How To See What I Liked On Instagram


Tap your profile picture on the bottom right to go to your profile. Tap on the top right, then tap your activity. Tap Interactions, then tap Likes. Tap the post or video you’d like to view.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you see your likes on Instagram 2022?

1. Go to the profile tab and tap the menu button at the top-right corner.
2. Select “Your activity”.
3. In the ‘Your activity screen, tap “Interactions“.
4. Tap on ‘Likes’.
The Likes page will show all the posts, videos, and reels you’ve liked on Instagram.

How do I hide the like count in 2022?

1. Go to the post you want to hide the like count for and tap the three-dots icon at the top right.
2. Tap Hide Like Count on the pop-up menu.
Now, the number of likes will no longer be visible.

How do you turn on likes on Instagram?

At the top of the Posts menu, you’ll see a toggle labeled Hide Like and View Counts. Switch that toggle to the “on” position (it should turn blue), and you’re set—the like count from all of your Instagram posts will now be hidden.

Can I unhide my tagged photos on Instagram?

You can’t unhide multiple tagged photos at once, but you can unhide each one individually if you remember who posted it. This wikiHow teaches you how to make tagged photos visible on your Instagram profile.

Who can see tagged photos?

When you’re tagged in a post, it means you and your friends can see it, even if they weren’t in the original audience. The original audience as well as the friends you suggest may see the post you’re tagged in.

How do you hide tags on Instagram stories?

Simply click the ‘Aa’ button in your story photo or video, type hashtags using the #symbol, and click “Done” in the top right corner. After that, use your fingers to minimize it and keep doing so until it is completely gone.

How do you hide mentioned posts on Instagram?

Click the photo in the top right corner of your computer or mobile browser. Choose Show on My Profile or Hide on My Profile from the Post Options menu.

How do I make my tagged photos visible on Instagram?

Replace “Hide from My Profile” with “Show on My Profile” on the profile that originally posted the photo of you. When you select it, it’s as if the tagged photo never existed.

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