How To Take A Professional Headshot For LinkedIn

Here’s how to take a professional headshot for LinkedIn;

  • Make yourself approachable. Your photo should, of course, be professional.
  • Take a picture of your head. 60 percent of the space should be taken up by your face.
  • Select a current photograph.
  • Select the appropriate expression.
  • Put on your regular clothes.
  • Take the photo straight on
  • Taking selfies is not a good idea.
  • Don’t Use Filters 


What is the professional standard of a LinkedIn headshot?

Consistency is the key to a solid background. It could be a white, blue, or brick wall, or an ivy-covered wall. However, it must be consistent, as the focus of the photograph is on your face, and a distracting background will draw attention away from you.

How much do professional headshots cost LinkedIn?

Headshots for LinkedIn range in price from $65 to $750, depending on location, package, and supplier. The images at the very bottom of this spectrum will be very poor.

Should you smile in LinkedIn photo?

In your professional photographs, there are no rules about whether or not to smile. The only requirement is to feel and appear at ease (which is a large part of your professional photographer’s job) so that your professional headshot makes a convincing first impression on visitors.

Should your LinkedIn profile picture be professional?

If you’re like the majority of Linkedin’s 300 million monthly active members, you’ll probably want to invest in a professional Linkedin photo. A professional headshot photographer will know how to make you look your best while also conveying the right message.

Can you use a selfie for LinkedIn?

Yes, you can. However, position your camera slightly above your head. If you have someone else take the photo for you, it doesn’t have to be precisely a selfie. Make sure your camera is parallel to the background. Remember that your face should face the camera straight, but your body should be angled toward the light source.

Is it worth getting a professional headshot?

Corporate headshots can help you make a good first impression and gain the trust of your clients. They’ll strengthen your devotion to quality and other vital principles if done correctly. As a leader, these photos should reflect the high level of service you provide on a daily basis.

Are professional photos worth it?

Because you have an accountable and trustworthy photographer photographing your event, you will save energy, stress, and time. The job will be completed more quickly. The photos will be far superior. In the long run, images that tell your story will earn you more money than the cost of having them made.

How close should a profile picture be?

It’s not too far away, yet it’s not too close. Allow them to see your face, but don’t cram too many people in front of the camera. When the photo is reduced in size, they won’t be able to notice your smile if your face is too little. Remember that this image could be as little as 50 × 50 pixels in the social stream.

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