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How To Remove Pex Clamps

Using a heavy-duty end cutter is quite simple.

  • Use a pipe cutter to separate the fitting assembly from the PEX pipe. Close to the fitting should be the cut. It may be simpler to grasp the pipe with pliers and remove it from the fitting if you leave between 12″ and 3/4″ of pipe exposed.
  • Each side of the clamp ear should have a cutting jaw. Squeeze the handles until the clamp ear is fully cut off by the jaws. (Ambien) Once the jaws are open, grab one of the cut ends to release the clamp from the pipe.
  • Get rid of the PEX pipe. The PEX fittings’ barbs make it challenging to remove the pipe; thus, grasp the pipe firmly with pliers and twist it to release it from the fitting.


Why are PEX crimp rings black?

The black coating is a surface treatment rather than paint that does not increase the ring’s size. To ensure compatibility with all SDR9 PEX tubing and fitting components from various manufacturers, brass insert fittings and rings are produced and certified to the specifications of ASTM F1807.

Are PEX clamps reusable?

No matter which option you select, the fitting can be reused but not the pinch clamp. Take into account the following methods to remove the pinch clamp and reuse the fitting before discarding it. Before using a fitting again, always check that it is in good condition.

Can you take a SharkBite off and reuse it?

Before the O-ring that creates a waterproof seal is damaged to the point where it may leak, SharkBite fittings can be reused two to three times. It’s also crucial to remember that removing a SharkBite fitting from the same pipe several times could harm the pipe.

Can you reuse push to connect fittings?

Always cut with a crisp, square edge. Push fittings shouldn’t be reused. When the pipe is taken out and put back in or the fitting is used again, a food-grade lubricant that has been placed to the O-ring inside the fitting progressively wears off.

How do you remove plastic plumbing fittings?

One pair of slip-joint pliers should be used to hold the pipe while the other pair is used to turn the fitting. Pull the fitting away from the pipe as you turn the fitting. If the fitting does not come off, use the hair dryer to heat the area for an additional four to five minutes before attempting again.

Can you close PEX Clamp with pliers?

You ought to crimp the PEX using a crimping tool. I wish you luck while crimping. You can buy or rent the tool. The clamps can be cut using end-cutting pliers or diagonal cutting pliers.

Can you use crimp fittings on PEX A?

Except for PEX-AL-PEX, all varieties of PEX tubing can be used with crimp fittings. Since they are the most accessible and cheap, crimp fittings are preferred for many applications.

Which is better PEX cinch or crimp?

In addition to being more adaptable, the cinch tool is less expensive than the crimp tool. Cinch rings may cost a little bit more than crimp rings. A tight connection will last for at least five years and perhaps even ten. A crimp ring, a crimp tool, appropriate fittings, and a go/no-go gauge are the components of a crimp connection.

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