office, Osogbo road, Ilesa.
  • Olubasiri Microfinance Bank, Osogbo.
  • First Bank Nig. Plc. U. I. Branch, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Please note that candidates UTME registration number and Full names (as they are on JAMB slip) be correctly Provided at the point of registration.

How Do I Check My Oscotech Screening Results?

Checking your result doesn’t demand you go to the school looking for a long list of names typed on a paper and pinned on a notice board. You can actually do it from the comfort of your home.

Simply check your OSCOTECH admission status using the web address; http://eportal.oscotechesaoke.edu.ng/adm_status/. Input your registration number and you’ll get your screening result immediately.

How to Pass OSCOTECH Post UTME

While you are preparing for your post UTME screening exam, it is important that you note the few tips you may want to observe if you really want to pass the test and secure a place in the admission list

Study ahead of time

The mistake that most students make is to feel reluctant, lazy and fun when it comes to studying, they always wait a few weeks or days when the exam approaches, that’s when they start preparing for the Post UTME, in the end, they cannot get good scores due to the late preparation

So, if you’re going to test the UTME, you must devise a strategy to begin studying ahead of the exam.

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Be computer literate

Most schools make use of Computer Based Test (CBT) Format for their Post UTME Exams just like most Universities in Nigerian. Most candidates waste so much time on trying to operate the computer system until their allocated time elapses, answering very few questions In order to avoid such, it is better you take out time and learn how to work on a Computer interface effectively.

Get quality materials to study

You can’t study as a student using only past questions, you can probably get some topics you notice that are common in the past question and use your approval textbook to support you during that process, maintain stability and persistence while studying.

However, using the past question and answers can give you leverage in preparing for the exams.

Broaden your Study

Sometimes because of laziness and how stressful most students assume studying to be, they tend to cover just the area of concentration or read the subject they are preparing for.

And the end result is FRUSTRATION. This is because they enter the exam hall just to see questions not related to the subject they are writing.

Follow instructions strictly

Another step that is very relevant is taking and obeying instruction to the core. Covenant University puts down instructions on how you can write any examination and you will start failing if you don’t understand the information.

So, it is expedient you read the instructions before you can start answering your questions.

Practice with the Post UTME Past Question

This is the most ideal step that increases your chances of success in the Post UTME. Studying with Post UTME Past question will let you know how the university sets its questions and give you an idea of how the exams will be. you can click on the link to access the OSCOTECH Post UTME Questions.

Join a Social Media Platform for more Information

It is important to find yourself in the right network at the right time. So to get started with your dreams to study at OSCOTECH, make sure you get yourself into a network that has to do with prospective students of OSCOTECH.

Social media have helped out in this a lot. For example, the OSCOTECH WhatsApp group will help you get the proper and right information you need during your preparation for the exams

You can get to join our OSCOTECH Post UTME WhatsApp group just by buying the OSCOTECH Past Questions and Answers now and you will be automatically added to the group. Just click on the link and it will download immediately.

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Join the OSCOTECH Exclusive Post-UTME WhatsApp Group

To help you prepare better for the OSCOTECH Post UTME exam and be a step ahead of other applicants, we have created a WhatsApp group for students about to write the Post UTME.

So make sure you find yourself in this group because it will help you all the way till you have successfully gotten your admission as we wish for you.

Benefits of the Whatsapp Group

You’ll get the following benefits when you join our OSCOTECH WhatsApp Post UTME group:

  1. Answers to questions regarding the Post UTME exam date, venue, timing, and direction.
  2. Real-time answers to questions regarding the school, your prospective faculty, department, and their code of conduct.
  3. Accommodation assistance from members of the group and students of the school a day before the post-UTME.
  4. Essential hacks on scoring high in the Post UTME.
  5. Discover and make friends with applicants studying your course.
  6. Meet-up and interact face-to-face with friends you made from the group.
  7. Full guide on the next step after getting admission.

Purchase the OSCOTECH past question HERE NOW and get the invite to join the exclusive WhatsApp group.

How to Join Our Exclusive Post-UTME WhatsApp Group

Wondering how you can join the Whatsaap group? Well, it’s just so simple. Just click on the button below and you will be sent an invite link to join our Exclusive Whatsapp group.


When is OSCOTECH Post UTME in 2022?

OSCOTECH Post UTME has not been fixed.


Gaining admission into the OSCOTECH is not suppose to be a difficult thing to achieve as it seems. A lot of persons are in this race with you so you need to have some kind of advantage over others.

That is why we have made available the information about the easy ways to pass the OSCOTECH Post UTME; of which one of the most important steps is clicking on the link to access the OSCOTECH Post UTME Past Questions.



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