Geico vs State Farm: Which One Is Better For You?

State Farm and GEICO, which are owned by Berkshire Hathaway, are the country’s largest and second-largest insurance businesses, respectively. 

These two companies provide over a dozen different insurance, including personal and business plans. State Farm and GEICO are two of the most well-known insurance firms on the market, with decades of experience.

We evaluated State Farm and GEICO based on policy offerings, discounts, and customer service to find which business is superior. 

Overall, we discovered GEICO offers lower premiums and more discounts, but State Farm provides more comprehensive commercial insurance. State Farm also has a larger agent network than GEICO.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Geico vs State Farm?



  • Discounts on auto insurance are impressive.
  • Mostly, most people can afford coverage.


  • Policyholders can get real-time support via live chat.
  • Coverage possibilities are typically restricted.
  • Poor claim handling, according to customer feedback.
  • There are only 17 offices around the country.

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State Farm


  • Nationwide network of over 19,000 agents.
  • A comprehensive list of commercial insurance coverage is available.
  • For first-time insurance buyers, there is a wonderful selection of internet information.


  • There are no auto insurance reductions for military personnel.
  • Depending on the type and amount of coverage required, coverage might be costly.
  • Some discounts and coverage options are only available in certain states.

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Which Is Cheaper Between Geico And State Farm?

In practically every demographic group we examined, Geico has lower rates than State Farm. 

When compared to State Farm, the savings were largest for drivers with bad credit, totaling more than $1,000 per year.

According to our research, Geico and State Farm are two of the most cost-effective vehicle insurance companies, with annual prices averaging $1,100 and $1,169, respectively.

That makes them less expensive on average than all the insurers in our rating, except for USAA, which costs $875.

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Which Is Cheapest For Men?

For men at any age, Geico is less expensive than State Farm, but our research found that the savings are highest for younger drivers. 

A 25-year-old guy would save around $200 per year by switching to Geico instead of State Farm, paying about $1,185 versus $1,396 on average with State Farm. 

However, we discovered both businesses are less expensive than the $1,554 industry average for this age group.

Insurance costs reduce as drivers become older and gain experience behind the wheel, and Geico and State Farm are no exception. 

Our research discovered an average rate of $1,084 with Geico and $1,139 with State Farm for a 35-year-old guy. 

Geico is less expensive once again, and both are less expensive than the $1,278 average premium for all insurers in our survey. 

For a 60-year-old guy with either provider, the average rate lowers, and the cost difference between the two narrows. 

Geico had an average rate of $1,036 for this group, just two dollars less than State Farm’s $1,038 rate. Both are significantly less than the national average for a 60-year-old male of $1,183.

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Which Is Cheapest For Women?

Regardless of age, we found Geico was less expensive than State Farm for women, however; the savings were not as significant as they were for men. 

We also discovered that both businesses are less expensive than the national average for women of all ages.

Geico has an average premium of $1,228 for a 25-year-old woman, which is around $40 cheaper than State Farm’s $1,262 annual rate. Both are well below the national average by more than $200. Geico charges $1,060 for a 35-year-old woman, while State Farm charges $1,139. 

They judged both companies to be less expensive than the $1,274 average in the survey. Our research showed an average rate of $1,004 with Geico and $1,038 with State Farm for a 60-year-old woman. This group’s average rate was $1,149.

Which Is Cheapest For High Mileage?

They affect your auto insurance costs by how many miles you drive each year, but our research found that the difference between low and high-mileage drivers isn’t all that great.

Geico and State Farm are among the cheapest insurance companies for drivers who travel 12,000 miles each year, at $1,100 and $1,169, respectively. With Geico, this equates to savings of around 6% on average. 

Only USAA was less expensive in our research, at $875 per year. In our research, we discovered an average rate of $1,321 across all insurance. State Farm is roughly 12% cheaper than the average, while Geico is about 17% cheaper.

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Which Is Cheapest For Low Mileage?

We discovered average rates were lower for drivers who traveled only 6,000 miles per year compared to those who drove 12,000 miles per year.

Geico’s average yearly rate for drivers traveling 6,000 miles per year was $1,042, which is around $12 less than State Farm’s average annual rate of $1,054.
 We discovered that both businesses’ rates are much lower than the average of $1,278 for low-mileage drivers across all insurers in our survey, making Geico and State Farm roughly 18% less expensive than the average.

Which Is Cheapest For a Good Credit Score?

Your credit score, like your driving record, can have a significant impact on your vehicle insurance premiums. If you have a strong credit score, Geico is less expensive than State Farm.

With Geico, we found an average premium of $1,101 for drivers with good credit. That’s around 16% less than the overall average of the companies in our analysis. We found an average rate of $1,165 with State Farm, which is around 11% cheaper than the national average. When compared to State Farm, the savings with Geico would be around 5% for this group.

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Which Is Cheapest For Bad Credit Score?

Our research found that drivers with bad credit pay a substantial penalty with both companies when compared to those with good credit, with Geico’s average cost of $1,719 and State Farm’s premium of $2,803 representing a 56 percent rise with Geico and a whopping 141 percent increase with State Farm. This equates to a 63 percent annual discount for this group with Geico.

State Farm, in particular, was not only more expensive than Geico for drivers with bad credit, but its rates were also roughly 26% higher than the national average rate of $2,227 we discovered among all insurers.

Which Is Cheapest for Good Drivers?

A good driving record can save you a lot of money on auto insurance, and according to our research, these two firms are among the most economical for drivers with a clean driving record.

Geico and State Farm are the cheapest firms in our survey, with average annual rates of $1,100 and $1,169 for drivers with a clean driving record, respectively.

When compared to State Farm, Geico saves this group roughly 6%, and about 20% when compared to the average rate of $1,321 offered by all insurers in our survey. Despite having a higher rate than Geico, State Farm was still around 12% less expensive than the average.

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Which Is Cheapest After A Speeding Ticket?

State Farm is a better option for drivers with a poor driving record than Geico. Based on average prices of $1,299 and $1,395 respectively, our study showed that drivers with one speeding ticket saved around 7% yearly with State Farm compared to Geico.

Despite having significantly higher premiums than drivers with a clean driving record, we discovered both firms are among the cheapest insurance companies, behind only USAA.

Geico’s premiums were roughly 15% less than the average of all firms in our analysis, while State Farms was about 23% less than the average.

Which Is Cheapest After An Accident?

For drivers with a blemish on their record, Geico was more expensive than State Farm, according to our research.

We found Geico to be over 20% more expensive than State Farm at $1,405 per year for drivers with a crash on their record, with an annual rate average of $1,735 for drivers with a crash on their record.

Both firms’ premiums were lower than the $1,872 average across all insurance carriers in our analysis. We discovered that Geico’s rate was roughly 8% lower than the national average, while State Farm saved over 33%.

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Which Is Cheapest After A DUI?

Geico had the most expensive rates of any insurer in our survey for drivers who have been convicted of a DUI.

Geico’s annual rate of $2,836 is around 82 percent higher than the average rate of $1,568 we discovered with State Farm and 34% higher than the $2,112 industry average.

For drivers with a DUI, State Farm has the lowest premiums of any insurer in the research, even cheaper than USAA at $1,661.

What Are The Discounts For Geico vs State Farm?

Discounts on vehicle insurance are a fantastic way to save money, and both Geico and State Farm have a range of options to help you save.

A multi-policy discount, which is available to drivers who purchase their vehicle insurance from the same provider as their homeowners’ insurance, life insurance, health insurance, or another insurance policy, is one of the most prevalent methods to save.

Bundling, also known as grouping, can save you up to 20% every year and is offered by both Geico and State Farm.

Both firms also offer the customary other reductions offered from most competitors, including lower rates for keeping a clean driving record, staying accident-free, driving a newer car with current safety features, and combining two or more vehicles on the same policy.

Inexperienced drivers might qualify for outstanding student and driving training discounts by filling out an application.

Both Geico and State Farm provide smartphone apps that track your driving patterns and can reward smooth and non-distracted drivers with lower rates if you’re ready to have your driving behavior tracked behind the wheel.

The Geico DriveEasy and State Farm Drive Safe & Save apps are both free to download, with State Farm guaranteeing up to a 30% discount. B

Because the eligibility and availability of all discounts vary by state and other factors, it’s always a good idea to check with an agent or company representative to see what discounts might apply to you.

Among the most common customer complaints were pricing and discounts, particularly for drivers who claimed to have a clean driving record.

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State Farm vs GEICO: Customer Service

In terms of customer service, GEICO and State Farm are comparable. During business hours, you can contact an agent via phone, visit a local office, or use the online client portal. For current customers, GEICO also provides email help, as well as live chat and 24/7 phone service.

Keep in mind, however, that not all forms of service apply to all insurance products. State Farm and GEICO, for example, solely use phone support for business insurance.

Both providers make it simple to contact them online or through the app, whether you have auto or property insurance.

It’s also vital to grasp the variations in their business structures while deciding between State Farm and GEICO. When you buy a policy from State Farm, you’ll be assigned a personal agent who will help you with all of your insurance requirements.

You won’t be paired with an agent when you call GEICO, so you’ll have to rely on the call center if you need help.

State Farm is definitely your best option if you value insurance firms that provide excellent customer service. You’ll get more individualized service and possibly have better interactions with the agents.

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Claims On State Farm vs GEICO

The claims process at GEICO and State Farm are simple. You can file a claim for auto, home, or renters insurance online, over the phone, or using the mobile app.

You’ll be asked to enter your policy number, then describe the incident and provide images of the damage.

After that, they will assign an adjuster to your claim and will be in charge of it. If you have a policy that isn’t listed above, you’ll need to contact an agent to begin the claim process.

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State Farm vs GEICO: Customer Satisfaction

For picking an insurance company, customer happiness is crucial. We study internet evaluations from current and former policyholders to get a sense of GEICO and State Farm’s overall customer satisfaction.

Customers were largely pleased with GEICO’s affordable rates, generous discounts, and user-friendly mobile app.

However, several customers expressed dissatisfaction with GEICO’s claims handling procedure, which included denied claims, lower-than-expected reimbursements, and unpleasant agents.

Customer reviews also mention sluggish claims processing, payout troubles, and high premiums. Many reviews praised State Farm’s customer service representatives, ease of policy management, and good communication with claim adjusters.


Two of the most well-known vehicle insurance firms nowadays are GEICO and State Farm. But which is the best option for you? In the end, the ideal organization for your needs will be determined by your priorities in an insurance provider.


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