Bristol West Insurance Reviews

Did you know Farmers Insurance Group owns more companies than you know? Sounds too good to be true? Bristol West Insurance is one of them. So, read this article to see what customers have to say about it.

Bristol West Insurance is a company that specializes entirely in accident insurance. Rather than selling directly, it sells its protection inclusion through protection specialists and dealers.

Their contributions to protection are available in 37 states, as well as Washington, D.C.

The table of contents below will highlight more on everything you should know about this insurance company.

About Bristol West Insurance

Bristol West Insurance was founded in 1973 in Florida and specializes in providing coverage for individual vehicles.

The group grew, spreading across the United States, and was acquired by the Farmers Insurance Group in 2007, coincidentally with the country’s largest meeting.

The company has never expanded its product setup, only its working area. Bristol offers items only through specialists and representatives, and the organization offers a variety of payment options and a selection of strategy options ranging from obligation to full inclusion.

The firm employs people in a variety of locations, with most of them being in Florida and Ohio.

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What Insurance Plans does Bristol West Offer?

Bristol West Insurance offers a variety of programs at various costs to meet your inclusion and administrative requirements.

It offers flexible charge and installment plan options, as well as restrictions for scheduled installments, paperless charging, safe driving, and multi-policy enlistment.

Also, it offers a variety of standard plans and benefits, including liability, comprehensive, and accident coverage, as well as uninsured drivers, serious injury, property damage, and rental payback coverage.

You can also include up to $10,000 in medical service, towing and side-of-the-road administration, and trailer actual harm coverage.

Bristol West insurance’s rideshare inclusion protects Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare companies’ drivers.

Does Bristol Offer her Clients some Discounts?

Bristol West has a fairly standard set of restrictions available to potential customers.

It does not provide reserve funds for each limit, but missing paper articulations, covering your strategy, and not having any fresh blunders are three options that are likely to lower your rate.

A comprehensive list of the discounts you can get at Bristol West Insurance includes:

  • Pay your bills in a natural/electronic way.
  • Purchase in advance
  • Organize a variety of strategies (at least two vehicles, manufactured home, bike)
  • Installment of charges on time
  • Having a house is a dream come true for many people.
  • seasoned driver
  • Having a teenager as a driver while he or she is away at school
  • Outstanding student
  • Changing from another provider to Bristol West
  • Having a great driving record for over five years.
  • Excusing a blunder

Pros and Cons of Bristol West Insurance


  • Clinical consideration inclusion up to $10,000
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Round-the-clock online claims filing


  • It is not ideal for average drivers
  • Protection information is not accessible on the internet

Can I go for Bristol West Car Insurance?

Well, if you know you have a not-so-excellent history of driving, you may think of settling for it but if the case is in the reverse; read the next line.

So, it is an out-of-the-box safety net supplier especially for drivers with a tacky driving record such as many traffic citations or a DUI.

Since it operates under the umbrella of the owner; Farmers, it has a plethora of characteristics and a reputable financial standing than the substandard insurance companies that you can think of.

What does Bristol West Auto Insurance Include:

There is a variety of auto insurance coverages that you can find with Bristol.

Make your findings and be sure to compare plans with Bristol’s counterparts before settling for the best coverage for your vehicle.

See the list below for an outline of the vehicle insurance offers.

  • Obligation: Property damage and bodily injuries
  • Drivers who have little or no insurance
  • Installments in the clinic
  • Inclusion of a hole; two credits and rents
  • Towing and emergency help
  • Repayment of a rented automobile ($50 daily for up to 30 days)
  • Uber Eats and other rideshare services
  • Automobiles under lease have an inclusion

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Does Filing a Bristol West Insurance Claim Come so easily?

Actually, there are two ways one can file a claim with Bristol. However, you can log in to check the status of your claim.

At the time of putting up this article, there isn’t much information about how easy the entire process is nor how long you have to wait before your claim goes through.

Bristol West Insurance Reviews | 2023


Bristol West Insurance employs liars and thieves. I canceled my policy after they raised my rate and they charged me for another month. Everything I did included sending proof of the extra insurance. Afterward, I sent so many emails and made unanswered phone calls. I was so annoyed with them and after not hearing from them for a year, they sent the amount to collections. I just paid it because I’m done trying to communicate with this nightmare company. Just a warning to others to save yourself the misery’.


This company does not respond to accident claims. Reached out online, by phone, by text and email repeatedly. Absolutely no response. It refers all the insurance information to a representative‘. 


‘Nice and short….run as fast as you can unless you are desperate for insurance. It’s funny how my experience is very similar to others. Prices will hike up with some excuses…’service charge’ removal of discount’.

Final Thoughts

Remember that we say, regardless of the number of reviews you find on here, it is expedient that you carry out a background research on these insurance entities with due diligence.

If nothing else spurs you to do so, I hope this article on Bristol West Insurance reviews does.



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