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In essay writing, there’s nothing more crucial than the topic you choose for your essay. If your essay topic is weak, you can’t have a strong essay concept because it is your topic that serves as the foundation for your essay.

The topics you are most interested in are the ones that make the most sense and if you have no interest in them, your essay writing experience will be a torture.

However, writing will be simple if it is something you have a genuine passion for and your audience should be a factor when you’re considering what topic to choose for your essay.

Tips on how to choose an essay topic

There are filters to apply when generating topic ideas, even though there is never a single optimal response. After having lots of writing experience, some topics fit into particular categories better than others; as a result, you should choose your topic of discussion only after knowing the kind of essay you need to write.

Below are some considerations that would help you pick the best topics for your essay.

  • Pick an engaging and thrilling tic
  • What would you like to learn about, if you were your reader?

There are various styles that every student should know, and they can be broken down into four main groups:

Topics for Essays by Category

  • Persuasive Writing: Here, the writer chooses and supports a particular point of view. This category includes essays that are persuasive, argumentative or both.
  • Expository Writing: The focus on this kind of essay is on providing information to the reader on a certain subject.
  • Descriptive Writing: This type of writing challenges the author to channel their inner artist while using vibrant language and well-organized thoughts to describe something, explain an idea, etc. This category defines or describes something.
  • Narrative Writing: Here the author narrates or describes a process in chronological order.

Topics for Cause and Effect Essays

Essays on causes and effects describe how one thing affects another. Both high school and college essays frequently apply the cause-and-effect approach to a topic.

This structure for an essay enables students to illustrate how several topics are related.

Here are some topic ideas you can find for cause-and-effect essays.

  • How optimism affects your defenses
  • Bicycling is healthier for you and less harmful for the environment than driving a car
  • Does social media help people communicate more effectively?
  • Are college graduates more successful?
  • Mistrust and distance relationships
  • Exercise can help reduce childhood obesity.
  • The primary causes of homelessness are drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Climate change and the extinction of species
  • Bouts of panic and their causes
  • Symptoms and effects of bulimia
  • Healthy eating and portion control

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Good Topic Ideas for Argumentative Essays

Arguments for and against a certain issue are frequently resented in argumentative essays. They can be balanced on all sides of the issue or they might primarily promote one side, depending on the author’s objectives and personal beliefs.

The list below provides you with some excellent topic ideas for your argumentative essays.

  • Should all women have access to family planning and birth control?
  • Does everyone benefit equally from our tax system?
  • Is vaping just as dangerous as cigarette smoking?
  • Is global consumption a serious problem?
  • Is social media a privacy infringement?
  • Does everyone need to get vaccinated?
  • Do food firms have a say in what we eat?
  • Does our system of education fit our culture?
  • Why should certain languages be recognized as official in the US?
  • Is the death penalty ever justified?
  • Must abortion be outlawed?
  • Do individuals misuse their freedom to carry weapons?

Topics for Narrative Essays

You can consider yourself a professional writer as you complete the custom essay writing for a narrative essay. Here, you get to share your experiences and tell a memorable narrative that is amusing, sad, or interesting to you.

In narrative essays, details are very important in narrative essays because the objective is to use your own words to create a picture for the reader. It is preferable to choose a tale that you can recall vividly and with great detail.

Here are some really great topics for your narrative essay.

  • The best childhood memory
  • A most recent trip you took
  • The passing of a close friend or family who impacted you
  • Your life was changed by losing a pet.
  • Your relationship with your best friend
  • The worst experience you can recall
  • Your initial flight experience
  • Your very first book
  • A memorable summer camp story
  • the initial time you drive
  • The awkward circumstance you have ever encountered
  • How do you unwind over the weekend?

Topic Ideas for Research Essays

Research essays present issues using the findings of academics and scientists. You typically share your own perspective on a subject after outlining what others have to say about it.

Also, you can concur or disagree with the academic views. 

Here are some intriguing subjects for research papers:

  • How animal rights are violated in contemporary society
  • Ages at which alcohol is permitted globally
  • What does patriotism signify in various cultural contexts?
  • Workplace sexual harassment
  • Medical malpractice and its effects
  • What should be done to combat hate crimes?
  • Benefits and drawbacks of online shopping
  • The way that IQ testing divide society
  • Academic integrity and plagiarism
  • Alternative energy sources
  • Ocean pollution prevention strategies
  • The impact of pesticides on us
  • Is population reduction a way to combat global warming?
  • Conservation of endangered species
  • Rates of divorce among young couples
  • The importance of family values in a person’s life

Topics for Descriptive Essays

Unlike narrative essays, descriptive essays focus even more on detail while containing less action. It’s important to portray a sense of place, mood, or feeling in descriptive essays.

All the subjects for a descriptive essay come from your personal experiences and things you remember clearly. Essay topics that fall under this category are:

  • The nightmare you had most recently
  • Your strangest travel encounter
  • Describe a gallery that has become a favorite of yours.
  • Your most joyful day ever
  • Who is your favorite fictional character?
  • Describe a friend of yours in your speech.
  • Describe the location that only exists in your mind.
  • Talk about your preferred sport and your live game experience.
  • To introduce yourself to someone you have never met

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Topics for Definition Essays

A definition essay’s objective is to define a term. Most times, these pieces discuss abstract terminology and the phrases might mean different things depending on culture or personality because there are no clear definitions for them.

Some ideas for definition essays include:

  • What does success mean to you?
  • How would you define love?
  • Kindness and its significance
  • How does optimism improve one’s quality of life?
  • The effects of procrastination
  • Describe Buddhism and its place in world religions.
  • What does joy mean to you?
  • What does friendship mean to you?
  • Pros and downsides of perfectionism
  • The explanation of the marriage institution
  • Define terrorism and explain its causes.

Topics for Informative Essays

Just like research essays, informative essays only give information and instruct readers on a subject. Here, you are not allowed to express your opinions; rather, you must merely discuss your subject and inform the reader of it.

These are some excellent essay tic ideas.

  • The Civil War’s importance in American history
  • Slavery in America through the ages
  • The fight for civil rights
  • The origins of stress and its long-term effects
  • Why we delay things and how to stop it
  • American racism
  • Youth obesity
  • Cybercrime: How to avoid becoming a victim
  • The elements of the solar system


Coming up with essay topic ideas can sometimes be herculean. But a proper understanding of the essay category can help you from corresponding topic ideas to the essays. I hope this article provides you with the desired guide.




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