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Best Cheap Health Insurance In Michigan in 2023

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Getting the best cheap health insurance in Michigan depends on the medical coverage you want to buy. This is also determined by the cost of health insurance in the state. In addition, if you cannot get health insurance through your employer, you can purchase a private plan in Michigan. 

Besides, consider not just the monthly rate when you are planning to purchase a health insurance plan. Aside from that, you must try to balance the cost of the plan and its coverage.

What this means is that health insurance plans with cheaper premiums typically have higher deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums. While they may benefit you in saving on monthly expenses, they may not be the best in the long run.

On the other hand, health insurance plans with high premiums usually have smaller deductibles.

That is not enough, you may have to compare the options available to you to enable you to make the right choice. Not to worry, we have helped you to simplify the available options. This comprehensive guide is all you need.

The Best Cheap Health Insurance in Michigan by Metal Tier

The cost of your health insurance is dependent on the type of metal tier you chose. Some metal tiers have higher monthly premiums while some have lower ones and they all have their pros and cons, including deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses. As a result, you need to plan well before going for any one of them. 

Furthermore, the available metal tiers in Michigan are six and they are Catastrophic, Bronze, Expanded Brine, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

On average, these metal tiers have their individual rates which differentiate them from one another. Here, they are;

  • Platinum – $612 per month
  • Gold – $477 per month 
  • Silver – $422 per month
  • Expanded Bronze – $314 per month
  • Bronze – $312 per month 
  • Catastrophic – $271 per month.

If you are a healthy individual who has little or no need for frequent visits to the hospital, you may go for cheaper tier options like Bronze and Expanded Bronze. Although they may have many deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses, the monthly premiums are not much.

However, if you have major medical issues that require higher medical attention, then, these cheaper tiers may not be the best for you. You may have to buy more expensive tiers like Gold or Platinum.

The interesting thing about them is that even though they are expensive, they will help you save a lot of costs. 

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More Emphasis on the Metal Tiers

In the Michigan marketplace, you can find six metal tiers with different packages. There are the cheaper monthly plans and there are the much more expensive ones.

Each of them depends on what you need, your financial status and your medical history. Below, they are all explained, enabling you to make the best possible choice:

#1. Catastrophic Tier

If you are an individual yet to reach 30 years or have some financial constraint, the catastrophic plan is the best for you, except you have a very poor health condition.

Although these plans are quite affordable, they have just the fewest benefits. This means that you may have to pay higher deductibles and out-of-pocket costs due to the less coverage of the plan.

#2. Bronze Tier

This plan is better than the Catastrophic plan. As well, they have lower out-of-pocket costs.

However, if you don’t qualify for a Catastrophic plan, the Bronze plan is the next cheapest plan for you.

Bronze plans have less coverage and fairly high deductibles and out-of-pocket costs. 

#3. Expanded Bronze Tier

This has slightly more benefits and lower out-of-pocket costs than the Bronze tier.

Even though it is more expensive than the two options above, it is affordable and does not cost an arm to purchase.

#4. Silver Tier

This is the middle ground for all the tiers. The premiums are moderate and out-of-pocket costs, together with deductibles, are not too much.

So, it is what someone who wishes to go for higher insurance coverage than the ones above and something lower than the Gold or Platinum should go for. 

#5. Gold Tier

This plan has lower out-of-pocket costs and deductibles than the ones above. However, they are not pocket-friendly at all.

But if you need much bigger medical coverage because of your health, you may opt for the Gold plan because it offers packages that can help you take care of your medical bills.

#6. Platinum Tier

The Platinum plan is the most expensive of all the tiers and also the one with lesser deductibles and out-of-pocket costs.

In essence, the coverage is more comprehensive and ideal for those who have high medical needs. 

Having known more about the plans, you can make your choice better. Don’t forget that your level of income can affect the plan you go for, regardless of your medical condition.

If your income in Michigan falls between 100% and 400% of the federal poverty level, you may be eligible for premium tax credits. 

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The Best Cheap Health Insurance in Michigan by Age and Metal Tier

Age consideration must be factored in when you are calculating the health insurance premium. Insuring older people is riskier than younger ones.

Significantly, their premium will also be more expensive than that of younger people.

For instance, the average policy for a 26-year-old man in Michigan is $338 per month and that of a sixty-year-old man in the same Michigan is $897 per month.

The Cheap Health Insurance in Michigan by County

The rate of health insurance may factor in other issues like the resident of the individual buying the insurance policy.

And so, insurers use one’s county to calculate the right amount for the insurance. So, you may have to check the cheapest plans in your county and consider the best plan for you.

Medicaid and Medicare in Michigan Health Insurance

These two packages are federal healthcare programs ideal for low-income earners in the state. You may be eligible for them if you meet the requirements. Here, they are:

  • Medicaid: This provides free medical insurance to individuals who are eligible for the package. Residents of Michigan can qualify for the package depending on their income alone.

    Generally, you may be qualified if your income is below 138% of the federal poverty level of the state. More so, it is totally free.
  • Medicare: This is another option for low-income Michigan residents. It is packaged for individuals up to 65 years and above. If you also have a disability or terminal illness, you may qualify for Medicare.

    Unlike Medicaid, pay some amount of money for the coverage as a Medicare policyholder. However, the amount is small, compared to the metal tiers. 

The three parts making up medicare include;

  • A (Hospital Insurance): This is free coverage and covers your hospital, nursing facility, hospice care, and other home care expenses. 
  • B (Medical Insurance): This comprises a monthly premium, which largely depends on your income. It also covers some doctor’s services, outpatient care, necessary medical supplies, and preventive services.
  • D (Prescription Drug Coverage): This Part D covers the cost of your drug prescription and recommended vaccines.

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Michigan Health Insurance Providers

The following are the companies that provide health insurance in Michigan:

#1. Health Alliance Plan

This serves more than half a million residents of MI. It comprises a full-service health insurance company and has diverse products for individuals and groups.

Health Alliance Plan network encompasses top doctors, hospitals, and health systems in the state. 

#2. Priority Health

This is a leading health provider that serves over half a million residents of Michigan. It is recognized nationally for its innovative impact in health care as it maximizes customer experiences while minimizing costs.

It has a diverse portfolio of products for individuals and organizations. In addition, it offers Medicare and Medicaid to beneficiaries.

Equally, it is one of the top-rated health care insurers in the country.

#3. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

This health insurance provider is one of the top providers in the country, having served for almost 70 years. It offers cost-effective and innovative products to its customers from all over the counties.

Moreover, it partners with the state government to offer cover to different individuals and groups, while providing financial support to 30 clinics statewide.

#4. Ambetter from Meridian in Michigan

This health insurance delivers quality and affordable healthcare in the Michigan marketplace.

In addition, it offers quality health insurance through local, regional and community-based resources. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Michigan mandate everyone to have health insurance?

The residents of Michigan are subject to the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) and this act mandates all US citizens to have health insurance. The ACA has a minimum coverage for each plan which must be adhered to.

How do you get health insurance in Michigan?

There is a broad range of private insurers where you can obtain your health insurance during open enrollment. You can also purchase a short-term plan that covers up to 185 days.

What are the qualifications to purchase a private health insurance plan in Michigan?

For you to qualify, you must:
Be self-employed
Have an employer who does not offer a group plan
Enrolled in a group plan but, it does not cover spouses and dependents
Enrolled in a health plan but your benefits needs have changed.


While you may be focused on a quality health insurance plan at the cheapest rate possible, you should also consider other factors that may affect your choice.

Here, in this article, we have helped you with various options for you and why you should go for each one. 



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