10 Best Cheap Health Insurance In Georgia (GA)

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Healthcare in Georgia works through a “universal care system”. The popular quote “health is wealth’ connotes the importance of a healthy life as a functional part of effective wellbeing. To achieve financial success and general progress in life, our health must be considered above all. To effectively manage your health, you need to take down all crises interfering with good health through an effective health care system.

Health care can be quite expensive as good health is not always guaranteed, unexpected health emergencies might surface at any moment and this can be combated immediately with less stress only where there is an effective precautionary healthcare system. Health insurance companies in Georgia play a major role in alleviating the troubles experienced in living a healthy life due to health crises to people living in the area.

This article will highlight everything you need to know about health insurance and the best cheap health insurance companies in Georgia in order to enable you to live a healthy life.

What Is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a type of insurance that covers expenses associated with medical crises arising from health disorders like illness, accidents, hospitalization costs, cost of drugs prescriptions, doctors consultation fees, and many more.

It is a contractual agreement between the insurer and the insured by adopting a policy where one party agrees to compensate the other for losses incurred from medical expenses or for specific medical expenses in some cases.

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How Much Does It Cost To Get A Health Insurance In Georgia?

The cost of health insurance depends on the policy coverage selected. The premium coverage can be paid either lump-sum or by installment by taking estimates of the total health risks and health system over the risk pool.

Health insurance does compensate the insured through direct payment or reimbursement for the expenses incurred by the insured for medical and health-related crises

Getting a health insurance policy equips you with the best healthcare treatment without having to worry about the huge payable sum and fees incurred from medical treatment.

Health insurance can be provided by government agencies, insurance companies, non-profit organizations, or health insurance companies.

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Why Do I Need Health Insurance?

Health insurance companies provide insurance or protection from unpredicted and medically catastrophic events. Each of their policies is aimed at improving the quality of health of the insured.

Health insurance companies usually pay health care providers for the services rendered to the insured and only if the service is covered and you have met the conditions of your cost-sharing responsibilities. A health care provider is an entity involved in the direct treatment of health emergencies. They are a specific group of providers selected by the best health insurance companies who have met the quality standards stipulated by the insurer and have agreed to deliver medical care to the insured at a discounted rate.

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How Do Health Insurance Companies In Georgia Work?

The health insurance companies in GA work this way; you the consumer (the insured) would be subjected to pay an upfront premium to the insurance company, this amount is strictly based on the desired plan to which the consumer agrees of which is in concordance with the working principles of the company. This payment is dependent on your age and income and the agreed premium(sum) is paid in installments until the agreed sum is reached. Any claims made within the agreed sum would be meted out to you for health issues.

What Is The Importance Of Cheap Health Insurance Companies In GA?

You would probably hear a lot of people talk about health insurance companies but most people are not in the know of how important it is to have your health insured by a health insurance company

Cheap insurance companies in Georgia can make it easier to pay up for all your medical expenses. Although most insurance companies do not cover the full cost of the expenses, they mostly provide a relatively greater percentage of the bills in a way that you would just have to pay little or nothing out of your pocket.

In case of prevailing emergencies, health insurance companies can help ease the tension associated with sudden Ill health. Health insurance companies also provide constant health check-ups, vaccinations, drug prescriptions, specialist consultation bills, preventive health practices, and other routine maintenance for your body and health.

With such provisions, healthy life and comfortable life can be assured to the insured

Cheap Health Insurance Companies In Georgia

Although there are a lot of cheap health insurance companies in Georgia going for the best health insurance companies would provide a sort of peace of mind and confidence to you. There’s are also factors that should be considered while choosing which health insurance companies in Georgia to select, they include;

  • The type of plan and the provider network
  • Their premium subscription
  • Their reputation
  • Deductibles
  • Co-pay or co-insurance
  • Drug prescription coverage
  • Claim settlement ratio
  • The available network of hospitals and doctors, the benefits included and excluded and lots more.

Below is a comprehensive list of the 10 best cheap health insurance companies in GA:

1. Blue cross blue Shield Health Insurance

BlueCross BlueShield of Georgia (BCSC) is also known as Anthem BlueCross BlueShield of Georgia. This health insurance company offers one of Georgia’s best cheap health insurance. The anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia offers one of the most affordable insurance services to residents of Georgia. It delivers its clients with various wellness resources and services.

The coverage plan for this insurance company is categorized into four levels; Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The Blue Cross Blue Shield Health insurance of Georgia has a 3.5 rating on the nonprofit “National committee for quality insurance” also known as NCQA, with this it consolidates its spot as one of the best cheap health insurance in Georgia and the country at large.

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2. Bright health insurance

The bright Health insurance company is one of the best cheap health insurance companies expanding its services to the state of Georgia. This health insurance company offers affordable plans. The bright health insurance company offers various special benefits to its clients like telehealth. You should note that despite the affordable price most clients complain of bad customer service from the company.

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3. Friday Health plans

The new year 2022 came with great news for Georgians as the Friday health plan announced that the Colorado-based health insurance company will be extending its services to the great city of Georgia. With a strong record of customer service and timely payments, this is bound to become the best health insurance company in GA. The health insurance company is built for people who buy their health insurance.

The Friday health plan offers simple and affordable coverage plans to its clients. The various plans are; Silver, Gold, and catastrophic. The company also has special benefits and subscriptions open to its users. The insurance coverage plans can be purchased through licensed brokers, the health insurance marketplace, and through the Friday health website.

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4. Aetna CVS Health plan

Founded in 1853 in Connecticut, Aetna is one of the best cheap health insurance in GA. The health company is focused on providing its clients with innovative benefits. The Aetna health insurance company was acquired by CVS in 2018. They provide you with health insurance, Medicare advantage plans, dental insurance, group disability insurance, and many more coverages.

The health company has exceptional customer ratings and numerous amount of providers nationwide. Aetna doesn’t offer a personal insurance health plan and this is a setback to most people who would have liked to opt for their Services personally. The Aetna health insurance company does not work with independent insurance agents.

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5. Cigna Healthcare of Georgia

It is impossible to compile a list of the cheap health insurance in Georgia without adding the Cigna HealthCare of Georgia. The cost of Cigna Health care varies with your location, your net income, the size of your household, and some other factors. They offer various coverage plans from Health insurance for individuals and families to International Health insurance.

6. WellCare Health plan of Georgia

WellCare Health, a subsidiary of WellCare Health Plans, has an exceptional record for customer satisfaction. With a 4.0 rating on the national committee for quality assurance, the WellCare health plan of Georgia is one of the best health insurance companies in Georgia.

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7. Oscar Health plan of Georgia

Talk of being an all-rounder. The Oscar health plan combines a strong customer satisfaction record with affordability and customer benefits to secure its spot as one of the best health insurance in GA. The various coverages offered include: Gold, silver, and Bronze plans

8. Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente sounds exotic right? The health insurance company offers services befitting its exotic name. The Kaiser Permanente of Georgia provides health plans for inhabitants of the beautiful city of Georgia. Founded in 1945, it has since become one of the greatest health insurance in the country. Kaiser Permanente offers affordable services to inhabitants of Georgia hence propelling it forward as one of the top cheap health insurance in Georgia.

9. Ambetter Peach state health plan

The Ambetter peach state health plan offers the inhabitants of Georgia the health security blanket they deserve. The perks of the Ambetter peach state health plan include; Affordable plan coverage, Health pay reward program, Telehealth services, and prescription delivery.

10. UnitedHealthCare

Last but not least of the cheap health insurance in GA is UnitedHealthcare. It offers an affordable and reliable coverage plan to Georgians. If you’re searching for affordable health insurance coverage in Georgia the UnitedHealthcare might be a good fit.


The importance of having a health security blanket in case of health emergencies is very necessary. Selecting the best cheap health insurance in Georgia to enlist should be a thorough research process in order to ensure that the insurance company can provide the services you require.

Frequently asked questions

Will my health insurance cover my dental visits?

Yes, most health insurance plans cover dental insurance while some might have it as an add-on.

Is health insurance necessary?

Yes, it helps us cover for expensive health procedures we might not have been able to afford.

Is it possible for health insurance coverage to be rejected?

Yes, your health insurance plan can be rejected by a health care provider.

What affects the cost of your health insurance?

The cost of your health insurance is affected by the insurance provider, your location, and the coverage plan you select.

How are payments made for health insurance?

It depends solely on your insurance provider but most payments are paid every month or in installments.


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