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An Essay on Importance of English Language | Guide & Sample

The use of the English language is gradually spreading like wildfire and people are devoting more time to studying English as a second language. In most countries’ school curricula, it is mandatory that the children be taught the English language. Hence, it makes it easier for us to cross many hurdles that language barriers present us with.

Whatever your reason for learning and writing an essay in the English language, it will facilitate growth in both the personal and professional areas of your life.

The importance of the English language essay will help you to fully understand it.

Importance of English Language

The English language as a mode of communication is how we convey our ideas to others and the secondary function of language is to express someone’s feelings, attitude, or thoughts.

From commerce to entertainment, the English language serves as the universal language for communication.

Also, anyone who speaks English in any part of the globe has access to a plethora of professional options. Similar to how it has become a necessary requirement for many industries and professions, you must learn to speak it as a common language.

Why Learn the English Language?

To start, English is a universal language, and it makes it simpler for anyone who knows to speak and understand it to find employment.

It also facilitates networking. Learning this official language of over 53 nations will make your travel experience easier and interacting with people would be less herculean.

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Places where the English Language is needed

Due t the increasing advancement f information technology, the English language has become the internet’s language and has played a significant role in promoting and reading it throughout the world.

Hence, the need for the English language in so many areas, and some of them are as follows.

  • Use of English in Education: we frequently used This language to comprehend, learn, and explain ideas from a variety of academic disciplines
  • English in Communication: the ability t communicate effectively is the most crucial function of a language.
  • Use of English fr Travel: When someone travels abroad, whether for business, pleasure, moving, or any other reason, they will find it helpful to communicate in English

English language is about the most extensively used and respected language and turns out to be a useful tool for connecting with individuals around the globe.

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Essay on Importance of English Language | Sample

Usually, classes 1,2,3,4,5, and 6 are the ones who write essay on importance of English language.

Below is a sample.

English is a language that is highly valued and is the native tongue of several nations including the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. This language has a variety of dialects and writing systems that are widely used all over.

This language has a long, fascinating history that is yet quite simple to learn.
These historical ties to languages like Latin and German make understanding other languages simple. It also contains a plethora of vocabularies and is quite flexible.

One’s proficiency in English is only evaluated through some international tests, such as the GRE, TEFL and today, the language of development permeates all curricula in educational institutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is English a universal tongue?

It is, and it is used for daily communication in the international sphere.

What varieties of English are there?

There are up to 35 different dialects of English. American, Indian, South Africa, Canadian, Sri Lankan, Welsh, Irish, and many other languages have distinct dialects.

Which nations have the highest percentage of English speakers?

The USA, with a population of 64.3%, the UK, with a population of 16.7%, and Canada, with a population of 5.3%, are the t three nations having a majority of English speakers.


Nobody can dispute the significance of English as a current global language and an essay on importance of English language can’t be overemphasized. Find a sample above to guide you.




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