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How To Remove A Pop Socket

  • Fold the sticky PopSocket against your device to make it flat.
  • To peel the disc free from the gadget, run your fingernail below and around it.
  • Pull the PopSocket away from your smartphone with care. Within 15 minutes, transfer it to a different device.


Can you remove a PopSocket and reuse it?

A PopSocket can be reused indefinitely. When not in use, ensure sure the PopSocket is adhered to a hard, flat surface to prevent the sticky gel from drying out. You may use an old phone case, a mirror, or even your wall to hang jewelry with a PopSocket you don’t use.

How do you remove a PopSocket mount?

Flattening and peeling up slowly from one side of the platform is the best approach to remove your PopGrip (the sticky part). Pulling up with your PopGrip extended may cause it to dislodge from the base. Another method is to use dental floss, which is quite convenient. It should simply come off if you slide it under the platform of your PopGrip.

Do PopSockets come off easily?

When you’ve had enough of the PopTop’s appearance, you can quickly remove it and switch to a different style. To remove the PopTop, just collapse the PopSocket and press and twist. After that, line another PopTop with the PopGrip and fasten it with a twist.

How do you remove pop glue from a phone case?

Apply a small amount of nail polish remover to a cotton pad or cloth and rub the affected area gently. It’ll be simple to remove. After that, make sure to wipe the surface clean. If left on for an extended period of time, the chemicals in the remover may damage your phone cover.

Can you replace the sticky part on a PopSocket?

If it doesn’t stick to your phone anymore, put the old base against a wall or a table, then close the PopGrip flat, press down, and twist it 90 degrees. The PopTop should pop out easily, and you can replace it with your new, stickier-than-ever base.

Are PopSockets still popular 2022?

PopSockets remain the most popular phone grip style since they work well, last a long time, and, with the newest Swappable PopGrips style, they’re both easier to upgrade to a new style and operate with Qi wireless charging.

Are PopSockets good for your hands?

PopSockets have made it easier for me to keep my phone and my head up. On days when I use a case with a phone grip and days when I don’t, I can feel a distinct difference in my fingers, as well as my wrist and shoulders. It’s simpler to keep my phone steady and at a greater altitude.

Are PopSockets worth it?

Popsockets are a good investment. Popclips are a little pricey, but they add to Popsockets’ capabilities. Popsockets are functional, adaptable, and make a terrific accessory, despite their odd appearance. You’ll be baffled as to how you ever managed without one.

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