How Young Graduates Can Boost Their Business Skills through Online Learning Platforms

In today’s digital era, online learning is not considered a novel idea. Learning has transformed from campus rooms to online training sessions. Technology is helping people with different backgrounds. Many young grads are taking advantage of such platforms and interactive online sessions to boost their business skills. 

Read the article below to understand how online learning can help young entrepreneurs polish their skill sets.

For young grads with zero industry experience, it is not an easy process to form a new business. Though they hold onto potential business plans or ideas, they have limited procedural, explicit, and tacit knowledge.

Hence, it is required for them to gain maximum knowledge through online courses or sessions to legally establish a business.

For instance, when starting a trucking company, young individuals must learn a few things. Like what are the established regulations for carrier moving companies, how to acquire US DOT registration for commercial motor vehicles, what is an ideal method for the BOC-3 filing process, how to obtain necessary licenses, etc.

Online learning platforms provide young individuals with technical education through various group projects, off-campus learning, and other field commitments. This will help young entrepreneurs in the long run.

Data Analysis Skills

Online learning platforms help business grads to improve their data analysis skills through various tasks, sessions, and quizzes. As per numerous studies, it has been found that businesses’ growth primarily relies on the strong analytical skills of employees. HBS Professor Jan Hammond stated that “data analytics is a reliable approach to positively influence an organization.”

For instance, successful MNCs like Microsoft, Nestle, IBM, PepsiCo, P&G, Unilever, Uber, CITI Group, Blue Apron, etc. are leveraging the analytical skills of their employees to improve routine business operations, products/services, and profitability.

Online platforms empower young individuals with analytical skills by assisting them on imperative things. Like how to summarize datasets, how to recognize and react to market trends, how to test a hypothesis, how to solve complex business problems, and how to make informed decisions.

Negotiation Skills

In today’s highly competitive business environment, young graduates wouldn’t stand a chance in the long-run if they don’t possess the needed skills to negotiate in the industry. When young graduates are starting their professional journey, it is important for them to learn how to be effective negotiators. This will help them operate at a senior level in the long-run.

With online learning & interactive sessions, students are able to polish their negotiation skills. They get to learn a lot about deal-making. Like how to secure strong value at an organization, how to bargain with external & internal stakeholders of a business, how to advocate for higher business profits, how to craft a successful & one-size-fits-all negotiation strategy.

Online learning helps students see themselves as negotiators so that they can deploy different negotiation skills depending on business situations. Getting a business degree only doesn’t teach how to deal with difficult people at work.

Set Achievable Goals

Online learning platforms assist young graduates in identifying achievable business goals. Through online training, they will know when and how to set goals to make the most out of their business plan. Mentoring from industry experts and taking part in online discussion forums help them explore unique challenges and marker opportunities.

With professional guidance, young grads can set achievable goals, build useful strategies, identify profitable market segments, target multiple opportunities, and ensure the survival of their startups.

Track Income & Expenses

Last, but not least, online learning provides a baseline knowledge of finance that can be a valuable asset for young individuals. This empowers them to sort their financial resources on better grounds and further helps them make the most out of limited funds.

For a successful business, young grads need to learn how to keep a good track of income and expenses. For instance, when setting up a moving carrier business, it is important to carefully analyze logistics costs as payments are often received after weeks of delivery.

Online courses help young entrepreneurs learn best financial practices. For instance;

  • Maintaining a record of invoices, receipts, and business expenses
  • Understanding of how to keep business finances and personal funds separate
  • Switching to bookkeeping software rather than finding an accountant to keep business cost at low
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