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How To Get Cheap Car Insurance In 2023

What happens to your car after it’s involved in an accident? Are you willing to foot the bills on your own and face the aftermath of the event or are you willing to take preemptive measures to prevent having to pay for damages?

By opting for cheap car insurance coverage you are opportune with the choice of allowing an insurance company to cover any expenses concerning your car damages. The benefits of car insurance are plentiful especially in the unpleasant scenario of an accident.

At this point you might be wondering “How do I get cheap car insurance”, there are various ways you can apply to find out the most affordable car insurance coverage in your state.

This article will highlight everything you need to know about car insurance, the benefits of car insurance, the best car insurance companies, and how to get cheap car insurance. 

What is Car Insurance?

Car insurance is also known as Automotive insurance. It is an agreed policy between a car owner and an insurance provider that the latter will cover all expenses concerning a car in case of damages and third-person liabilities claims.

Traditional car insurance provides coverage for your car in case of theft, vandalism, and fire. Car insurance companies might also offer coverages for any expenses incurred from damages to another person while using the insured car.

Car insurance varies by the particular coverage they offer and the legal process underlying each of them.

Popular car insurance coverage offered by most insurance companies includes; Third-party car insurance, Comprehensive car insurance, and pay-as-you-drive insurance.

A good car insurance coverage will manage and support you through the entire process of dealing with the damage.

What are the benefits of Car Insurance?

Getting car insurance for your four-wheeler comes with a lot of benefits, especially with many insurance companies offering various discounts if you decide to take up their services.

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, an average of one accident occurs every 60 seconds. With this data, there is more reason why you should opt for affordable car insurance.

The various benefits of car insurance include

Coverage for damaged or lost vehicles
Car insurance would cover all expenses for the repair or replacement of your vehicle in the scenario of theft or damages.

This coverage will help you to save money that would have been spent on replacing the vehicle.

Liability protection
Car insurance will offer you liability protection by protecting you against lawsuits even when you cause damage to others’ property.

The car insurance will cover every legal cost when you are being sued in court for damages in an accident. Therefore getting car insurance will protect you when you are involved in an accident that causes damages to people’s properties or life.

Prevents devaluation
Car insurance will help prevent your vehicle from being devalued. Most car insurance policies are aimed at extending the value of your vehicle.

With a high percentage of new cars getting devalued by 20-30% in their first year of use, the importance of getting car insurance abounds.

No claim bonus
Also knowns as NCB. Most car insurance companies offer a no-claim bonus premium discount. This bonus is made available to its clients every year. The No claim bonus can be available to the customer as a discount or premium service.

What are the Best Car Insurance Companies?

Various insurance companies offer premium services for your four-wheeler. The best car insurance companies include;


Erie auto insurance company is one of the top-tier providers of car insurance coverages. The Erie auto insurance coverage is available in 12 states including Washington DC and North Carolina.

Erie offers a very attractive rate to drivers. Erie auto insurance company offers an impressive claim service for collision repairs.

Opting for a traditional Erie auto insurance coverage comes with built-in benefits like Travel expenses, accident forgiveness, pet injury coverage, and windshield repair.

Despite being reserved for only those with affiliation to military personnel the USAA auto insurance company provides outstanding services to its clients.

With an annual average rate of $1,111 for good drivers USAA is a perfect choice if you are eligible for its services.

State Farm
State farm offers one of the lowest and most affordable rates of all auto insurance companies.

State Farm auto insurance company provides a variety of discounts for its clients which include; Accident-free discounts, Good Student discounts, loyal customer discounts, good driving discounts, and many more.

With a very low complaint level from users, the state farm auto insurance company is one of the best in the sector.

Talk of having a legacy to protect. The traveler’s auto insurance company has been in the property-casualty game for over 160 years.

The Travelers auto insurance offers a variety of add-ons for personalizing your auto insurance coverage.

The Travelers auto insurance company has incorporated innovation into its services by implementing a usage-based insurance program known as IntelliDrive which monitors your driving habit through your phone.

Created in Michigan, the Auto-Owners insurance company is presently available in 26 states.

The Auto-Owners insurance company offers insurance not just for four-wheeled cars but for motorcycles, trailers, boats, recreational vehicles, and motor homes too.

Auto-owner has various kinds of discounts available to its clients. It has a special discount for students like the student away at school discounts and the Good student discounts.

Geico Auto-insurance company is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway and has over 17 million auto-insurance policies. Geico is one of the most popular auto insurance companies even offering its services to Uber and Lyft drivers.

They prevent an increase in insurance rate after your first accident by providing accident forgiveness. Geico offers an attractive rate for drivers with a speeding ticket and good drivers.

The Geico auto-insurance company is well known for supporting various charitable causes in the community. The various discount they offer range from Anti-theft system discounts to their multi-policy discount.

How to get cheap Car Insurance

Nobody wants to spend more than necessary on getting car insurance coverage. There are various ways to get cheap car insurance services. This section will highlight the key principles to finding affordable car insurance coverage.

Research thoroughly on cheap car insurance

The main step to finding cheap car insurance is proper research and never assume that a particular company offers the most affordable services.

Most low-tier auto insurance companies might spend a large amount of money advertising cheap insurance rates while they end up offering poor services.

Thorough research will help you see beyond this smokescreen as you’ll be able to find accurate complaints and customer satisfaction levels when researching.

Compare Car insurance quotes

In the scenario that you feel your friend or relative has better car- insurance rates you can compare the car-insurance quote of his company to yours.

Comparing your insurance quote to a more affordable insurance company will help you determine if you are being offered the best services for your payment.

Never underestimate local and regional insurers

Although auto insurance is controlled by four main companies in the nation; Progressive, Geico, State Farm, and Allstate.

Local and regional insurance companies might offer impressive rates and services as they are still in the early stages of trying to make a name for themselves.

Always ask for discounts

What is car insurance coverage with discounts? Rule 101 on ‘how to get cheap car insurance is always asking the insurance companies for discounts open to their clients.

Various auto insurance companies try to provide the most attractive discounts in order to attract clients.

Discounts can be offered to students who maintain good grades, military personnel, students living a far distance from the school, people who complete safe driver courses, and members of certain organizations.

Adjust coverage limits

How to get cheap car insurance? This is a major question on the lips of most car owners. It is important to note that your coverages affect how much you spend on car insurance.

Car insurance companies offer a wide variety of coverage to their clients. Full coverage is usually more expensive as it provides you with complete comprehensive coverage of your vehicle.

Getting rid of coverages you may not need is key to reducing how much you spend on car- insurance. Basic car insurance coverages like property damage liability coverage are key to reducing your car insurance rate.

Improve your credit score

Your credit score directly affects the car insurance quotes you will receive. Having a poor credit score has the potential of increasing your car insurance rates.

The possibility of your credit score affecting your insurance rate varies from state to state with it having no effect in some states like Hawaii and Michigan.

Increase Your deductible

Increasing the amount of your deductible will affect your car insurance policy positively. Increasing your deductible might be a double-edged sword as it can increase how much you might pay before insurance kicks in.

Check out usage-based car insurance

Still wondering how to get cheap car insurance? You can try the usage-based car insurance offered by most insurance companies.

This program offers a car insurance deduction if you drive for a lower limit than the carrier limit. This discount is suitable for clients who don’t drive their car often.

Keep a clean driving record

Keeping a clean driving record is one of the easiest ways of obtaining cheap car insurance. Most car insurance companies offer impressive rates for good drivers, especially those with no record of even a parking or speeding ticket.

Auto insurance companies always provide the best rate to good drivers as they trust they are less likely to even require their services.

Always check for the cost of insurance before buying a car

You can’t expect the cost of insuring your Ferrari to be on the same spot as your sedan. You should properly research how much it will cost to insure a particular vehicle before buying it.

Checking the insurance cost of a particular car model will help you determine If you are willing to foot the cost in the long run.


Knowledge of how to get cheap car insurance is necessary before you purchase your vehicle in order to know specific hacks to get the worth of your payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, most auto insurance companies offer coverage in the scenario of damages to others property

Yes, most states in the united states require drivers to at least have the basic auto insurance coverage

Most car insurance companies offer discounts to good drivers.

Credit score will affect your auto insurance cost only in some states in the united states

You should consider opting out of the medical coverage in your auto insurance as it will only increase the cost.