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15 Best Medicare Supplemental Insurance in 2023

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While you have gained so much wealth to your name and put plans in place for the times when your bones are no longer strong to make the up and about movement, it is important to secure your health. This is just so you don’t keep spending much on medical bills that it gradually creeps into your savings. Here’s where medicare supplemental insurance comes in.

Getting the best medicare supplemental insurance means that you’d have 80% of your in-patient treatment and 80% of out-patient care and medical supplies are taken care of.

I know you already have a question. Yes, to get the other 20% of costs not covered by medicare to be under cover, you can get Medigap insurance from a private insurance provider. Hence, the need to consider a plethora of things when looking for the best medicare supplemental insurance.

Why Do You Need the Best Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

Needing the best medicare supplemental insurance means looking to cover every hole in your Medicare coverage. So, you either need the best because you don’t have medicines, regular visits to the doctor, vision, and dental care coverage or you need help to pay for all of those coverages.

The lack of full and all-around insurance prompts the need to look for the best medicare supplemental insurance.

What are the Benefits of the Best Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

A Medicare Supplement plan has the advantage of covering costs that basic Medicare does not cover. Things you have as extras in the best supplemental plan include; prescription drugs, hospital stays, hospice care, bloodwork, and emergency department visits.

It dramatically reduces the amount of money you have to pay out of pocket.

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How Much Does the Best Medicare Supplemental Plan Cost?

Several suppliers cannot provide cost estimates without comprehensive personal information. Most plans, though, start at $100 per month, and many providers provide rebates for a variety of factors including being a female or a non-smoker or having over one policy from that provider.

15 Best Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Looking for the best means there are certain factors that stand out for you and make any of the supplemental insurance ranks as best for you.

Meanwhile, remember that competitive pricing and modern and user-friendly website interfaces are available from the leading of the best Medicare supplement insurance carriers.

They also make it simple to contact customer support experts and provide discounts to their clients. Hence, the list below.

#1. Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha, which has been in operation for over a century, provides coast-to-coast coverage to adults in the United States who are looking into getting the best Medicare Supplemental plans and other types of insurance.

You’ll understand their insurance plans in the most straightforward and understandable manner possible, removing the guesswork and frustration from the enrolling process.

The company is testing solutions to assist Medicare supplement clients who are lonely and in need of company. With loneliness now being recognized as a serious health concern, this novel and unique program could benefit many people.

Through Mutual of Omaha’s website, you may connect with a local agent, obtain a free quote, and apply for a Medigap plan.

#2. CVS/Aetna

Aetna includes a plethora of supplement plans and makes comprehensive information available for download on its website so that customers can better understand their benefits.

The fact that CVS/Aetna is actively increasing its Medicare supplement business speaks well for customer service, which is essentially the only thing that separates Medicare Supplement insurers.

In some places, CVS/Aetna gives considerable household discounts of up to 14% to two or more consumers.

#3. AARP

Since 1958, AARP (Association of Retired Persons) has remained committed to improving seniors’ quality of life by fostering independence, dignity, and purpose. Although AARP is not an insurance firm, it has collaborated with United Health care, the nation’s largest insurer, to provide Medigap coverage to more than 43 million people in all 50 states and most U.S. territories.

Today, they provide the best Medicare Supplement insurance to almost 4 million consumers in the United States. And, with their staff specialists; you can get all the help you need to select the most ideal plan for you.

#4. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

In many places, Anthem provides Silver Sneakers to its Medicare supplement clients at no additional cost. It also offers a comprehensive dental, hearing, and vision package at an affordable rate.

However, the number of open plans is reduced to three or four out of ten, so you won’t be able to procure probably one of the least popular plans.

Because Anthem only operates in a few states, if you leave its service area, your Medicare supplement coverage will be controlled by the local Blue Cross/Blue Shield firm, which may result in some modifications you don’t like.

It’s possible that your expenses will be affected as well.

#5. Cigna

Next on the list of best medicare supplemental insurance is Cigna. Cigna has been a global presence in the insurance industry for over 200 years. They serve over 180 million clients in over 30 countries through its network of over 1.5 million relationships with healthcare practitioners, clinics, and institutions.

As a pioneer in the value-based care movement, which emphasizes preventive care. Instead of waiting until there is a crisis, the value-based care approach to billing tries to control prices by giving patients with care that prevents major problems.

Cigna is noted for its low rates, dependable service, and other free programs it offers to its consumers. You may want to try it out.

#6. Humana

Humana is one of the best medical insurance companies in the United States with a diverse variety of user-friendly insurance packages. The popular Medicare Supplement plans A, B, C, G, F, and K are available.

This medicare supplemental insurance prides itself in providing inexpensive health care to all of its members across 47 states and is available all time, any day.

#7. Bankers Fidelity

For nearly 65 years, bankers Fidelity has been serving Medicare beneficiaries and continues to be a profitable Medicare insurance firm.

That is why you can find it in the list of the best medicare supplement for 2023.

#8. Manhattan Life

For over 170 years, this medicare supplement company has been insuring Americans and continues to satisfy policyholders as one of the continuously functioning insurance firms in the United States.

It provides all beneficiaries with five Medigap plans and comprehensive dentistry, vision, and hearing coverage.

With over 30 years of expertise, the organization is a successful Medicare insurance provider and is committed to improving its technologies in order to provide a better user experience.

#9. UnitedHealthcare

As one of the best medicare supplemental insurance for 2023, UHC has offered Medigap plans to Medicare enrollees.

This provider is an ideal fit when you’re looking for a provider that is one of the biggest in the US. With one of the simplest medicare supplement underwriting processes, it provides superior health care to beneficiaries across the country.

#10. Capitol Life

Capitol Life is an American insurance firm that specializes in Medicare supplements and life insurance. Since its establishment in 1905, the corporation has been a highly successful insurance company.

Its dedication to providing as many people with low-cost medicare supplements as workable makes it rank as one of the best medicare supplements that you can find in 2023.

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#11. United American

Founded in 1947, United American Insurance began offering Medicare coverage in 1966. It offers a variety of top medicare supplement plans but its high-deductible Plan F and high-deductible plan G policies are the most renowned.

The two-year policy anniversary limit is one of the main reasons why many beneficiaries choose United American. This is because on the two-year anniversary of their insurance, you could convert to the basic version of their plan with no underwriting health issues.

#12. Healthcare Services Corp.

One of the first insurers to eliminate co-pays, deductibles and approvals for Covid patients was Healthcare Services Corp. Despite offering Medicaid services, which might be less profitable, Healthcare Services Corp has a healthy financial position.

This shows the company’s dedication to providing high-quality treatment. If you have Alzheimer’s disease, Healthcare Services Corp is one of the big insurers that already said it won’t pay for the new Alzheimer’s medicine.

#13. CNO Financial

Bankers Life, a branch of CNO Financial that specializes in medicare supplement policies sells all accessible Medicare supplement plans.

Bankers life’s medicare supplement plan D includes free sneakers gym memberships and access to alternative treatments. One drawback of this medicare supplement insurance requested a 5% premium increase for popular Plan G in various states in 2023.

#14. Wellmark

This is a mutual fund insurer that has been in operation for more than 80 years in South Dakota and Iowa. G and High deductible G, A, D, F, and N are the six medicare supplement plans Wellmark offers.

With Wellmark, you can get low-cost vision and hearing policies, as well as low-cost dentistry insurance in some areas if you enroll.

Wellmark takes pride in its cost-effective and cheap insurance pricing.

#15. Massachusetts

It is the largest health insurer in Massachusetts and a non-profit member of the BCBS Association. Citizens can choose from a variety of BCBS of Massachusetts plans.

Massachusetts offers Medex Core which costs $117 and is a slimmed-down version of traditional medicare plan A.

Is a Medicare Supplemental Plan Worth it?

Yes, a medicare supplemental plan can help pay for things that Medicare doesn’t, and, depending on the plan you choose, you may have copays or highly limited doctor visits depending on the plan you choose.


When on the lookout for the best medicare supplement plans for 2023, it is important to consider your future experience with the company. Sometimes, you could be stuck in your plan due to health difficulties. So, you would have to be sure that your strategy would last.

Most importantly, the insurance providers you choose are just as crucial as the Medigap plan you enroll in.




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