13 Best Cheap Health Insurance In Washington (WA) 2023

If a child, a spouse, a life partner, or a parent depends on you and your income, then you need health insurance. In Washington, there is a lot of health insurance made available for citizens who want to utilize it.

Basically, in Washington, you can either buy your coverage directly from any of the best health insurance companies in the state, or you can approach the state marketplace for insurance, which is also referred to as an exchange.

In Washington, there is “Washington Healthplanfinder” which is one of the many health insurance marketplaces in the US offering health insurance to individuals and families.

This is a Washington state health insurance marketplace through which you can enroll in numerous health plans and get all the financial help you need.

In this article, the 13 best cheap health insurance in Washington state will be discussed.

You would also find the average cost of health insurance in Washington, who can get health insurance in Washington and also, frequently asked questions.

Keep reading.

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Why Do You Need Health Insurance?

No one plans to get sick or hurt, but most people need medical care at some point.

Health insurance covers these costs and offers many other important benefits. Some of the reasons why you should consider getting health insurance are-

  • Health insurance covers essential health benefits that are critical to maintaining your health and treating illness and accidents.
  • Health insurance protects you from unexpected, high medical costs.
  • You pay less for covered in-network health care, even before you meet your deductible.
  • You get free preventive care, like vaccines, screenings, and some check-ups, even before you meet your deductible.
  • If you have a Marketplace plan or other qualifying health coverage through the plan year 2018, you don’t have to pay the penalty that people without coverage must pay.
  • To counter inadequate insurance cover.
  • To deal with medical inflation
  • Insure early to stay secured.
  • To protect your savings.

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What is the Average Cost of Health Insurance in Washington?

Different sources have different figures for what the average cost of health insurance in Washington is. However, a study has shown that the average health insurance cost in Washington State is $420 per person for essential or basic major health insurance plans.

This average cost can vary according to many different factors such as gender, zip code, and age, to name a few.

When you shop for health coverage on the “Health Insurance Marketplace”, you would see four different tiers of health coverage-

  • Bronze- Bronze plans are the cheapest plans on the exchange. They are also the most restrictive. They would require that you meet a higher deductible and cover 40% of your medical expenses after you pay the deductible.
  • Silver- Silver plans are slightly more expensive than bronze plans. They require that you pay a 30% copayment and your deductible is lower. The most affordable silver plan in Washington costs $380 per month in 2021. Gold and platinum plans are the most expensive, but if your family has specific medical needs, a gold or platinum plan provides the most comprehensive coverage.
  • Gold- Gold plans only require 20% coinsurance, and your coinsurance is reduced to 10% with a platinum plan. A gold or platinum plan is more expensive month-to-month, but the lower deductible and coinsurance requirement will reduce your total cost of care if you or a family member suffers from a serious medical condition that requires ongoing treatment. The most affordable gold plan in Washington costs $422 per month.
  • Platinum plans.

The tiers identify plans based on monthly premiums, annual deductibles, and copayment requirements.

When you’re evaluating a plan’s premium, consider what you’re getting in return to determine whether a more expensive plan can actually save you money.

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How Do I Enroll in Washington’s Health Insurance Marketplace?

Washington runs its own Health Insurance Marketplace. You can access the exchange by visiting here and creating an account. You only need to follow the instructions, provide your contact information, and select a password and security questions.

Before you apply for coverage, gather all of the information you would need. The information that may be required of you are-

  • Birthdate
  • Full name
  • Social Security number for everyone you want to add to your plan.

After you create your account, you can apply for insurance coverage. Your application asks several questions that help the website determine if you qualify for the Advanced Premium Tax Credit or other forms of financial assistance.

The website automatically determines if you’re able to apply for Apple Health (Medicaid) or Cascade Care plans, which are cost-sharing plans that could save you money.

Use the available comparison tool to shop for different insurance plans before you decide which one is right for you or your family.

Once you’ve found the plan that you like, you can finish enrolling on the website.

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What Is the Best Cheap Health Insurance in Washington?

#1. BridgeSpan

BridgeSpan is a relatively new insurance provider and works as an affiliate of Cambia Health Solutions, which is its parent company. This company aims to make healthcare easier and more accessible for all the people living in the state.

BridgeSpan has a whole portfolio of health plans that you can access online through Washington’s health insurance exchange marketplace.

An important thing to note here is that Medicaid in Washington is referred to as ‘Apple Health.’ You can apply for health insurance and low-cost or even free coverage through Apple Health on a year-round basis.

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#2. HSA-Qualified plans

A key feature of HSA plans is that they allow varying deductibles as a way to help customers choose their plans.

A high deductible plan (HDHP) can be combined with a health savings account (HSA), allowing you to pay for certain medical expenses with money free from federal taxes.

For 2021, the IRS defines a high deductible health plan as any plan with a deductible of at least $1,400 for an individual or $2,800 for a family.

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#3. Non-HSA plans

These plans vary by state and also offer a selection of different networks. This helps people choose a network that includes their choice of providers. Non-HSA plans are available at the standard bronze, silver, and gold levels.

#4. Providence Health plan

Providence Health Plan’s PPO plan received a 4.0 out of 5 in NCQA’s survey, noted for outstanding specialists, handling of claims, and quality of care.

Basically, providence’s plans also received high marks from J.D. Power in the 2019 Commercial Member Health Plan Satisfaction Study for communication, provider choice, billing, customer service, coverage and benefits, and cost.

#5. Regence BlueShield of Washington

Regence BlueShield of Washington’s PPO plan was rated 3.5 out of 5 for customer satisfaction in NCQA’s survey and ranked 5th overall.

Basically, Regence ranked 5th in J.D. Power’s study, recognized for outstanding provider choice, billing, customer service, coverage, and benefits.

Its website features links to help you find dental providers, behavioral health facilities, and useful plan information. It is one of the best cheap health insurance in Washington.

#6. Aetna

Aetna’s PPO plan, ranked 6th in NCQA’s survey, received high marks for treatment and prevention.

Basically, Aetna also placed 8th in J.D. Power’s study, recognized for overall satisfaction, provider choice, and customer service.

Focused on health and wellness, Aetna offers members an app combining your health history and personalized goals so you can track your accomplishments.

It is also one of the best cheap health insurance in Washington.

#7. Asuris

Offering Individual, Employer & Medicare Plans. Asuris Northwest Health has a rich history of commitment and contribution of both financial and volunteer support to its local communities.

They have learned and they know that doing good is good business. That’s why they take a thoughtful and careful strategic approach to our community investment, individual & Family Plans, Medicare Plans, & Employer Plans.

They are one of the best cheap health insurance in Washington.

#8. AWB HealthChoice

This is another great best cheap health insurance in Washington.

It not only offers health insurance, but it also offers plans for agriculture, communications, construction, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, wholesale, services, technology, & transportation employers.

#9. Business Health Trust

This health insurance company also offers employer plans for aerospace, agriculture, business services, community service organizations, construction, end line manufacturing, healthcare industry, information technology, media, retail, tourism, transportation, & wholesale associated employers

#10. Washington farm bureau healthcare trust

Ranked #10 in the list of the best cheap health insurance in Washington, Washington farm bureau healthcare trust also offers employer plans for agriculture-associated employers.

#11. Coordinated Care

This is a managed care organization in Washington State that provides healthcare services to as many as 200,000 people.

It strives towards improving the healthcare standards of people living in the state by providing them with affordable and accessible healthcare plans.

The health insurance plans offered by Coordinated Care determine your eligibility on the basis of your age, income, and family size.

#12. Ambetter Essential Care

This is a bronze-level plan that covers basic and essential healthcare needs with lower monthly premiums. It can result in higher out-of-pocket costs if you need a lot of care.

Also, it has a silver-level plan that aims to give you great value and also tries to create a balance between your out-of-pocket costs and monthly premium payments and a gold-level plan that covers all healthcare needs but with higher monthly premium payments.

It does help limit the out-of-pocket costs over time.

#13. Kaiser

Kaiser operates with the aim of providing affordable and high-quality healthcare plans and services to people in Washington.

The company brings forth a variety of health plans to meet the different needs and requirements of people.

It has the individual and family plans and the Medicaid plans that plans are extended towards people that have limited resources and low incomes, and if you qualify for Medicaid under Washington’s program, you might be able to receive it through Kaiser only.

Tips to Save on Health Insurance in Washington

When looking to purchase Washington State health insurance, many people wonder if there are ways to cut down on costs and save money on health insurance.

You must know that there are many factors which contribute towards your premium costs. These include:

  • Body mass index
  • Tobacco use
  • Age
  • Location
  • Cost-sharing reductions
  • Applying as family or individual
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Gender
  • Insurance and medical history

Frequently Asked Questions

What percentage of people are uninsured in Washington?

Recently, the number of people without insurance in Washington went from just over 6% pre-COVID to 13%.

How can I be eligible for Medicare?

To be eligible for Medicare, you must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, over the age of 65, or have a qualifying disability. Your disability qualifies if you’ve received Social Security Disability Insurance for 24 months or you have ALS or end-stage renal disease.

What is I need to cover a gap in my health care coverage?

Washington lets you enroll in short-term health insurance plans if you need to cover a gap in your health care coverage. You may not enroll in a plan that offers coverage for more than 90 days, and you’re also not allowed to renew a short-term plan after its expiration.

Do I need Health Insurance Marketplace to buy a plan?

You don’t need to use the Health Insurance Marketplace to buy a plan, but it’s the only place where you may qualify for the Advanced Premium Tax Credit.

Are there affordable insurance plans on and off the Health Insurance Marketplace?

There are insurance plans available both on and off the Health Insurance Marketplace that can reduce your costs because they pool the resources from everyone enrolled in the group to be distributed when you need to file a claim.

How does Long-term disability coverage work?

Long-term disability coverage works in the same manner as short-term disability coverage. In the event you become permanently disabled, you’re able to receive coverage for your day-to-day expenses. You need health coverage to handle your medical expenses as well.


The best cheap health insurance in Washington for you will depend on your level of income and medical needs.

Before choosing a plan, you should analyze the premiums and deductibles for each metal tier and decide on affordability based on your income and savings.


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