Embrace Pet Insurance Reviews 2023: Everything you need to know

Among the pets in the world, dogs and cats are very cherished as can be seen in the way people treat them: like children and look out for them as they do to themselves hence the need to talk about Embrace Pet Insurance reviews in order to review insurances for your pets.

At the consideration of getting insurance for pets, the question that comes to owners is “what best pet insurance can I go for.” 

In this regard, there is a long list of pet insurance. Be that as it may, one of the pet insurance that is ahead of others and preferred by many pet owners is Embrace pet insurance.

Embrace pet insurance reviews have it that Embrace Pet Insurance is among the top three most trusted and preferred pet insurance companies in the world. Their pet insurance is affordable and personalized for cats and dogs, with a minimum of 90% reimbursement.

In this Embrace pet insurance review, we will be taking you through the company’s price plans and benefits to help you decide whether this is the right insurance for your budget and your pets!

In this article, you are sure to get the necessary information and answers to questions about Embrace Pet Insurance.

What Is Embrace Pet Insurance? Are They worth the pay?

Embrace pet insurance offers insurance for dogs and cats, offering a minimum of 90% reimbursement on vet bills. It is among the best pet insurance companies that offer a wide range of insurance plans streamlined to meet the needs of pets.

Getting pet insurance for your pet is not a matter of whether your pet will get sick, but rather when your pet will get sick. With Embrace pet insurance, you are sure of peace of mind, which is not the case with other pet insurance policies where you pay expensive vet bills but your pet does not have the best care provided to them at the end of the day.

Rocky, one of the pets covered under Embrace pet insurance, was involved in a car accident and sustained a bone fracture, which called for emergency surgery that cost $5,678, and Embrace pet insurance reimbursed $4,756 for Rocky’s treatment.

If Rocky’s owner hadn’t had pet insurance with the Embrace, the decision to keep Rocky hale and hearty would have been a hard nut to crack, most probably.

Thousands of pet owners now know the importance of a favorable pet insurance plan when their pet is in need of vet care. Peradventure you are still in doubt as to whether Embrace pet insurance is worth the pay, take a look through these Embrace pet insurance reviews to decide if you would want to go for it.

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Embrace Pet Insurance Plans

Embrace has a timely product with kind customer care and 24/7 system management. The pet insurance plan can be customized. An individual can go for a monthly premium and an annual payout limits to his/her exact boundaries.

Two types of pet insurance given by Embrace pet insurance exist and include:

  • Accident and illness plan
  • Accident-only plans

Accident-only plans:

This plan goes around veterinary care for accidents such as poisoning, cuts, hits by a car, and bloating. It covers 90% of veterinary bills that apply for situations up to $5000 annually, after a $100 yearly deductible.

Accident and illness plan:

This is a general plan that caters for medical illnesses in addition to accidents.

These plans include dental illnesses, congenital conditions, chronic conditions, arthritis, allergies, and cancer. 

Pre-existing conditions are not included here unless they have been cured of it on a previous note and are without treatment or symptoms for more than 12 months. 

The conditions not covered here include cosmetic treatments related to nuclear conflict and pregnancy. The basic coverage starts at $14 for dogs and $7 for cats, on a monthly basis.

Deductibles, annual max payouts, and percentage of refunded medical bills can be customized and can affect your premiums.

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Cost of Embrace Pet Insurance

The cost of Embrace pet insurance is dependent on a number of factors which include the type of your pets, the age of your pets, your place of residence, etc.

The insurance for a male domestic shorthair cat is about $11.65 annually, while the insurance cost of a one-year-old female breeding dog is paid monthly and is about $24.16.

Both have a $500 deductible, $5000 yearly benefits monthly premium rates, and 90% reimbursement rates, virtually meaning 10% co-pays. Be that as it may, the cost of some routines such as grooming is not covered, there are wellness plans you can sign up for that covers such things.

It offers the best pet insurance with plans that are not too expensive for cats and dogs than some of its competitors.

An Embrace pet insurance discount exists for former and current members of the military, individuals with multiple pets, and pet owners who sign up for workplace privileges. 

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According to the Embrace pet insurance reviews, the cost for embrace insurance is fairly inexpensive.

Pros and Cons of Embrace Pet Insurance

In this Embrace Pet Insurance Reviews, part of the things you should know is pros and cons of Embrace Pet Insurance

The Pros of Embrace Pet Insurance

  • Numerous discounts
  • It takes care of most types of care.
  • It includes a free review of your medical history 
  • It offers a vanishing deductible.
  • An individual can choose an accident-only coverage.

Cons of Embrace Pet Insurance

  • Some hidden fees might be attached.
  • Unlimited and zero-deductible doesn’t exist.
  • Wellness benefits are streamlined to $650 on a yearly basis.

What Are The Features of Embrace Pet Insurance?

This insurance platform offers a wide range of insurance for illnesses and conditions in addition to coverage for an optional wellness plan. 

The features of Embrace pet insurance include:

  • Embrace covers the following: genetic conditions, pet exam fees, treatments for behavioral conditions or problems, and wellness plans.
  • It has international coverage.
  • There’s flexibility in the payment policies.
  • You can cancel at anytime

Between Savings Account Or Pet Insurance- Which Is Better?

One of the common questions pets owners ask and we are glad to be providing an answer to it here.

A savings account is used for costs that are not usual, so if you witness unexpected expenses the same week that your dog needs vet treatment, you will surely be using the money in your savings accounts for various justifications, that is one of the reasons why going for pet insurance is advisable.

Pet insurance gives you convenience and is reliable. Also, you wouldn’t have to worry about any unforeseen circumstances around getting your dog maximum treatments.

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Does Embrace Pet Insurance Have A Waiting Period?

Waiting periods are those periods between the time of signing up for pet insurance and the time you can file a claim for an illness or accident. For the Embrace pet insurance, there’s a 48-hour waiting period and 14 days waiting period for accidents and illness respectively. So during this time, you cannot file for situations that come up.

For dogs, the waiting period for orthopedic treatment is 6 months, but it can be brought down to14 days by getting an orthopedic exam for your dogs.

Customer Service

As is not the case with many other competitors who offer customer support that can be used easily with options such as live chat, Embrace pet insurance restricts customers to email or phone calls.

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Be that as it may, the helpline is available 24/7, and seven days weekly to give assistance and advice with behavioral issues, emergency medical advice, etc.

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Embrace is among the best pet insurance providers that has been certified very okay by pet owners for its coverage for intense accident and illness pets. 

This policy of the company is placed at a very reasonable price that includes additional services than other policies without the need for riders.

Note that the Embrace wellness rewards program is not remotely equal to an insurance policy, it is more of a savings account that you can contribute to on a monthly basis in exchange for minor savings. The difference is that these funds can be used only for specific services, and you are to ensure that you use them before the year ends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Embrace pet insurance offer a non-insurance policy?

Yes, Embrace pet insurance does offer a non-insurance policy known as “wellness reward” in addition to its standard plan.

Does Embrace pet insurance take care of pets for life?

Yes, the coverage takes care of your pets for life. There wouldn’t be any drop or reduction in your coverage based on health status, age, or filed claims. 

What age limit for pets do Embrace pet insurance cover?

Cats and dogs at most 14 years old are eligible for full illness and accident coverage, but pets at least 15 years old are eligible for the accidents-only policy.

How long does Embrace pet insurance workers work?

Embrace pet insurance company workers work an average of 8.5 hours daily.


As you’ve seen here, Embrace Pet Insurance Reviews has a lot to offer in comparison to its competitors. It seems to be the most preferred available option for most pets and pet owners. But you must have an understanding of the coverage costs and limitations so that you purchase a policy that will help you save money ultimately.

Embrace Pet Insurance reviews have shown the genuineness of the company, and the value it is set to offer to pets and owners.

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