15 Best Business Insurance Companies For 2023 

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When it comes to picking the right insurance company, several factors to consider include; the availability of the coverage you desire, how easy it is to get your policy approved, and the customer satisfaction rate. The best business insurance companies offer a variety of policies to improve the ease of getting different coverages in one place.

So many insurance companies are available, and going through all the lists to find the best companies can be tasking. Therefore, this list provides you with the top 15 best business insurance companies available today.  

Some of the criteria we consider while compiling this list include the price of the premium, the types of insurance policies they offer, and customer satisfaction. They include:  

  • 1. Allstate 
  • 2. AmTrust Financial  
  • 3. Chubb 
  • 4. Founder Shield 
  • 5. Farmers Insurance  
  • 6. Liberty Mutual  
  • 7. Progressive Insurance  
  • 8. State Farm  
  • 9. The Hartford  
  • 10. Travelers 
  • 11. Next Insurance  
  • 12. Lloyd’s of London  
  • 13. Insureon  
  • 14. Suracy  
  • 15. Coverwallet  

15 Best Business Insurance companies for 2023

Now let us explain the above-listed best business insurance companies in detail; 

#1. Allstate

Best insurance option for real estate agents and rental services

When it comes to providing affordable car insurance for individuals and businesses, Allstate is very popular and reliable. While the company may not exclusively offer business insurance, some firms and industries may find their coverage types helpful.

Allstate offers customizable policies and has friendly customer service willing to offer 24/7 assistance to customers. There are various insurance options available at Allstate, and their services cut across almost all industries ranging from healthcare to professional businesses, retail items, food, and services businesses.

The best insurance policies from Allstate are:  

  • Business property and 
  • Business liability   

Since Allstate policies are fully customizable, it is easy to include specific types of policies in your insurance plan when you receive a quote from Allstate.   

Allstate has been in the insurance business since 1931 and is also a household name. 

They are well established and offer some of the best services in terms of customer satisfaction.  

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#2. AmTrust Financial 

Best business coverage for restaurants

AmTrust is not as old and popular as some of the major insurance companies you may know today, Like Allstate and State Farm. 

Undoubtedly, this is greatly attributed to the fact that the company is relatively young. AmTrust began in 1998 and has rapidly grown its customer base and employees. 

The Insurance company employs over 7,000 staff members and operates in over 70 countries. AmTrust may not be the greatest competitor in the industry. 

However, the company is responsible for providing niche solutions in the following industries:  

  • Non-profit organizations 
  • Financial institutions  
  • Transportation industry  
  • Restaurants  

Generally, restaurant businesses enjoy the best Coverage from AmTrust Insurance company. They understand the specific risks that restaurant owners face daily. As such, their policies are tailored to protect restaurant businesses, their workers, and their customers. 

Some of the prevalent restaurant improvement coverages are:  

  • Foodborne contamination 
  • Liquor liability  
  • Spoilage  
  • Stock sales price 
  • Umbrella limits  
  • Peak seasons  

Whether you own a family-style restaurant or fine dining setup, AmTrust has a suitable coverage option. However, to receive coverage, you need to meet certain eligibility criteria.

AmTrust also provides coverage for cafes, delis, and pizzerias.  

#3. Chubb 

Best business insurance company for international coverage 

 Regarding taking care of insureds, Chubb remains the top choice. They have a reputation for the fast payout of claims without much ado.

Chubb allows its clients to enjoy rare business coverages in another business insurance company. 

Besides the general liability and worker’s compensation coverage, Chubb provides compensation in the following fields:  

  • Accidents and health insurance cover 
  • Cyber insurance  
  • Environmental pollution coverage  
  • Excess and surplus policies  
  • Global casualty coverage  
  • International solutions for medium companies  
  • Management obligation coverage 
  • Marine coverage  
  • Medical liability coverage 
  • Product recall insurance 
  • Legal liability  
  • Railroad liability  
  • Surety  
  • Trade credit and political risk  

The list contains coverage options you will not find at any other insurance company. While Chubb provides outstanding customer service and a wide variety of insurance options, the cost of their business premiums is a bit high.  

For businesses that need international coverage to protect their transactions that are not within the United States, Chubb provides an excellent service for international transactions.   

#4. Founder Shield 

Best choice for tech startup businesses

Founder Shield is among the new and less-known insurance companies. The company has been in existence for less than ten years. 

However, just like AmTrust, the company is

taking giant steps towards making a name for itself in the insurance company through offering unique services. 

Some of the specialties of the company include: 

  • Cyber insurance 
  • Crime insurance 
  • Intellectual property coverage 
  • Director and officer’s coverage  
  • Fiduciary liability coverage  
  • Representations and warranties coverage  
  • Keyman insurance  
  • Product liability  
  • Pollution coverage  

Also, you will discover that Founder Shield provides more traditional insurance coverage for businesses for workers’ compensation, general liability insurance, and umbrella coverage.

If you are looking for a more modern way to buy insurance coverage, Founder Shield is your best option. 

The company relies on digital methods to provide insurance coverage for its clients. Managing your policy is easy online, and there is less need for paper works. 

Startups in the tech industry can utilize the services of Founder Shield

for their insurance.  

#5. Farmers Insurance

Best choice for home, life, and auto insurance  

Farmer insurance is mostly popular for its home, life, and automobile insurance. However, it can also be a great choice for your business insurance. Farmer insurance is a household name that has been around for close to 100 years now. 

The insurance company is available in all 50 states with a network of over 48,000 agents and twenty-one thousand staff members.

 Some of the available coverages from Farmer Insurance include:  

  • Auto Insurance 
  • Crime coverage 
  • Liability protection  
  • Life insurance 
  • Worker’s compensation  
  • Loss control  
  • Umbrella coverage  
  • Property insurance  

Even though Farmer insurance can be useful to different types of industries, it is most suitable for those in the retail business. 

Farmer insurance can provide affordable policies to cover emergencies like theft, income loss, and injuries; boutique shop owners, salons, dry cleaners, and florists will also find this offer useful.    

#6. Liberty Mutual

Best for those in agriculture and manufacturing 

Companies looking for small business insurance can always rely on Liberty Mutual Insurance. Nonetheless, the company also provides insurance coverage for medium and large enterprises.

When it comes to the insurance industry, Liberty Mutual is one well-known company. Some fortune 500 companies also make use of Liberty Mutual services.  

Liberty Mutual has over 800 offices around the globe with over 50,000 employees. Again, Liberty Mutual is the preferred choice regarding property and casualty insurance for business. Some of the prominent coverage options that Liberty Mutual provides are:  

  • Coverage for equipment breakdown 
  • Additional liability insurance 
  • General liability insurance  
  • Inland marine insurance  
  • Ocean marine coverage  
  • Property insurance  
  • Mergers and acquisitions 
  • Umbrella coverage  
  • Third-party administrations  
  • Workers Compensation  

Different types of industries can utilize the services of Liberty mutual. However, the company remains the top choice for those in the manufacturing and agriculture industries. 

Liberty Mutual allows customers to customize their policies to keep their staff, client, and business safe from unanticipated events or financial catastrophes, whether it’s a product recall or omission coverage.  

#7. Progressive Insurance 

The best insurance company for its commercial automobile policy

There are different types of business insurance coverage by Progressive. Their services include professional liability insurance, general liability coverage, cyber insurance, business owner’s coverage, and worker’s compensation. 

It is important to mention that Progressive specializes in providing commercial motor insurance in the following area:  

  • Box truck coverage  
  • Cars and SUV Coverage  
  • Insurance for commercial trailers 
  • Pickup/truck insurance  
  • Tow truck insurance  
  • Van Insurance  

Progressive is responsible for writing insurance policies for over 1 million commercial vehicles in the United States. So long as your vehicle is for business purposes, you can always obtain a policy/coverage from Progressive.   

Progressive is among the most popular insurance companies in the United States and is also prominent for its fair policy rates.

Customers pay a monthly fee of $165 for business motor coverage. Progressive offers a 15% discount to clients who make an advance payment for their premiums.  

Progressive also offers 24/7 customer service and commercial motor insurance services. 

The progressive insurance company works with professionals who are always available to handle your requests and get your vehicle running quickly, ensuring that your business runs smoothly when accidents occur.  

Suppose your company relies on trucks, vans, cars, and drivers to operate. You should consider insuring it with Progressive Insurance.  

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#8. State Farm 

The best insurance company for small businesses

As a renowned player in the industry, State Farm is popular for underwriting home and car insurance. 

Regarding providing exceptional customer service, State Farm is one company with a great track record. State Farm also provides affordable insurance covers for its clients. 

State Farm provides insurance coverage that is designed for small business owners. They include:  

  • Business owner’s coverage  
  • Personal health coverage  
  • Commercial liability umbrella  
  • workers compensation policy  
  • Commercial and business moto insurance  
  • Professional liability  

State Farm clients are always free to adjust their policy as their business grows to accommodate new needs. State Farm agents are available to assist you in understanding what your small business needs as it grows and help you make new adjustments. They will also help you pick the right coverage for your business. 

State Farm provides all the policies to guide small businesses from unforeseen mishaps, from your start-up to its maturity stage and company sale or transfer of ownership. 

State Farm bags an A++ (superior) rating from AM Best, the highest rating for any company. 

#9. The Hartford 

Best overall for business insurance  

Regarding business insurance, Hartford is unarguably the best in the market. Whether your business’s size or nature, Hartford has a policy for you. 

The company has been writing insurance policies for over 200 years, cutting service across the country. 

Hartford has appeared on the list of most ethical companies in the world 11 times. 

Their policies include:  

  • Business income insurance  
  • Commercial property insurance  
  • Commercial motor insurance 
  • umbrella coverage 
  • Data breach insurance  
  • General liability coverage 

If you are looking for an insurance cover that can protect you from losses that may occur due to damage to one of your properties, stolen inventory, a flood disaster, or a sudden fire outbreak, Hartford is the best place to go.

You can earn some percentage discount on the price of policies when you bundle up different policies.

 With The Hartford add-ons, you can bundle different policies together. You can get a quote for your policy in minutes by applying online. 

Hartford stands out for the quality of its services and customer care when clients come for their claims. It’s a privilege to get your policy from one of the leading business insurance companies in the world today.

#10. Travelers

Best for worker’s compensation coverage

Many big companies are making giant strides in business insurance, and Travelers is one of them. 

There is a wide range of insurance policies and industries covered by travelers. From the finance industry to construction, manufacturing, retail, and technology, this company has policies to serve them well.  

Travelers have over 30,000 employers and work with about 13,500 independent brokers and agents to offer their clients the best when it comes to business insurance coverage in the United States and Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.  

Travelers have been around for over 160 years, offering industry-tailored and other insurance coverage.

Some of the most prominent policies that people buy from Travelers are: 

  • General Liability insurance  
  • Boiler and machinery coverage  
  • Cyber liability insurance 
  • Management and professional liability  
  • Workers Compensation  
  • Commercial motors and trucking insurance  
  • Environmental protection liability  
  • Excess casualty and umbrella coverage  

One of the areas in which Travelers stand tall among the other companies is in the area of worker’s compensation. There are more than 500,000 businesses that rely on Travelers for their worker’s compensation insurance. 

Whether operating a small business locally or having a well-established business with many staff members, you can always rely on Travelers for your general liability and worker’s compensation policies.  

#11. Next Insurance 

Best for fast business coverage 

People who own small businesses know how essential it is to have their policies approved fast, especially when they need it to apply for a business loan. 

Next insurance relies on technology to allow their customers to request quotes and buy their insurance coverage directly online in a few minutes. 

Through Next Insurance’s online platform, you can request a personalized quote for your industry. The platform allows you to upgrade your policy and also download proof of your policy from your online account.  

Next insurance may not be available in all states; however, California and New York are prominent for some types of coverage. Some of the most prominent insurance coverages from Next Insurance include:  

While these four coverages are vital for small businesses, it will be great if Next insurance provides additional insurance policies. Next insurance offers some of the lowest premiums in the market with a monthly fee as low as 14 dollars. 

Getting a quote from the next can be done in less than ten minutes. The company also offers great customer satisfaction, making coverage easy for small businesses. AM Best gives Next Insurance an A (excellent rating).  

#12. Lloyd’s of London 

Best for businesses that are hard to insure 

For many small businesses, accessing insurance coverage can be hassle-free. However, businesses regarded as risky as those in the financial, construction, and healthcare industries may find it challenging to access insurance coverage. 

Only a few companies, like Lloyd’s of London, are willing to work with you. Lloyd’s of London offers a variety of insurance policies to assist small businesses in getting the right insurance coverage for them. 

Nonetheless, insurance premiums from Lloyd’s may come at a higher price due to the high risk involved.

 Some of the common insurance coverages that Lloyd’s of London underwriters are:  

  • Cargo insurance  
  • Cyber insurance  
  • Commercial crime insurance  
  • General liability insurance 
  • Property insurance  
  • D and O insurance  
  • EPLI  
  • Marine insurance  

Customers can also customize their insurance policies to suit their specific needs. For over 60 years, the company has continued to provide quality insurance policies.

Their policies cut across different industries since Lloyd’s of London have to cater to different types of companies with different insurance requirements.  

Lloyd’s of London does not provide online quotes. Therefore, the only way to get a quote from the company is from a verified broker. The company has an A (Excellent) rating from AM Best.  

#13. Insureon 

Best for finding the most affordable premiums

Many businesses aim to find the most comprehensive and personalized insurance policy at the best competitive price. Many small businesses rely on the services of the insured to achieve that goal.

There are over 350,000 small businesses currently subscribing to its services.

However, it is essential to note that Insureon is not an insurance company/carrier.

It provides a marketplace for clients to meet with different carriers that partner with them. Insureon saves you the stress of providing a separate quote for individual carriers. All you need to do is to provide answers to one questionnaire and get quotes from a selection of the best matches for your business needs. 

Once you receive the quotes, you can compare their different prices, the type of packages they provide, and other essential factors before making a final decision.  

Some of the insurance coverage you can access from Insureon include:  

  • BOP 
  • Cyber liability coverage  
  • Commercial motor insurance  
  • D and O Insurance  
  • EPLI  
  • General liability coverage 
  • Workers compensation cover 
  • Professional liability cover 
  • Property insurance 
  • Product liability cover 
  • Special events coverage  
  • Umbrella liability cover etc.  

Besides the listed types of cover, through Insureon’s partnership with other carriers, they provide other personalized insurance like builder’s risk coverage for those in the construction industry and liquor liability coverage for restaurants. 

One of the greatest advantages of Insureon is the ability to receive quotes from different carriers simultaneously in a very short time. 

It saves you time and enables you to understand the price range of the specific policy of your interest.  

#14. Suracy

Best for personalized insurance cover 

Whether you are a small or large business, Suracy provides you with the opportunity to personalize your insurance policy to suit your business. 

Suracy also works well for both franchise and non-profit organizations. The company partners with different insurance companies to provide a range of coverage options for its client. 

Some of the insurance coverage you can get from Suracy are:  

  • General liability coverage  
  • Business Owners Policy (BOP) 
  • Commercial property insurance  
  • Cyber liability insurance  
  • Disability insurance 
  • Commercial motor insurance  
  • Employment practice coverage  
  • Professional liability 
  • Worker’s compensation etc.  

Customers can either select from the list of available overage options or personalize a policy that best suits their needs. 

Suracy also enables customers to apply for their claims and get immediate responses. You can contact Suracy’s customer care or file your claims directly online. 

The company is open to service in all the states and provides an easy-to-use quote tool for its client. However, Suracy is also a marketplace and does not underwrite its policies.  

#15. CoverWallet

Best for a variety of covers for small businesses 

When it comes to providing coverage for companies in diverse fields, CoverWallet is your trusted companion. CoverWallet allows businesses to generate quotes and manage all their coverage options in one domain. 

Whether it’s liability coverage or worker’s compensation, you will surely get a suitable policy from CoverWallet. 

Some of the prominent insurance covers you can get from CoverWallet include:  

  • General liability insurance  
  • Business owner’s coverage 
  • Commercial motor insurance  
  • Cyber liability cover 
  • Worker’s compensation insurance  
  • Medical malpractice cover  

CoverWallet services are designed to take care of the needs of small businesses by providing them with quotes from diverse carriers. The company is tech-driven and relies on modern safe methods to enable small businesses to buy and manage their coverage the easy way.

According to the company, its goal is to reduce the frustration small businesses encounter while trying to get a reasonably priced policy and ways to successfully manage them.

CoverWallet services are effective across various industries and even available for entrepreneurs.

Getting a quote from CoverWallet does not involve any herculean task. All you do is use the user-friendly online quote tool to answer relevant questions, and you’ll get the best matching quotes from different providers. 

Once your quotes arrive, CoverWallet connects you with an expert that will help you analyze your quotes and make a final decision based on what is most suitable for your business.  

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Looking for the right business insurance company is not always hassle-free without some form of assistance. Therefore, this list of the best business insurance companies can be a great place to start your search.

While you might want to visit different companies and consider buying different coverage types, getting a single company that provides all the coverage you need can be a great pat on the back.  


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