Hurford Youth Fellowship Program 2022 | Updated

The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) invites applications for the Hurford Youth Fellows Program 2022. The Hurford program aims to strengthen leadership, empower organizational skills and unleash the potential of new democratic leaders around the world.

As part of the Hurford program, two young activists spend four months a year at the NED, expanding their global network, learning from activists in democratic movements around the world, and contributing to the development of the global movement for democracy and the world.

Especially youth movement for democracy. The Fellows must conduct online discussions to attract active young activists around the world.

Hurford Youth Fellows will participate in strategic meetings. Research Organize and conduct presentations and exchange information on the following topics of democracy:

  • Defend the democratic space
  • Including inclusive governance
  • Strengthening democratic leadership

More specifically, each fellow participates in the following activities:

  • Research on a topic that relates to the above issues of democracy
  • Development of online resources, eg. A collection of publications and related training materials;
  • Facilitate online discussions
  • Contribute to the social media publications of the Global Movement / Youth Movement
  • Participation in the planning and implementation of other activities of the Global Movement / World Youth Movement; and
  • Participate in relevant events and discussions in Washington, DC to deepen understanding of issues and build industrial relations.
  • Identify, compile, present and creatively share the discussion material and results.
  • Each fellow will make at least one formal presentation of his work during his scholarship.
  • Presentations may be open to the public or intended for a smaller audience, and generally focus on the scholar’s research topic.
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At the end of each fellowship at the NED, the Fellow will serve as a regional/national focal point and work with the Hurford Youth Fellowship Alumni Network to remain active and lead the activities of the World Youth Movement.

Scholarship Level/Field

The Hurford Youth Fellowship 2022 is made for self-motivated applicants who wish to learn and gain more experience in Leadership in an online platform and to generate active engagement among youth activists around the world. Get access to other leadership scholarships, click on the link

Host Nationality

Hurford youth fellowship program is hosted in Washington D.C, United States.If you are an international student and you desire to study in the United States, explore some of our great opportunities to study in the United States.

Hurfordfellowship program

  • Each fellow receives a monthly living expense, health insurance, and return trip to and from Washington, DC, including the cost of living in Washington, DC.
  • The scholarship holders have a fully equipped office with Internet and e-mail access and a limited budget for fraternal telephone calls throughout the community.
  • World Movement Secretariat staff play a crucial role in helping fellows achieve their goals by working on their scholarship projects and involving them in ongoing discussions about their work.
  • The NED houses a Democracy Resource Center (DRC) that includes a library of approximately 20,000 books, including books, journals, beneficiary reports, and other publications on democracy.
  • The DRC experts support the scholarship holders in their research areas. Fellows have access to other local libraries as needed.
  • Future scholarship holders who are neither citizens nor permanent residents of the United States must obtain a D-1 visitor visa prior to their arrival in the United States.
  • The International Forum for Democratic Studies supports scholars with the necessary documents to obtain visas.
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Eligible Nationality

The Youth Fellowship Program is available for International applicants. Read also if you wish to study outside your home country Simple and Detailed Answers about Applying and Winning a Scholarship.

Scholarship Number

The number of Fellowship offer was not made specified.

Eligibility for Scholarship

  • The scholarship is open to applicants from all countries under the age of 30.
  • They must show a strong interest in democratic activism and in promoting democracy in their respective communities and around the world.
  • Young people who belong to civil society organizations are particularly encouraged to apply.
  • Basic knowledge of the English language is an essential prerequisite for participation in the program for communication purposes in general. All application documents must be submitted in English.

Note: It does not provide scholarship funding or other forms of financial support to university or doctoral students, nor is it intended to support postdoctoral researchers.

The program is not an educational program that offers academic courses leading to a degree. In addition, it does not provide financial support for those wishing to participate in vocational training programs

Fellows are expected to work full-time on their fellowship projects at the NED office in Washington, D.C. Fellows may not hold any other fellowships or be otherwise employed during the fellowship period without the express permission of World Movement Secretariat staff.

Additional fellowships or work opportunities that coincide with the fellowship period must be brought to the attention of World Movement Secretariat staff prior to the candidate’s acceptance of a Hurford Fellowship.

Failure to do so may result in the revocation of the fellowship.

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Application Procedures

Click here for details on how to apply.

For more information, visit Hurford Youth Fellowship.

Application Deadline

Applications will be closed on March 14th at 23:59.

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